Why does Sarah Palin want to take away the rights of American People? ?

Fuck me, that's a hell of a list, pardoning the vulgarity. Welcome to the age of PC-ness induced by religious fundamentalists. God forbid if McCain dies and makes her instant President.

Great sci-fi classic novels?

There are over 200 science fiction book lists goodreads.com. Here are links to a few you may like in particular. The lists run for 12 pages. 163 books on the Golden Age New Wave Science Fiction list http://www.goodreads.com/list/show/2351.Golden_Age_New_Wave_SF_ 142 books on the Science Fiction Masterworks list http://www.goodreads.com/list/show/6228.SF_Masterworks 33 books on the Best Classical Science Fiction Works list http://www.goodreads.com/list/show/3923.The_Best_Classical_Science_Fiction_Works Goodreads.com is a free website with thousands of books lists. You see the cover of the book and get a link to the book description. The lists are created by contributors who rate and review the books so you get a lot of input sometimes by hundreds of people. At this site, for instance, you can pick science fiction and then get more specific lists like books that deal with time travel or aliens or robots. The main address is http://www.goodreads.com/ paste the link I gave you above into your browser click the explore tab (you don't have to log in to use the site) scroll down a bit to the genre tags and select what appeals to you This site includes lists for children, young adults, adults, sci fi fiends, romance junkies, etc. When you have time, just noodle around the website. There are three different types of search boxes and they don't all show up on a page depending where you are. Book mark lists you like so you can find them later.

Sarah Palin wants to ban these books...what do you think?

this is just a rumor. the *democrats* thinks this is a way to make people vote for them, to make this ubsurd rumor. who would ban books?? seiriousely, its all fake. (not taking sides. My family is neither side.)

For All Gay Fans of the TARZAN Movies and TV Shows: Which One Was Your Favorite?

Ron Ely. I don't know why exactly. I used to pretend I was Jai, at night, under the covers, with Tarzan. Come to think of it, I wonder why my father taped and saved all those shows. Goodness I was little.

Can you proofread this paragraph?

*Writers such as Edgar Rice Burroughs and C.S. Forester hint that violence and fame are wanted by all people. Burroughs even says that in the perfect city, his Havatoo, in the book Lost on Venus, wars are supplemented by bloody games because men need to fight and achieve victory over their foes. The hunger for aggression and heroics can be seen in the real world in that a war occurs every 20 years – essentially one per generation (the time it takes for a new supply of men who know not the horrors of war). The writers of the advertisement use violence and reward in their cartoon in order to entice readers to get Atlas’s book. Mac fights the nuisance on the beach in a fist fight and destroys his enemy with his new muscles. He earns the title “Hero of the Beach,” and people call him “famous” and compliment his build. The reader sees that the fame gained by Mac is due to Atlas’s book, and therefore wants Mac’s experience. * I've edited it, but the piece as a whole appears to have been written haphazardly, so go back and make sure you rewrite it so that it flows smoothly. However, it could be that I do not have an intimate knowledge of the essay in its entirety, so if it fits well with the other paragraphs I suppose it's ok. Good luck!

Star Wars Question....?

That's a rumor Lucas based his Star Wars epic from Japanese history Light sabers=katanas Force=Chi Empire=Empire Rebels=Fundamentalists He just put a more dramatical and character driving plot into his story's....besides they are better story's Fuk star wars....no sir fuk you

What are your expectations of the upcoming John Carter film?

It seems to have some potential. I can't remember if it is Pixar or Disney, but Andrew Stanton is directing it so I have faith that it won't be a critical mess. I may see it, although I will wait til the reviews come in first before I watch it. Not in shite 3D though!

Got any quirky habits, famous, or semi-famous relatives, or yourself?

no, but i had a pit named brad but he got hit by a truck and died last year.

What book is good to read?

I am legend..im obsessed with the book and movie :)

Who are your all-time favorite fantasy authors, past or present?

Edgar Rice Burroughs

who was the first movie tarzan?

The first Tarzan movies were five silent films released from 1918 to 1921, most based on the original novels. Elmo Lincoln starred in several. A handful of additional silents in the late 1920s continued the pattern without Lincoln. The first Tarzan sound film was Tarzan the Tiger (1929), featuring Frank Merrill as the Ape Man, shot as a silent but partially dubbed for release. It was Merrill’s second Tarzan movie, and it cost him the role, as his voice was deemed unsuitable for the part.

Stories like the Tarzan series?

I'm assuming you've read, or know about, the various series that ERB wrote (Tarzan, Pellucidar, Mars, Venus...). Some other authors you might like: Robert E. Howard (wrote Conan and other similar fantasies, plus in every other genre published in the pulps); Leigh Brackett; Arthur Conan Doyle (besides Sherlock Holmes, wrote several books and stories about Professor Challenger, including The Lost World); Henry Kuttner; C. L. Moore; Edmond Hamilton; Jack London; Jules Verne; L. Sprague de Camp; Lin Carter. Oooh, while researching the above names, I came across an interesting Wikipedia entry on the "sword and planet" subgenre of SF. Check it out. It has a lot of names I either forgot, didn't read, or never heard of. Enjoy! edit: also lists of "sword and sorcery" and "heroic fantasy".

The best pulp sci fi novels?

I think what you want is the Skylark of Space series by E.E. "Doc" Smith. He pretty much invented the cheesy space opera. Read the man that inspired Captain Video. You seem to want the earliest pulps, so how about H.P. Lovecraft for horror too? Or are you looking for the later day 50s pulps? Also, they aren't classic pulps like Burroughs, but they're definitely in the burroughs tradition. John Norman's Gor series.

Hey, has anybody ever read "The Land That Time Forgot"???

Yes, typical Burroughs he wrote the Tarzan series along with many other novels. If you like it try to find a copy of "The Lost World" by Arthur Conan Doyle or any of the Jules Verne novels. I would also recommend H. G. Wells. Great books to read in the summer as you can travel to all sorts of exotic worlds and have adventures that we can only dream about. Enjoy!

I need to choose an author to read from, from this long list.... which one would be the best to read...?

Charles Dickens (love his books) or Jane Austen

Horoscope section: What books are you currently reading?

Im reading the Alchemist! and I love it XD By Paulo Coelho edit: I heard they are going to make a movie out of it, but I hope they dont ruined it.

What books or comics would you like to see made into a movie?

Books: 2061: A Space Odyssey 3001: The Final Odyssey Otherness The Lives of Dax (Sci-fi fan) Comics: Green Arrow Green Latern The Flash (DC needs to step up the movie industry)

Can someone please suggest some books? I love the classics.?

Heyy :) Here are my favourite classics- you should have a look at them :) Wuthering Heights Pride and Prejudice Of Mice and Men To Kill a Mockingbird Catch-22 Fahrenheit 451 Great Expectations The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Romeo and Juliet Macbeth Diary of Anne Frank A Child Called It Hamlet Catcher in the Rye Animal Farm Jane Eyre Lord of the Flies Hope I helped- enjoy! :)

Do you want to see the movie "John Carter of Mars"?

What are the science fiction novels about Mars from an author with three names (uses middle name)??

Kim Stanley Robinson?

Why hasn't there been a new Tarzan movie made?

A CGI Tarzan with Lord of the Rings effects would be further away from Burrough's concept of Tarzan than anything that's been made so far. It would just be The Incredible Hulk in a jungle setting. There probably just isn't enough interest in it, considering the last try, " Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes", didn't do so well. Having said that, there is a "Tarzan" in development for 2010. I don't know if it's about the Ape Man. Besides, Tarzan is a poofter.

reading suggestions for harry potter fan?

I would first of all recommend Terry Goodkinds' series The Sword of Truth, starting with the first book 'Wizard's First Rule". The series have captured my heart for years. It's about a man named Richard Cypher who goes from being a simple woods guide to becoming a leader of an entire nation. He inspires people and fights the battle of good vs evil. It is also philosophical in areas, and is an excellent series for re-reading. Excerpt from the back of the book "Twilight has fallen upon the Three Kingdoms: a grey time that could foretell either dawn or descent into bitter night. Richard Cypher, a woodsman and warrior, is chosen to bear the powerful Sword of Truth, but his enemy, Darken Rahl, is a royal mage who commands armies, hideous beasts and - more terrible by far - a twisted magic. This is a story of a magical world that mirrors our own, a world in which goodness and honesty are besieged by the forces of darkness and deceit. Richard Cypher's odyssey is a journey of the utmost risk and uncertain reward for the sake of love. It's a journey into the darkness of the human soul An extraordinary adventure has begun. The show "Legend of the Seeker' was VERY loosely based on this. And if you've seen the show....well let's just say that even if I wasn't a huge fan of the series, the books are hugely better than that c-grade tv series Another book I really liked was War of the Flowers by Tad Williams. I read it years ago and don't quite remember what it was about...except this guy from our world somehow got transported into a magical one...but it has stayed with me that it was a wonderful read. I remember thinking after I had finished reading it, that it was like nothing I had ever read before...(and I've read alot)....I think it was just very uniquely told. I also enjoyed The Fifth Sorceress by Robert Newcomb and The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud.

How many Tarzan movies have there been made?

Tarzan:Disney,USA,1999 Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes:UK,1984 Tarzan, the Ape Man:USA,1981 Tarzan and His Mate: USA,1934 Tarzan & Jane: USA,2002 Tarzan the Ape Man:USA,1932 And there are hundreds more. I've given you the site wit hall the titles.

Is it the first two, or the first three Tarzan books that comprise one story?

Just the first two, they cover the period between Tarzan's childhood and his marriage to Jane.

Any of me peeps here from Tarzana California?

Would tarzan be an atheist or an agnostic?

Tarzan would be like the apes that raised him, atheist. Then, when he interacted with natives, he would have learned about their gods and would have simplistically believed they were true.

Are there such places that repair books for you?

there are people that do restoration for books...i can't remember what they are called at the moment. if you have any reputable apraisers in your area, you could contact them. I bet they could refer you to someone. you might also check with any local museums or even at the library if they know anything about anyone who could help you.

I'm starting to get into reading the classics. Suggestions on where to start?

You've GOTTA Read Charles Dickens ! I've Read ALL His Works, & there's No One like Him !! Start easy- with His "Christmas Carol"; then read "David Copperfield" and "Nickolas Nickleby"- and you'll be ON Your Way !!! :)

Where is the best place on the internet to appraise old books for free?

First of all, look to see if any are First Editions, which always hold value. Also, don't overlook the value of the illustrator. I am not sure about free appraisals, but do try Powellsbooks.com. It may get you started on your treasure hunt. Good Luck!

Where can I find a good science fiction publisher dealing with old fashioned scifi?

Well, publishers will tend to publish what will sell. If people want old style science fiction, chances are they will go out and buy old science fiction. That is, there isn't much of a market for your sort of work. This devolves into a question of why you are writing? Is it for yourself and the enjoyment of it, or is it to get published and make money? If it is the former, then don't worry about not getting published (but, I would say, keep trying, and try to build a rep through writing short stories and getting those published in magazines). If it is the latter, however, then you have to write to your audience (well... you write to your audience no matter what, but for one your audience is you, for the other the audience is everyone else). Not the answer you were looking for, I am sure, but hopefully one that will help.

is Paramount studios ever going to make princess of mars movie ??/ Edgar rice Burroughs wroteagreat book that

Paramount has had it on it's slate for a number of years now but it is no closer to being filmed now than it was 3 years ago.

Do you remember the name of the Western written by Edgar Rice Burroughs?

When you get right down to it, the John Carter series is actually a western. More or less.

Are they ever going to make the Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian Tales series into a movie?

I wish they would, it would be great

can someone help me summary the whole TARZAN OF THE APES BY EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS.........thanks a lot?

The novel tells the story of John Clayton, born in the western coastal jungles of equatorial Africa to a marooned couple from England, John and Alice (Rutherford) Clayton, Lord and Lady Greystoke. Adopted as an infant by the she-ape Kala after his parents died (his father is killed by the savage king ape Kerchak), Clayton is named "Tarzan" ("White Skin" in the ape language) and raised in ignorance of his human heritage. Feeling alienated from his peers due to their physical differences, he discovers his true parents' cabin, where he first learns of others like himself in their books, with which he eventually teaches himself to read. On his return from one visit to the cabin, he is attacked by a huge gorilla which he manages to kill with his father's knife, although he is terribly wounded in the struggle. As he grows up, Tarzan becomes a skilled hunter, exciting the jealousy of Kerchak, the ape leader, who finally attacks him. Tarzan kills Kerchak and takes his place as "king" of the apes. Later, a tribe of black Africans settles in the area, and Kala is killed by one of its hunters. Avenging himself on the killer, Tarzan begins an antagonistic relationship with the tribe, raiding its village for weapons and practicing cruel pranks on them. They, in turn, regard him as an evil spirit and attempt to placate him. Subsequently, a new party of whites is marooned on the coast, including Jane Porter, the first white woman Tarzan has ever seen. Tarzan's cousin, William Cecil Clayton, unwitting usurper of the ape man's ancestral English estate, is also among the party. Tarzan spies on the newcomers, aids them, and saves Jane from the perils of the jungle. Absent when they are rescued, he is introduced further into the mysteries of civilization by French Naval Officer Paul D'Arnot, whom he saves from the natives. D'Arnot teaches Tarzan French and how to behave among white men, as well as serving as his guide to the nearest colonial outposts. Ultimately, Tarzan travels to Jane's native Baltimore, Maryland only to find that she is now in the woods of Wisconsin. Tarzan finally meets Jane in Wisconsin where they renew their acquaintance and he learns the bitter news that she has become engaged to William Clayton. Meanwhile, clues from his parents' cabin have enabled D'Arnot to prove Tarzan's true identity. Instead of claiming his inheritance, Tarzan chooses rather to conceal and renounce his heritage for the sake of Jane's happiness. Here is the whole book summarized. Hope this helps you.

how many people Like Edgar Rice burroughs? Princess of mars books!?

I do. I read them over 50 years ago. It's good to see they're still in print!!

Need help finding how Edgar Rice Burroughs' political and/or cultural context influenced his writings.?

You need to get to amazon.com to buy a cheap copy of "Tarzan Forever!" which is a biography. But it's easy to find by reading the books. First, Burroughs was impressed by British nobility. Tarzan was really Lord Greystoke. The Tarzan books were a thought experiment about whether a human baby left in the jungle to be brought up by apes, could become a civilized man. Burroughs purposefully isolated Tarzan from black African tribesmen. If Tarzan had met black Africans, they might have taught him everything. The thought experiment would have been spoiled. Burroughs arranged an abandoned hut filled with children's picture and primer books. Tarzan taught himself written English, but he could not speak. Later, Tarzan cared for an injured French officer. The Frenchman taught Tarzan how to speak French. So he could read and write English, but he could olnly speak in French. Burroughs also admired the Germans. When the U.S. and Britain went to war against Germany in WWI, Tarzan did also. There was a nasty German officer in one novel whom Tarzan left up a tree at the end, with a lion prowling beneath. When Tarzan returned months later, there was no one in the tree, and the lion was lying beneath. In a novel about the land that time forgot (think dinosaurs), the hero was a German submaine captain who did not really like to sink ships, but who guided the passengers from a ship that he sank to the land. Burroughs really did not trust Russians. Before 1914, his villains were the Tsarist secret police. But after 1918, they were the same persons, same names, but they were with the Soviet secret police. In one Tarzan novel of 1931, Stalin tells one of the agents from before the revolution, "Remember! Red Russia does not tolerate failure!" In Burroughs Martian novels, he tries to express his admiration and distaste for certain races. The dominant, heroic race is red. There are a few black people, and they are truly heroic (Thurid the Dator). The whites are an evil race who are priests of an ancient eligion, preying on others. The green men are savage giants. I think that it is from Burroughs that people get the idea, "green men on Mars."

Tarzan of the Apes- Edgar Rice Burroughs?

they're basically window dressing & objects. Burroughs wasn't exactly an "enlightened" sort of man or a feminist.

Question about A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs.?

A Princess of Mars is an Edgar Rice Burroughs science fiction novel, the first of his famous Barsoom series. It is also Burroughs' first novel, predating his Tarzan stories. Full of swordplay and daring feats, the story is considered a classic example of 20th century pulp fiction. It is a seminal example of the planetary romance genre, which became highly popular in the decades to follow, and also has some elements of Westerns. It is set on a dying Mars, informed by ideas popularized by astronomer Percival Lowell in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Race is a constant theme in the Barsoom novels. Barsoom is distinctly divided along racial lines. White, Yellow, Black, Red and Green races all appear across the novels, each with individual traits and qualities which seem to define the characters of most of the individuals within them. This can be seen clearly in A Princess of Mars with the Green Martians, the savage four armed dwellers of the dead sea bottoms. While John Carter is able to befriend Green Martian Tars Tarkas, and he shows some civilized noble qualities, he is an exception, and even he remains unable to understand art or much improve his grasp of technology and still takes pleasure in cruelty and violence. John Carter himself, is white skinned, a race now mythical on Barsoom, and due to the lower gravity, imbued with strength and agility. This makes him a kind of mythical, supernatural figure able to achieve what none of the existing races on the planet have been able to. http://www.bookrags.com/A_Princess_of_Mars : Includes A Princess Of Mars overview, about the author, character analysis, setting, techniques, social concerns, themes, literary precedents, adaptations, key questions, and ideas for reports and papers.

Has anyone read Edgar Rice Burroughs' Martian tales? As In 'A Princess of Mars', 'The Gods of Mars', etc...

I read the whole Mars series and the Venus series too, but years and years ago, in high school. I really enjoyed them! They were imaginative and fast-paced. I don't know if high schoolers would enjoy them today, though.

Has anyone heard of the book, "At The Earth's Core", by Edgar Rice Burroughs?

yah, yah, i have read it all.have you read the one with PREDATOR? if u ever wanna chat with me on this topic, feel free to do so at aparajitbasu@yahoo.co.uk

What did Tarzan's name mean in the book written by Edgar Rice Burroughs?

white ape. Have you read anything else by Burroughs? His Mars books and his Venus books and he also wrote a couple of westerns. If you like his work, you might want to try H. Rider Haggard.

Name of an old book? Edgar Rice Burroughs style and time?

Was it Arthur Conan Doyle's Professor Challenger series?

Remake of At the Earth's Core (Book/movie by Edgar Rice Burroughs)?

Most movies based on books suck because they leave a lot of important details out. Do what you want!!! Anne Frank was a teen and she's world renowned. Everyone reads her book in hundreds of languages, and no one minded that she was a teen. It made it all the more extraordinary!

Is there a movie finally in the works for Edgar Rice Burroughs Martian Tales?

Actually, no...there are no immediate movie plans for this story, according to Variety.

How is the book, "Tarzan of the Apes" by Edgar Rice Burroughs resolved?

I think that's the one in which Tarzan is finally reunited with his English aristocrat family. He decides he prefers life in his beloved jungle, and heads back there to live permanently.

I read the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels; Is Hollywood ruining John Carter of Mars?

Hollywood has ruined every good book

How does the book "Tarzan of the Apes" by Edgar Rice Burroughs end? I was reading it online and?

Hey, there are like 29 more in the series. The next one will pick up the action in Africa. That's enough of a spoiler. I remember reading all of them nearly 30 years ago.

Is "John Carter" series by Edgar Rice Burroughs now a movie?

Yes it is. Its live action. And the director is dedicated to the story and the fans. Don't blame "hollywood" for messing things up. Making movies is hard. Making good ones is harder still Here is the official trailer for the film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Rf55GTEZ_E&feature=player_embedded

How did Edgar Rice Burroughs come up with the name TARZAN for his comic book character?

he dumb lol