Instead of awards for "excellence in journalism" should the American press receive "excellence in propaganda"?


Did you know we are in war with 8 countries?

We are in more countries than just those 8. Our military is deployed in over 150 countries along with 737 military installations around the world. Our troops see active combat in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Lybia, Yemen and now Uganda, but mostly in Iraq and Afghanistan. We actually aren't in Somalia anymore, but we were at one time. Regardless, we are ending up like the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire collapsed cause it could not afford the upkeep of its military that was spread all around Europe, the Middle East and Northern Africa. If our occupation of the world continues then the collapse of our country will be in the near future. As much as we would all like to help the countries that need help, we cant. We simply cannot afford it anymore. This unwanted foreign military policy is costing American tax payers $1.7 trillion dollars a year and we haven't even started on paying for it yet. The more our government spends the more taxes we will have to pay.

Insurance lapsed few days and will re-enroll through Cobra --- are we covered?

Yes. Although I am notorious for saying that the understanding of Yahoo Answers users is nearly always wrong, your understanding is actually correct (mostly)! By law, COBRA is retroactive in all cases in which it is available. If you get COBRA, then the first date covered by COBRA will be August 1, 2012. You do have two minor errors: 1. The statement "as long as we elect coverage..." is not entirely accurate: you only get the coverage if you make the election and the premium payments; the election alone is not enough. 2. Technically, you will not have had a "lapse of a few days". Because COBRA is retroactive, if you do get COBRA, then you had it for all of August (even before the election) and there was no lapse.

Would recovery be strong if Dems didn't pass law imposing healthcare mandate on employers, penalizing hiring?

I lost my job because of Obama's bullshit. Fck him and his communist laws.

So what happen to the Post Partisan, Post Racial new era of cooperation and openness? Obama promised so much?

The barriers to cooperation come from the Republican party. President Obama has kept most promises and, yes, has left a few undone. But he's still a very effective leader. Here's something you might think about. If the economy improves (as most economists believe it will) and if we're moving forward on health care with a congressional consensus (and that now looks very possible) and if international relations continue to improve (as I believe they will) then the Democratic Party will hold both houses in 2010 and President Obama will be re-elected in a landslide in 2012. Comment in response to HowWouldIKnow: I think I'm on fairly firm ground, here. There have been accomplishments, and the latest polls show the president with a 56% approval. As for the Republicans being at fault, well, if the shoe fits...

Is Obama's 'Shiny Object' Campaign Strategy working? Are You really as dumb as Obama and Lib-Media think?

Gonna be tough for them to keep this up for 6 months... It is entertaining to see all of these stories blowing up in their faces though.

Were you aware that so far in July 2012 we lost 38 in Afghanistan?

I read somewhere that the main shareholder in one of the major news outlets was a billionaire from Saudi Arabia and his cultural upbringing and self interests will be in seeing the usa fling millions of dollars into their security and infrastructure so as to make Saudi Arabia more secure from attack. A waste of a good usa citizens life. I say just leave them alone to sort out their own problems. Get the government of Afghanistan to tax the rich in their own nation to develop their own infrastructure and democratic government.

Where can I here tonights 2012 presidential debates live on the radio?

CNN, Fox, etc.

Need Watch Obama V Ramney US Presidential Debate Live Coverage?

October 3, 2012 Air Time: 9-10:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time Topic: Domestic policy Location: University of Denver in Denver, CO Sponsor: Commission on Presidential Debates Participants: President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney Moderator: Jim Lehrer (Host of NewsHour on PBS) The debate will focus on domestic policy and be divided into six time segments of approximately 15 minutes each on topics to be selected by the moderator and announced several weeks before the debate. The moderator will open each segment with a question, after which each candidate will have two minutes to respond. The moderator will use the balance of the time in the segment for a discussion of the topic..

What time of the evening of Election Day will Mccain concede?

As soon as Virginia comes in.

Is Ron Paul going to get shafted by Fox News this election too?

Nope but dead people will again vote for 0bama!!!

What does it tell you about the Election that Obama, Romney, Ryan support Free Trade & cutting Social Security?

It tells me that I was right to think we are screwed either way. The international bankers win, we lose. That's America these days and very few politicians would stand up for the American people.

Are liberals proud of their mentor Chris Matthews statement 'I'm so glad we had that storm'?

How will Obama's media spin this failure?

They cannot blame George W Bush on this one. So they are blaming Romney.

How many democrats are aware of Obama releasing terrorists?

The people who care about this are not Democrats.

Why don't they ask Carney and/or Ambassador Rice who ordered them to claim that...?

Obama's actions are beyond the pale of bizarre. He is an international man of mystery we are supposed to worship as a secular savior and follow without question or use of rational thought.

Will the Republican Party ever learn that we cannot trust the main stream media?

Everyone should know by now that the media can not be trusted.

Why can't democrats accept the fact that their news sources are incredibly biased?

Makes you wonder what kind of person pursues a journalism career. Journalists create nothing for society except their opinion. People who actually something tangible for society (construction industry) are inherently conservative. I look at the media as a skewed propaganda outlet.

Should our government teachers educate our kids on how they and the media promote the democrat party?

64% , around there, distrust the media THAT IS THE MOST EVER MEASURED hopefully everyone who listens to abc,cbs,nbc,msnbc,cnn just does it for comedic relief

Is the democrat media getting payback for their 24/7 trashing of Romney?

Is this why 60% no longer trust the major media?

I think all media is very liberal except Fox News but Fox News is very conservative. There is no fair and balanced network except maybe C-SPAN.

How will democrats spin this report that welfare spending jumped 32% under Obama?

they will probably blame bush, their fallback excuse on everything

Why didn't Obama have someone ask the Libyan president before saying it was spontaneous?

The mainstream madia had been reporting for a couple of weeks that there were indications of something in the works to happen on 9/11. If they knew why did Obama say he didn't know? In Libya the attacks on the embassy began a couple of hours BEFORE the protest marches about the so called offensive movie. This is yet one more example of malfeasence on the part of the Obama Administration and their denials are nothing but moves to cover their asses.

Do democrats understand why Fox News is growing and MSNBC and CNN are static?

the coverage of msnbc is childish and immature. they describe romney as equivalent to satan and hitler. come on, everyone knows that's fake presentation. nobody buys that. at least do realistic coverage and consider Romney a tough opponent. Instead they act as if they have it all in the bag. Fox doesn't do that type of stuff. They take election very seriously

Will democrats ever admit that Fox News is awesome and their "news" is biased?

Probably not. Interestingly enough, though, most network owners tend to be conservative and a lot of the reporting staff tend to be liberal. I'm a journalism graduate but almost ashamed to admit it sometimes.

Will democrats ever admit that their liberal media is going bankrupt because...?

Of course not. For the same reason that liberal talk radio (remember Air America) failed dismally: facts, logic, and honest debate are foreign concepts to leftists.

What do you think the chances are for third parties in 2010/2012?

None really. Maybe if The Fair Elections Now Act (S. 752 and H.R. 1826) gets passed there could be a chance but I doubt it. Republicans will never let this go through, and neither would allot of Democrats in the Senate. They are all corporate puppets for the most part. Personally, I have a hard time voting for an independent simply because I usually don't vote for someone, but against someone, so I vote for who's most likely to win against the candidate I'm against. Sad but true.

Are we doomed as a country no matter who wins this election?

If AMERICA could elect a PRESIDENT who was NOT a Democrat & NOT a Republican then we have a chance to regain control of this great land.

Religiously speaking, are Republicans TRYING to lose the election?

No, they're just captive to the extreme wing of their party. This came about because Obama adopted so many Republican positions that Republicans must go to the extreme-right if they want to say there's a difference between them and the Republicans. Because the Republican position starts from "Obama is bad", when Obama started adopting their positions they had to abandon them. Here's a nice article about it by my favourite journalist, Glenn Greenwald: I find it truly difficult to disagree in any way with Greenwald's analysis on most subjects. A very intelligent and logically consistent man who does a lot of hard work for his articles and always lays down the evidence for his case and makes it possible for the reader to independently verify it.

Will you vote in 2012?

I have never voted, it doesn't matter who is in power they do what ever they want anyway and the people don't really have a say.

Can JESSE VENTURA win the White House in 2012?


How would a person begin reforming the presidential election process?

VOTE OMAMAMA AS 2012 CHICAGO COMMUNITY WORKER.. Yes, I will Vote Omamama as chicago community worker Omaamamama will make great chicken soup as "community worker""" 2012

Obama?Troops out by 2010? Or just 'blah blah'? bcuz August '10 starts new campaigning for 2012 elections?

Believe me, the campaign for 2012 has already started with Governor Jindal firing the first salvo..

Why has the media not covered the "other" historic election?

Louisiana is the compass to victory in 2012!

1. There are major differences between presidential primary debates and general election debates. One is the?

hahaha, i have got to be in your class. no one is going to give you all of these answers haha.

Why do the Communist Party and the National Education Association (the “teachers'” union) endorse Obama?

Apparently Obama's still a member of the New Party, a far left Marxist party. So it make sense that the communists support him. Heck, even the terrorists support Obama. And the NEA is a bunch of leeches sponging off the teachers and tax payers, so they naturally would support Obama too. Now we know the Russians support his re-election. He promised he'd disarm once the election is over. We're so screwed if he gets in office 4 more years. The damage he's done just the last 4 was nothing compared to what he'll do with 4 more.

Plausible?: "occupy" loses much support, media coverage, "protests" turn violent, ?

This is not surprising. Anyone with half a brain cell saw this coming weeks ago.

Are Republicans TRYING to lose the election?

HIPPA laws prevent anyone else besides a doctor from seeing one's medical history, unless there is a lawsuit-in which case the records could be subpoenaed-so I don't think any employer will be able to ask their employees for 'proof' about anything, except whether or not they were actually ill when they took a sick day

Have you seen this list of vulnerable Democrat Senators for 2012?

What's the question here? You've seemed to answer it all on your own. It's as if... You were trying to make a point... Of some sort... Of wit-filled sources... Nah.

Should the Commonwealth of Nations be considered a "Potential Superpower" itselfs?

The Commonwealth has a few military agreements, a few trading agreements, and every four years we get together for a third rate Olympic Games knock-off. That's as far as it goes. The idea of 'super powers' is so 1950s.

LGBT: new year's 2012 survey???????????????????

1. In 2012 do you hope to weigh more or less than you did in 2011? Probably a little less, lack of excercise and the Lindor truffles have been getting to me lately... 2. In 2012 do you think you will have a new sexual partner? or more than one? I hope so! Preferably a significant other. Otherwise the current ones will just have to do. 3. Despite it being in November are you already tired of election coverage? I rarely watch TV so I don't care lol. 4. Your biggest resolution for 2012? I'm ready to find a decent job and finally move out. And try to come out to my parents before I'm 21 and my dad takes me to that titty bar he promised to bring me to on my birthday. 5. Do you think 2012 is going to be better or worse than 2011? Better, 2011 was kinda depressing :p 6. Do you have any big plans or trips coming up in 2012? Not really...I wanted to go to London for the Olympics but probably won't get the chance. 7. Did you kiss anyone at midnight new year's eve? Does my tear-soaked piano count? 8. Do you think you'll be using yahoo answers in a year from now? Of course! I love giving advice to people, cause nobody listens to me in real life lol.

Is Ralph Nader spot on in this article about the Democratic party and the coming election in 2012?

I haven't found Nader to be a fount of wisdom, so I just dismiss what he says.

Which candidate is right for me? (2012 election)?


who is winning the 2012 democratic presidential election?

Geez are all of you new to life and politics in America and on Y/A there usually arent primaries for parties with a standing president. DUH

How much positive news coverage will Obama get in 2012 from the big 3?

How interesting the "Major 3" TV networks are treating Obama today, as compared to 3 years ago!! Even CNN, a snuggly pro-Obama network, is now finding it challenging to positively report current news on an Obama administration that's sharply fallen short of anything positively productive w/out crossing propaganda lines that could expose them. Even once aggressive pro-Obama supporter Oprah Winfrey ( HARPO and OWN Productions ) today has distanced herself from Obama---and that alone speaks volumes on what is ahead in 2012. In my perspective: Obama mania indeed has been tarnished, as I knew it'd be, by Obama and his entrusted; they only have themselves to blame.

Will the constant (front page)MSM coverage of the Occupy Protesters effect your decision in the 2012 election?

No, I will still vote for anyone ANYONE but obama

What national news channels provides THE BEST 2012 U.S. Election coverage?

Any objective media coverage for the 2012 election process?

As opposed to subjective?

Fake Election Coverage with your own name in the coverage?

This is my first time hearing of this, but i have no doubt that if it's out there, then Google will help you to find it.

Can I get full story Coverage of Election 2012?

Real Clear Politics is my favorite source. .