Is the story about prayer by Elizabeth Taylor's mother true?


who is more beautiful? elizabeth taylor or marilyn monroe?

Yes, in that era they were the real leading ladies. Audrey Hepburn and Ava Gardner were really beautiful too. They are all totally different types, so it is like comparing apples and oranges, but maybe Ava is a little closer to Liz's type. Currently I think Andie McDowall is a beautiful woman. That gal who played Wonder Woman, Linda Somethingorother, she was a beauty! What about men? George Clooney and Christopher Lambert do it for me!!! Gordon Scott as Tarzan was the best looking man in Liz and Marilyn's era. Cameron Diaz in The Mask with Jim Carey, was a sight for sore eyes.

did elizabeth taylor have Alexandria genesis?

No, she was Cleopatra. What happened is she was hot, then she got old. Great actress... lots of grit... bad a__ broad. Old. Looks fade away, charisma ripens. I will miss her.

Every movie Elizabeth Taylor was ever in?


How did you feel when Elizabeth Taylor died?

How did I feel? Not nearly as sad as I did when Michael Jackson died, but I know enough about her to believe that she was one of the greatest legends in Hollywood. People bring up the fact that she was married eight times (to Richard Burton twice), but I remember Elizabeth Taylor as a beautiful woman, an incredible actress, and a strong activist who was not afraid to show support for HIV/AIDS when it wasn't cool to do so.

Didn't Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor made a fine couple?

No. It was infatuation. Burton admitted to that. Celt. Welsh. Fine actor. Problematic as an actor. Elizabeth had beauty. Knew and played the system. They NEVER made a fine couple. You need to do some research on this.

Does Anyone Know How The Actress Elizabeth Taylor Died Today At The Age Of 79?

Congestive Heart Failure

What does Elizabeth Taylor represent to you?

close friend with Michael Jackson

elizabeth taylor?

Elizabeth Taylor has been married eight times to seven husbands: 1) Conrad "Nicky" Hilton (May 6, 1950 - January 29, 1951) (divorced) 2) Michael Wilding (February 21, 1952 - January 26, 1957) (divorced) 3)Michael Todd (February 2, 1957 - March 22, 1958) (widowed) 4)Eddie Fisher (May 12, 1959 - March 6, 1964) (divorced) 5)Richard Burton (March 15, 1964 - June 26, 1974) (divorced) 6)Richard Burton (again) (October 10, 1975 - July 29, 1976) (divorced) 7)John Warner (December 4, 1976 - November 7, 1982) (divorced) 8) Larry Fortensky (October 6, 1991 - October 31, 1996) (divorced)

Elizabeth Taylor?

Yes!! I think she is a lovely woman, and a great humanitarian!! I also love Sir Elton John for the same reason and not to mention the abundance of his wonderful music!!(My fave of all time) If you want to see Liz in all her glory, rent Giant. A wonderful film and a great cast.