Whatever became of that man who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart?

I live in Utah where this is still an ongoing item. Both Brian David Mitchell and his wife, Wanda Ileen Barzee, are still considered unfit to stand trial. The legislature periodically tries to pass a law that would require them to take their meds so that they would be competent to stand trial, but so far this hasn't happened. Elizabeth is studying music at BYU.

where can I watch the Elizabeth Smart Story?

Go to http://www.hulu.com http://www.watch-movies-links.net/ http://www.bangvideobang.com/ or google it

Law made from Elizabeth Smart kidnapping?

On March 9, 2006, Smart went to Congress to support Sexual Predator Legislation, and on July 26, 2006 she spoke after the signing of the Adam Walsh Act.

Did the Elizabeth Smart case receive too much attention?


How did Brian Mitchell of the Elizabeth Smart kidnap have had enough money to survive if he's insane?

He has been living in the hills for quite some time. Even when he and his wife kidnapped Elizabeth, the 3 of them were homeless.

Where can I find the Elizabeth Smart trial transcript .pdf files?

You have to apply to the court and pay for them.

I want to watch the Elizabeth Smart video online for free ?

Try youtube.

Why did Brian Mitchell kidnap Elizabeth Smart?

Nobody knows, and since they are freaking lunatics, odds are the full answers are sealed behind the patient doctor confidence barrier. Maybe he wanted a young and fresh sqex toy? or they wanted a slave?, or they just wanted some company...

where can i watch the elizabeth smart storyy?


Do you believe that Elizabeth Smart's abductor, Brian David Mitchell is mentally competent to stand trial?

I think that SOB is just playing an act. Elizabeth Smart is telling the truth. She's a very strong young girl and Mitchell should stand trial. He can pretend and I'm positive he's just acting stupid.