Can you help this roster?

i think u need a SS badly.. castro has provided no use for fantasy. Try and trade or pick up from free agency a SS. i would say felipe lopez is a good option available most leagues. um. maybe aybar. but this week u said u lost cuz of injuries. morneau ur best has missed a couple days.

What do you think of my 20 Team H2H Roster?

Very good for a 20 team league. You might want to start Ike Davis though.

What do you think of my roster?

It is very good, I can see a World Series.

What do you think of my roster?

It is very good, I can see a World Series.

What do you think of my roster?

For a 20 team league that's pretty good, rather good IF, that other guy doesn't no what he's saying, nice team.

What do you think of my roster?

stacked cuz u hav hunter pence... im a yankee fan and hes my fav OF

Which of these pitchers should I go after hardest in my fantasy baseball league?

If you are going to sink money into it then Felix Hernandez is the best option on the list. Wainwright will be good but I do not think he'll do better than last year. Vazquez is heading to NYY. A move to AL and new Yankee stadium won't help his ERA and WHIP. Johan Santana should be OK. Their new stadium appears to be a pitcher's park. Dempster should be decent as well. Brett Anderson is a fine young pitcher with Oakland who may fly under some people's radar. But, I suspect, if its a keeper league, then you have some astute owners who are well aware of him. Madson could get some early saves if Lidge is out with injury still. Watch Liriano's situation with the Twins. He could get a shot to close with Nathan out. I don't think Minnesota has decided what to do yet.

What do you think of my 20 Team H2H Roster?

Start Vargas, he is having a great year, he may not have a lot of wins but his ERA is among the AL leaders and has a good K/BB ratio. Great Roster btw

Should I accept this fantasy baseball trade?

No way. You lose in both categories here. Loney is a young stud with huge pop who is going to give you 20-30 homers. Lee is struggling, and after all the injuries he's had, I don't expect him to play up to par this year. And Ted Lilly is obviously a better pitcher than Ricky Romero.

Can anyone rate my fantasy baseball team?

C - 9, Barajas looking like a stud 1B - 8, if you get morneau, then 9 2B - 10, he's one of the best in the game 3B - 5, eh, a little iffy here SS - 6.5, Same as 3B, like Scutaro, though OF - 7.5, don't you wish Bay was hitting? UTI - 10, that is one amazing bench SP - 9, both are basically the aces of their teams RP - 6, decent, i suppose P - 6.5, I like Latos OVERALL: 8

what would u rank this team (10 points for reason)?

Depends on how many teams are in your league. In a 12 team league with standard 5x5 scoring, I'd give your offense a 10/10 and your pitching a 6/10. With this team you SHOULD be in first place already so no, you shouldn't make any trades. If anything keep your eye on the waiver wire for guys to replace volquez, mujica, and gregorson. Some suggestions would be Travis Wood (though he may not be a starter for too much longer, but he's been playing superbly), Drew Storen, Chris Perez...with this offense all you should have to do is win ONE pitching category and you should win all the offensive categories, so I'd get a bunch of closers, win saves, then during the playoffs just stream a ton of pitchers every day and win in K's and W's. Your ERA and WHIP will be huge but who cares if you win every offensive category PLUS saves, W's and K's. That's how you win in the playoffs, just make sure there's no transaction limit.

hat do you think of my roster?

Looks pretty darn good to me. A very solid lineup. Hope you win. Good luck

Who would you rather have on your team from each position (BQ inside)?

Joe Mauer Albert Pujols Robinson Cano Evan Longoria Jose Reyes. LOL at people who picked Jeter. Ichiro Alex Rios Ryan Braun Vladimir Guerrero Tim Lincecum David Price Roy Halladay Phil Hughes Cliff Lee Chris Ray Guillermo Mota Phil Coke Brandon Lyon Fernando Rodney Francisco Rodriguez Joe Girardi Miguel Cabrera

What do you think of my roster?

It's decent. Pretty good, but risky. Some of the players there are young and inexperienced. However, if they come through, you'll have a good team.

Can you help this roster?

try to get a better SS. castro hasnt provided use at all this season. u said this week u wer loosing. well morneau n weeks have lost a lil bit oof playin time. Wees ejected a couple times and morneau concussion like symptoms. but get a better SS.

padres fans??????????????????

Luke is the much better pitcher but if you're looking strictly for K/BB then you have to go with Mujica. Gregerson- 66/9, 7.33 K/BB 51 games 52.3 IN Mujica- 50/4, 12.5 K/BB, 41 games 49.1 IN Since May 9, Mujica has 36 K's to 1 BB. Gregerson is 50 to 7 in that same time.

Thoughts on Cameron Maybin trade?

I really like this trade. Maybin has a lot of upside and seems like a Petco player. Plus he will be 24 years old come 2011 and won't be arbitration eligible until 2013. The Padres have enough arms to replace Mujica and Webb who were the 6th and 7th best relievers on the team.

san diego padres fan i have quick question?

He's a set-up man. His K/BB ratio is great. 42K/4BB in 40 innings. WHIP is outstanding at 0.91. ERA is 3.10. His problem area is 10HR in those 40 IP. If he kept it in the park better his ERA would be somewhere in the twos. Overall, yes, he's very good as is their whole staff. He's pitched in 33 of 84 games played, roughly 1/3 of their games played, so approx 2-4 appearances a week depending on schedule and game by game circumstances.

Will Cameron Maybin live up to his expectations and do well on the Padres?

I would say that Maybin gets closer to the expectations, but doesn't quite reach them. On a side note, I am quite disappointed with this trade. I liked Maybin and thought he fit pretty well with the Marlins. He is definitely replaceable, but I thought he could help Florida... Guess not anymore. Not looking forward to seeing him on the Padres though. I'm not too keen on them. BQ: Cameron Maybin.