What kind of lacrosse elbow pads should i get?

I suggest the STX K18's. http://www.lacrosse.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=1&query=stx+k18&N=0&Product_Id=511696

How to replace a elbow connector of a PVC pipe?

If this is the hot water tank temperature pressure relief valve drain line then by code it should be copper pipe no smaller than 3/4 inch in diameter. If you are getting hot water dripping from this line and it is connected to the TPR Valve then the valve is bad and leaking or the valve is doing its job and the water heater is malfunctioning and this is in turn a safety issue. Never cap off the outlet of a TPR valve if you do and if the water heater malfunctions, overheats or over pressurizes it could explode. This line might be your condensate drain line from your air conditioning unit. Best way to repair is to purchase elbow, two couplings and some pipe, PVC primer and PVC glue. Cut out old defective part install new. Use bleach water on mold and leave wall open a few days bleach will kill mold. Pipe and fittings should be minimum schedule 40 PVC pipe. Make sure all joints are glue joints and not compression couplings or unions. Do not install compression couplings or unions in the wall as this is against plumbing code. See link.

What is truckers elbow and how do you get it and get rid of it?

This happens to me occasionally. Looks like a golf ball under the skin. I simply wait till it goes away. Bout 2 or 3 weeks.

What causes an elbow to hurt everytime someone tries to straighten their arm?

Even though the elbow is covered by skin, your question is not a skin condition disorder!! Because it's either a structural problem or an inflammatory condition, you should see either an orthopedic surgeon or a rheumatologist.

What is the cause of tennis elbow of the left elbow on right handed office workers?

tennis elbow is basically inflammation of the muscles in the forearm that extend the wrist, ie. move the back of your hand closer to your arm. do u take part in any sporting activity that involves this movement with the left arm? just think of what you do everyday...do u use a motorbike? that action is used alot when driving them!

How do I prevent hurting my elbow when throwing the baseball?

make sure you don't snap your elbow with your pitches at the end. you gotta have a follow through to ease the tension on your arm. i had a huge and a painful problem with this. my pitching coach suggested that i rotate my body through the throwing zone to ease the pressure on my elbow. basically, more shoulder rotation. so i started to pitch using mainly my shoulder rotation. at first, it was uncomfortable, weird and wild. i threw some weird ass pitches. but the investment of hard time definitely paid off. my elbow started to heal and it felt better and i could give an extra with the pitches. plus the extra shoulder rotation helped out a lot. give it a try! but remember, it won't work the first few times you try it. it took me about a week of hard pitching to get used it.

How do I strengthen my elbow after surgery?

hey snap i did this when i was 13 also chipped a chuck out of my elbow at the same time my doctor told me the blood flow is weaker after a dislocated elbow and the muscle`s and joint`s need attention i was told to pump my hand about 50 times a day to get the blood flow and initial strength back first then go for weight`s press up`s etc don`t do this first or you will cause more damage to your entire arm that`s a must ok i`m 100% fine now and this was nearly 30 years ago ok good luck nearly forgot - food did`nt make no difference to me at all i did not add or change any thing and as i said i`m fine

What size elbow macaroni do you use to make Hawaiian macaroni salad?

Aloha, Use the small elbow macaroni and make sure you use Best Foods mayonnaise.

What exactly happens to the elbow joints when the elbow is hyperextended?

The main ligaments of the elbow are the two collateral ligaments, one on each side (the radial and ulnar collateral ligaments attach, respectively from the humerus to the radius and ulna). These are the ligaments that would be stretched in hyperextension. There is also a fibrous joint capsule that covers the whole joint, so the front of that capsule would also be stretched.


the skin on your elbow is called a wenis