In the movie Ella Enchanted did Anne Hathaway create the dance to somebody to love or was it choreographed?

It was choreographed, most definitely(:

What were the earrings the main character from Enchanted wore?

You may have a look at might have it

How does Protection from in Magic the gathering work while the permanent is enchanted by protected color?

Protection from XXXX means the creature cannot be: Damaged by XXXX Enchanted/Equipped by XXXXX Blocked by XXXXXX Targetted by XXXXXX. Since it gained Prot White, it no longer can be enchanted by anything White, so the Arrest goes to the graveyard.

How to get to Enchanted Kingdom by car from Quezon City?

Take EDSA to Magallanes Interchange. Take Alabang lane to SLEX. Go straight to Sta Rosa where Enchanted Kingdom is. You can exit at Mamplasan or Sta Rosa Exit in Sta Rosa to EK. You can also take C5. End of C5 will exit at SLEX to Sta. Rosa. You wont miss it. You can see the big wheel from SLEX.

How can i get a enchanted Weapon in World of warcraft?

you need a character who has learnt and levelled the enchannting skill to enchant your weapon for you -you can do this yourself if you have enchanting. you can also buy BoE (bind on equip) weapons and gear at the auction house and sometimes you can get them already enchanted or enhanced with armor patches etc. otherwise you can buy certain item enhancements at the auction house and apply them to your gear. the enchant that looks like your weapon is on fire is called 'fiery weapon'. this enchant is learnt from a recipe, not from a trainer, so not all enchanters will be able to do it (though i think most buy/find it and learn it). This enchant can be expensive. another one that makes your weapon look pretty cool is called 'icy weapon'. you can look these up on if you want to know more (or a whole range of other things -wowhead is a really good WoW database) :) You will find some good lvl 15-20ish warrior drops in a dungeon called 'the wailing caverns', and some more in one called 'shadowfang keep'.

What are the criteria of an enchanted journey?

Enchanted journey? sounds like a hero's quest. Why don't you try looking up Joseph Campbell's hero quest. For a enchanted journey is a epic quest. If you read anything fantasy books you pick up quickly whether there is hero, a villain to fight, a series of events he/she must overcome, a mystic person ot help, etc.

How do I put summoning scrolls into my enchanted headgear in runescape?

You cant put any of the summoning monster scrolls that carry things for you in your headgear. You may only do that with monsters that help you attack other ones, Ex, the minotaurs special move or the giants or the squid in bowl, etc.

How is the movie Ella Enchanted different from the book?

The movie only has the name and the basic basic plot the same. You know, the whole obedience spell, and ordinary girl winning handsome prince part. Ther ethe resemblance ends. The evil uncle? Didn't exist. The evil talking pet snake? He didn't exist either. Char's parents are still the reigning monarchs. And Mandy, the cook, plays a HUGE role in the book. She is in the book more than the prince! She is very importatn. And she is either hardly in the movie, or not in it at all. The whole revolution thing? Made up. The elves and gnomes and giants all have their own happy little communities, except where Lucinda comes in. I loved the book, and if my friend wasn't loving the movie (because she loves what I call emotional or stupid movies. She's an anime fan and anything sappy she loves) I would have walked out. And I don't usually mind it when they change things in movies. Some things have to be changed. But to turn that book into what it was as a movie... It didn't deserve the title they gave it. Read the book. It might ruin the movie for you, but the book is so good it's worth it. I promise. Here's a summary (without giving too much away) When Ella was an hour old, the fairy Lucinda "blessed" her with obedience. Whenever Ella is told to do something, she must do it, including promising never to reveal her terrible secret. After her mother dies, Ella is sent to finishing school with her nasty stepsisters, Hattie and Olive. Hattie soon discovers the curse and takes advantage of Ella. Running away, Ella finds Lucinda and begs her to lift the curse, but the fairy refuses. Ella must go home and resign herself to a life of drudgery. Her friend, Prince Charmont, is in love with her, but Ella knows she can never marry him--her curse would put him in grave danger. What can she do? How can she break the curse? Is she strong enough?


His name is James Marsden. He's also Cyclops from Xmen


definitely a must-watch. 1) its one of the highest rated films on at 93%( see url for review ) 2)there's a mix between fantasy and reality, where the cartoon princess Giselle ( Amy Adams) went poof to present day New York when the evil queen( Susan sarandon) plots to get rid of her when her son Prince Edward (James Marsden )plans to marry her.. 3)it has three fairy tales weaved in one! Cinderella, Sleeping beauty and Snow White 4)Its a really nice combination of a cartoon, musical, comedy, fantasy, and romance -its a musical!!! really fun and makes u happy singing along with all the nice songs and chirpy dancing -its a comedy!!! makes u gag up very often throughout the movie, trust me (: -its a fantasy!!! u can't just teleport from the cartoon world to modern world (: -its a cartoon !!! well, some parts (: -its a romance !!! Our dear princess finds her prince charming in the end (: 5)Oscar nominated Amy Adams as princess Giselle , the whole movie brightens up with her startling performance, shes kinda pretty too lol 6)FUNNY CHIPMUNK!!!! erhem sorry (: 7)it really lives up to its happy ever after ending, because everyone gets his or her happy ever after (: 8)its basically a sweet movie with all the honey and sugar coated on it, and its suitable for all ages, especially for the family 9)and finally, the duration is not too short, unlike other Disney films, at 1hr45mins (: so no essential parts are left out which may disrupt the storyline