Can Sarah Palin get Megaminister Eddie Long a contract w Fox News to insulate him from the free press?

If you look at the Fox News political commentators none of them are particularly known for them being any good at politics, when they want to discuss climate change they bring out Lord Monckton who isn't even qualified to discuss climate change and when he does his assertions are "very misleading", "profoundly wrong", "simply false", "chemical nonsense", and "cannot be supported by climate physics". Still the "gay" claims against him could just be a little too far for Fox to cover as Conservatives hate gays as they are considered to have Liberal inclinations, that and they might catch gay cooties. So Fox won't touch him with a 20 foot pole even if they weren't true.

When did the sex scandal allegations of Bishop Eddie Long begin?


Why is Bishop Eddie Long being convicted before he is tried by law?

He should have denied the rumors, instead he says "I am not a perfect man." That has GUILTY written all over it.

Is Bishop Eddie Long positioning his church to receive residual income from the gas accounts of his members?

Biship Eddie long has not been to any of our meetings. Do you know him personally? If so, let's talk about raising some passive income for your church. I've heard great things about New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Or if anyone who does know or goes to Bishop Eddie Long's church, feel free to contact me. I'm actually looking to help some church's in Georgia raise some passive monthly income. View my website at and give me a call.

Do you think Bishop Eddie Long wears a spandex unitard under his suit when he’s preaching?

I have no opinion on the matter; I haven't seen any photos of him.

Why are so many people so afraid to speak out and offer their opinions and comments about Eddie Long?

Ok. If you did something wrong your self, say you were rude to your teacher, or in anger you back handed a student at college. Are people then justified in beginning to accuse you and comment on other comments people have made about you - who do not know you and, or, behind your back? It is the same thing. The only people who can speak out or act on what any kind of offender has done, is the Authority or the Criminal Justice System - without prejudice and opinion because they have the truth, legalistically. And I say Authority because there are different Institutions of such. Including the Church of God who have to deal with him before any outside Institution which is clearly documented in 1 Corinthians 6:1-9. So we should all keep our mouths closed shut.

Do you think bishop eddie long should go to prison for havin sex with boys who 14 at the time , he abused them?

Doesn't matter if took them to Africa, to "reconnect with there roots". There are laws in the U.S. that prevent this type of behavior. Even though he took them to a foreign country, and the acts occurred in a different country, he can still be charged in the U.S. for soliciting sex to a minor. Just because he is a bishop doesn't mean that he is above the law. Getting his freak on with minors is still not okay. So yes, he should go to prison.

Why are Christians Uneasy about Eddie Long ?

true or not Christians faith in God should not depend on what Eddie long or any other person says or does not saying that Eddie long is or is not a false prophet 1st John warns all the saints to beware of false prophets and to be able to recognize them by the fruits they they bear

Can God be able to convert Eddie Long from being gay to straight?

No. God made Eddie Long free, and Eddie Long has to decide to convert. Any homosexual can choose to go straight. It usually takes long-term counseling, a supportive community, and a personal commitment to change, which includes leaving the bad influences of the past. In the case of Long, he must give up any "ministry" to young men. Cheers, Bruce

The Bishop Eddie long sexual misconduct suit. What exactly are the young men suing him for if they were willin?

People can sue and probably will sue for any reason. This reminds me of the McDonald's lawsuit where a lady sued McDonald's because she claimed her coffee was too hot and spilled it. She ended up getting a hefty sum. That's the problem with the legal system now; it makes it so easy for people to just sign some papers and hold a trial over nonsense or situations that were never illegal to begin with. There's is nothing illegal about what Bisop Eddie did; it's just looked down upon.