What does Edward Cullen say in new moon?

O, here will I set up my everlasting rest, and shake the yoke of inauspicious stars from this world-wearied flesh. Eyes, look your last! Arms, take your last embrace! And, lips, O you the doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss: a dateless bargain to engrossing death!

Who do you think would be the ultimate actor to play Edward Cullen?

I think Robert Pattinson was a good candidate. But personally I think they could have chosen a better person to play Bella, because I don't like Kristen Stewart, especially seeing as how much Stephenie Meyer makes out everyone to be devastatingly beautiful in her books! It's seriously annoying! There's only two ugly people mentioned in the books and that's Eric and Lauren!

What color hair does Edward Cullen have?

his hair is dark copper brown with caramel hightlights hope i helped

Why do Twilight fans obsess over Edward Cullen when in real life they would get a restraining order on him?

CJ-- But he breaks into her house BEFORE they are in a relationship. They weren't even friends; they'd barely ever talked. They weren't in love. And he was still breaking into her house to watch her. I agree with you. So many girls "love Edward Cullen", but if they had a boyfriend like him in real life, half of them would hate it. Edward is a criminal. In real life, it is NOT acceptable to break into someone's house, regardless of whether or not you know them. He was breaking into her house BEFORE they were in a relationship-- before they even really knew each other. That is NOT right. Curiosity is NOT justification for criminal behavior. What if a virgin raped someone and then said it was because they were "curious"? No one would care. Curiousity is NOT an excuse. After Bella and Edward started their stupid relationship, she wanted him to break in at night. Yes, she wanted him to. That does NOT make it right. It is NOT her house; it is Charlie's house. Do you think Charlie would be happy if he knew his daughter was sneaking her boyfriend into the house every night? Of course he wouldn't be. It's not right that she is lying to her parents and doing things behind his back. It is CHARLIE'S house, so Bella is not within her rights to have her boyfriend sleep over every night. His house, his rules. Watching someone sleep is not romantic, either. It's one thing if you are actually IN a relationship with that person; but to illegally break into a house belonging to someone you only know by acquaintance or appearance, sneak into their bedroom, and watch them sleep, is WRONG. In real life, people go to JAIL for that. In real life, people get restraining orders for that. In real life, all of those things are seen as bad. Not to mention, most girls wouldn't be happy in an overprotective, possessive, obsessive relationship. Yes, Edward loves her. But he IS possessive, he IS obsessive, and he IS overprotective, even though he has reasons to be. I have been in an extremely controlling and possessive relationship before, and let me tell you, it's not healthy. The guy cared a lot about me, but his overprotectiveness and posessiveness bothered me. It was almost suffocating. I felt like I couldn't do anything. In real life, overprotective, obsessive, possessive boyfriends are oftentimes abusers. Edward possesses many of the qualities of an abuser. I agree that Edward is a creepy bastard.

Why is people overly obsessed with Edward Cullen?

Because through Bella, Meyer presents an idealized form of love that many girls covet. Thus they direct that sense of want towards Bella's love, Edward. It was popular before the movie, the movie has added a few fans but actually I was hearing more about the books before the movie than I have after.

What do you think of the Edward Cullen in the new Twilight movie?

I think he's gorgeous as a vampire and as a human. He's perfect for the part! In all of the trailers and clips we've seen so far, he's definitely impressed me. I never doubted that he could pull off the part :)

Would you prefer Santa Claus or Edward Cullen to deliver your Christmas presents?

well santa clause silly edward cullen isn't real . . .

I need a good romance novel. One with a chivalrous character like Edward Cullen?

There is two series I think you might Find exciting 1. The Gemma Doyle novels as Follows: A Great and Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels, And The Sweet Far Thing. ~ The Character Kartik is like edward Libba Bray is the Author these books have a cover with a girl in a corset on each. The second series is The House of Night which Follows: Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, and Hunted comes out in March. ~Erik Night is like Edward in this book and it involves Vampires as well. Also Stephanie Meyers book called The Host. ~The Character Ian is alot like Edward. Hope I could help much luck to you ^_^ Jada

How do i get Lips like edward cullen?

Without makeup, I think that genetics are the only thing that could cause you to have the lip color of another person. I'm sure that there are tints that you can buy that would give you that color without making it look like you are wearing makeup, though.

i was going buy the Edward Cullen doll but when i clicked on the link it wasn't there.How do I pr orderr it?

Ehm. I don't think that the Edward Cullen doll is able to pre-order right now, so until it is, you're just going to have to wait. Yes, pictures have been leaked, but no one owns it, yet. I want it too. XD Soon it will be able to be bought, hopefully.

Robert Pattinson made a terrible edward cullen?

I think they could have found someone better to play Edward. Rob was good, but he could have been much, much better. And his hair looked horrible in Twilight. Vampires are supposed to be so beautiful that they're beyond human. However, I was watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last night, and he looked absolutely GORGEOUS!

What is a really good Edward Cullen Fan Club that you don't have to pay to join?

i thought you HAD to pay TEAM EDWARD i have bella's engagment ring and bracelet EDWARD EDWARD EDWARD!!!! help me on my question about ronnie plz SUPPORT RONNIE ALWAYS TO GET HIM OUTTA JAIL!!!!!!!!

What makes u think that Edward Cullen was controlling and manipulative?

I dunno I think as someone earlier said when he forbid Bella to see Jacob. That was sooo over-protective I mean he's worried about her yes but he's just so controlling. Yet again I think leaving her in Newmoon was a very selfish thing ! he knew Victoria was still out there, and he still left Bella alone unprotected, what a guy !!! and then he comes and thanks Jake for keeping her safe ! didn't he ever think that maybe Victoria would come after Bella Instead of him ?? I mean he's playing the smart dude all the way ! Why didn't he figure it out ?! Don't get me wrong I don't hate Edward I think he's a gentleman ... But when he left her the perspective changed. Team Jacob but I like Edward too ( sometimes )

How the heck did all the females in the US get a crush on Edward Cullen while he was just words in a book?

The books are written from Bella's point of view, and she is in love with him, so they describe him in a desirable way. I don't have a crush on him, because I realize that he doesn't really exist, but I do understand the psychology behind it: Bella likes him, so the reader finds him hard to resist as well.

Why was Robert Pattison chosen for Edward Cullen role in Twilight movie?

Are you kidding, the studio did an exceptional job portraying the characters of Twilight in the movie. Robert Pattison is extremely attractive, and has clear and vivid characteristics similar to the was Edward is descried in the novel. The only issue I had with him was that his hair was dirty blonde rather than i dirty red/brown color.

how do i get rid of my crush of Edward Cullen?

Get them a boyfriend. I relate to you. :)

What key things do I need to be Edward Cullen for Halloween?

yay edward!!!!!!!!!!!!<3 ok, you should put on ALOT of that white halloween makeup, and some dark purple circles under your eyes would b a nice effect too. wear a tan clingy tuetleneck thing, like the one he wears when he takes bella to the italian resteraunt in twiligh, and a beige jacket and dark pants. im pretty sure thats what he usually wears. wear your hair in a tousled way. push the sleeves of your shirt up halfway and use the makeup on your arms. and now your the perfect edward cullen!! if ppl still dont kno who u r, wear a nametag that says 'hi im edward cullen' lol. it may help to have a bella. good luck! ttys!! =]

What Gear And Accessories Would I Need To Be Like Edward Cullen?

A trench coat, charcoal colored like his. Also, use hair jel to make your hair look like his, thats like a HUGE touch that you need. Wear dark clothing, not like demonic, like grays, blacks, maroons, colors like that. Hope i helped!

What other actors auditioned for the role of Edward Cullen?

I'm actually not sure there were 4 guys it was narrowed down to. Michael Welch who plays Mike originally went for the part of Edward.

What line from Shakespeare does Edward Cullen say at the beginning of the movie 'New Moon'?

Um, well at the beginning of the movie (like when it starts) it's Bella who quotes Shakespeare: "These violent delights have violent ends, ANd in their triumph die like fire and powder, which as they kiss, consume: However, Edward quotes Shakepeare in English class. That's from Romeo and Juliet, when Romeo is about to kill himself: O, here will I set up my everlasting rest, And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars From this world-wearied flesh. Eyes, look your last! Arms, take your last embrace! and, lips, O you The doors of breath, seal with a righteous kiss

How do you get in Contact with the guy who plays Edward Cullen ?

Hahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! I want to personaly thank you for making me laugh out loud! FAT Chance.

what is edward cullen style of clothing and where would he buy these clothes?

The 'Lex' girl is completely wrong. Edward isn't emo. He likes to dress nice. His style is classic and timeless. Straight cut dark denim jeans, plain solid light neutral coloured tshirts, button up shirts, vneck sweaters, vneck tshirts, pea coats, etc. He wears light colours and neutrals. Like a lot of beige, gray, white, navy, and black. Check out stores like H&M or the Gap.

Who would you have chosen to play Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in the Twilight movie?

I think they picked the perfect people to play EDWARD CULLEN AND BELLA SWAN! He stays absolutely true to the character...he even does the crooked smile right... oh and by the way, zac efron would have sucked as Edward (no pun intended) No offense bu he just isnt right for the part!

What should I put in an Edward Cullen scrapbook?

Probably when he saves her. Like "I was right next to you Bella." And things like that!! ps i love twilight new moon eclipse and breaking dawn!! Enjoy!!

What are the brown shoes Edward Cullen wears in New Moon?

according to this site!he is wearing a pair of Magnanni Pamplona shoes! http://coolspotters.com/shoes/magnanni-pamplona-leather-shoes you will also find there the other stuff they wore in the movie!EXACT ones with photos of them wearing the products! :)

Where can I find a Edward Cullen jacket like in the movie Twilight cheap and in child size?

They have lookalikes on here, don't know about child sizes though http://twilightopia.com/profiles/products/jackets-and-waistcoats/twilight-edward-peacoat

who is the female movie charactor equivilant to Edward Cullen?

Guys will never be "obsessed" by an actress/character like chicks are to actors/characters...and I completely agree with the first answer, guys don't look for romance and personality, they want someone who looks good and turns them on without having to try

What is Edward Cullen's most redeeming quality?

I think his kindness. *~* Can't Wait for Breaking Dawn *~*

Why is Edward Cullen Pretty in the book but so ugly in the movie?

It was impossible to find an actor as godlike as Edward was portrayed, so they settled for Robert. I don't think he's /that/ ugly though.

How to turn into a vampire like Edward Cullen?

I seriously love twilight with all my heart, and this is gonna hurt a lot, but....Edward Cullen does not exist sadly :_( that was very hard.

Who was the other option to play edward cullen?

Early in the process, when they were still brainstorming possible actors, Henry Cavill was considered for the part. He was Stephanie Meyer's choice, but it was decided that he looked much too old to play Edward.

How do I make my hair like Edward Cullen from twilight the first movie ?


in my opinion i prefer robert pattinson for edward (:

What is a scene in Twilight that shows that Edward Cullen is smart?

A scene was in Eclipse where they were watching romeo and juliet in class and edward was talking to bella and then the teacher interrupted them and asked edward to recite the last few lines the movie just shown.Here is a link to the scene: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://cdn2.team-twilight.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/10/NMStill4.jpg&imgrefurl=http://team-twilight.com/20091029/moon-stills/&usg=__cNFhCiqxYG-knZbv0L9DeZmI3Rs=&h=429&w=637&sz=499&hl=en&start=0&zoom=1&tbnid=IHOe2vB2TMgDFM:&tbnh=133&tbnw=202&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dedward%2Band%2Bbella%2Bin%2Bclass%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1596%26bih%3D694%26gbv%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:1&itbs=1&iact=rc&dur=343&ei=vpe0TLnvNsL-8AbJ_ZztCA&oei=vpe0TLnvNsL-8AbJ_ZztCA&esq=1&page=1&ndsp=23&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:0&tx=95&ty=76

What passage in twilight best describes Edward Cullen personality-wise?

In every book it describes his "HANDSOMNESS" cough cough Just open the book at random and you'll find a quote.

Where can i find an edward cullen blanket?

Try department stores or Hot Topic. Also try on different websites like Ebay. Good luck. And why would a baby want to sleep with an Edward Cullen blanket? Hehehehe. I don't think they can read the books quite yet.

Who thinks Edward Cullen sets higher standards for boyfriends?

Well it depends what kind of person you are and how you saw the series. It's true most of the girls do fall in love with the idea of a guy like Edward Cullen. However, quite a few people also understand this completely and utterly fiction and the likeliness of finding such a guy is dubious. Breaking Dawn may have also helped to shatter the idea of this being a reality. I neither abhor nor love it, it was ok to me. But to that large chunk of people freaking over how awful it was and how it was wrong and so forth. They may have also faced this truth. Girls who have previously dated would probably also have had experience of how seriously unlikely this is. There might also be a group of people who feel Edward isn't the most perfect guy in the world. I mean, yes, he is hot and rich and lives to make you feel happy but he barely puts an argument for anything, which can be great but surely that gets dull. He can be way to overprotective and he fusses over the smallest things. These might not appeal to everyone. Obviously, there is also the other end of the spectrum. The people who react as "I am annoyed at Stephenie cause I feel I am never going to marry or find someone as great as Edward." They are/will either get over it or end up alone. No offense to them. I've explored the girls side but for the guys, I have a feeling they will probably feel threatened. What with all the girls going "oh, Edward!" and such, they will probably want to up the ante (seeing as half of them think this Edward guy is real). Especially if they are already dating a girl and she's read the book and has been going on about it like that. Some guys might even go up to the point where they try to become just like Edward, changing their personalities and such. That may not be a good idea though, it is better to be appreciated for who and what you are than be something else altogether. You'd be living a facade all your life. Besides, then we'd have too many Edwards and it would get dull. Also, there is the likeliness the Twilight-i-ness will blow off. So after a few years, hardly anyone will remember Edward Cullen and such and can get on with their lives. The guys would probably change back to their own ways anyway, now that the threat has blown off. But heh, who knows, this might go on for the rest of our lives. So like I said, it depends what kinda girl/guy you are and how you felt about the books.

How do I turn into a vampire like Edward Cullen?

Dump a bunch of glitter on yourself and prance around in the forest.

What if you were offered the role of Edward Cullen or Bella Swan?

Yeah I suppose so but I wouldn't expect to make a career out of it no one likes the replacements I mean just look at the guy who replaced the original Dumbledore in Harry Potter everyone hates him!

How do you get this girl obsessed with Edward Cullen to like you instead?

The whole Edward Cullen thing will go because 1. He is a character in a book and a movie, and it will never happen and 2. Reality should hit anytime soon because Robert Pattinson isnt that hot outside movies. Sorry to people who disagree, just my opinion. You could start to talk to her and hang out more, flirt. She will get over the Edward Cullen thing, dont worry. Just flirt and do whatever you can, and in the end if she doesnt like you, then dont bother. Other people in the world.

What shoes is Edward Cullen wearing in his cardboard standup?


What scene in the movie Twilight captured the Edward Cullen you imagined?

ok first of all Cody or whatever your name is... considering 90% of women are in LOVE with Edward Cullen, instead of calling him gay and making fun of him, maybe you should READ THE BOOKS AND TAKE NOTES!!!!! Anyway... I agree with you, the piano scene captured him perfectly as the Edward I imagined <3 and I also liked him in the scene where he saves her from those creeps in the ally.. I thought it was hilarious that he acted like he was gonna run them over lol.

What does edward cullen do when bella is on her period?

People say that the period blood is dead blood and it does not appeal to Edward. He may sense that she has her period, but does not really care due to the fact that he prefers fresh blood. Anyway that would be wrong if Edward drank that kind of blood.


i love edward cullen.! but since he is a fictional charactter he cant seem nice, or funny. Are you talking about the actor that plays Edward Cullen?

How do I look like Edward Cullen?

Im sorry honey, but theres no way in HELL that you will ever look like EDward cullen. There is NOBODY hotter then Robert Pattinson himself!! All you could do to at least TRY is get a picture of him, and stick it to ur face. :]

Can Edward Cullen be considered an anti hero?

Well he is a good (as in not evil) villain....He is a monster a demon creature..... The un dead, but he makes the choice to be good......To do what he must to make up for what he is...even when it was never his choice to be the monster he is...... He fights his thirst more than most but he will always have that demon in him.....as far as Bella is concerned.....Is he going to make her like him....turn her into something that he himself hates in order to make her happy not to mention himself? Having to do something bad to do something good...... If you are asking if someone who is was made to be something evil but still finds a way to be good well yes… but if you are asking about him just being evil (not the good guy)than I would have to say no cause all he tries to do is the right thing.


Yes, I'm not a fan of Edward's (*shock in the Twilighters' faces*). Hell, Stephenie Meyer ruined the beautiful name of Edward for me. I like Jacob in the first and esp. the second books, but Meyer ruins him as well in the third and fourth books. I just hate the series in general. But, I'm not going to join a cult...that is just as extreme as the cults that the obsessed Twilighters, who send me hate mail and death messages (literally), create. I'll abstain from fanaticism on both ends. I agree with Hofferneck. You Twilighters need to GET OVER IT. It's just a book and these are fictional characters. Please don't bring them to real life. Spare me the drama. All the way, Anne. The fans are so obsessed with Edward's wealth, power, good-looks and apparent gentlemanly-like nature that they can't see the cardboard character that he is. My proof? All of the Thumbs down that I'm getting from the Twilight-obsessed who basically have no lives outside this pathetic series. ~Zara Sahana

Edward cullen???????

Yes he definitely does. He was kidding that one time. That's why when your a celebrity you don't make stupid jokes like that. Pretty much anything you say gets twisted. He does though. He even said he says a lot of stupid stuff like that joke. He thought it would be funny but now a bunch of people think hes a pig. You can just tell he makes his hair like that. There has been tons of rumors about him. That hes engaged to kristin steward,That he has a religion where he cant wash,Where he smells Ect. Its all bull. Even if he didn't Wash then how does he manage to get girls? Wouldn't you think if he had BO girls wouldn't be coming out of his limo under his arm?

edward cullen?

POTUS, I COMPLETELY agree with you!!! Bella tends to drive me crazy. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Edward and everyone I know who's read the books is in love with him too. Who cares if he's cold as stone...I'd take him. I wish he was a real person. Ooohhhh I love how he just holds her while she sleeps...that is the sweetest thing ever! I also love when Bella goes to Italy and stops him from walking into the sun...and he thinks he's dead and tells her she's just as beautiful as in life...:) AH I want him so much!!!!!!! And I would like Jacob IF there was no Edward. :)

Edward Cullen?

hmmm...I dont know who that is. But I picture him as Hayden Christensen