anyone else mistake elizabeth banks for chelsea handler?

nope elizabeth banks is beautiful chelsea handler is not

who thinks Diane lane should play laura bush instead of Elizabeth banks in the new movie W.?

Wouldn't matter since it would be too late.

is it true that elizabeth banks is the only bank thats still open in this economy?

nope, there are plenty of other "banks" that will open up for you in exchange for a moderate sum of money. By none will be as good as liz, gotta give her that.

who is hotter Rachel Weisz or Elizabeth Banks?

Rachel Weisz

Where can i watch the scene from the 40 year old virgin with elizabeth banks in the tub?

you can watch them over here at cheers

When did Ernie and Elizabeth banks get married?

She didn't have to change all of her ID and he likes to play two, so it was a good move for her. Two years ago right before 40 Year Old Virgin.

Is Elizabeth Banks the girl in the loreal preference hair color commercial?

Yeah, that's her. I just saw the commercial a few minutes ago and noticed the little caption with her name on it.

Where can i get Elizabeth Banks plaid coat in the movie Role Models?

Try this Hope this helps Good luck!

Who do you think is better looking: Heather Graham OR Elizabeth Banks?

Heather Graham DUH! :)

Do you like the actress Elizabeth Banks ? Can you name some movies where she is looking really 'hot' ?

The Uninvited Role Models Definitely, Maybe Fred Claus Invincible Catch me if You Can Spider-man (plays Miss Brant in all three movies) The 40 Year Old Virgin