Do you find Elena Delle Donne attractive?

pretty but not like.....victoria secret status

How do i get out of doing soccer?

Sometimes, being good at something is a curse. You don't want to end up like the next Elena Delle Donne. At the same time, you could be just sick of it at this current period of time. Remember, once you get out, the other kids are putting in extra time, getting better. You may not be able to just pick up where you left off again, if you decide you still love may not even have a choice next time, you may not make the team. It's a big decision and you should be sure before you give up something you've been doing since you were little!! I'm sure your parents have your best interests in mind.

Who are your favorite basketball players?

NBA: *Rajon Rondo (I love him...he's a KY guy :D) *LeBron James College: *John Wall *DeMarcus Cousins *Patrick Patterson *(Well, lets just say about all the Kentucky players)

What do you think of Elena Delle Donnes decision to quit basketball?

She may be pregnant, or perhaps she just got tired of the routine, and wanted to go in another direction with her life. We may never know the reason unless she comes out with it.

Has Elena Delle Donne signed a letter of intent yet?

uConn she lives in ma city baby go elena

I think the Lady Terps of the University of Maryland can beat mighty UConn. Hope we get to see it.?

Womens basketball sucks! they cant hit anything!

Who do you think is the Hottest women to play the game of Basketball?

I thought Penny Taylor was kind of pretty, but I don't pay that much attention to appearances when I'm watching.