Has anyone seen the movie 'echelon conspiracy'?

I just saw the trailer on YouTube and it looks like a rehash of Eagle Eye. The reviews are negative to just mean and sarcastic. I'd wait until it came on HBO

Echelon Conspiracy (Movie) question?

A computer

what is the name of the song in the beginning of the movie the echelon conspiracy?

what do the Russians say at the end of the echelon conspiracy? Film.?

end subs 1 01:35:58,858 --> 01:36:00,455 Captain? 2 01:36:01,356 --> 01:36:02,656 What? 3 01:36:02,657 --> 01:36:04,957 I congratulate you, Major! 4 01:36:05,458 --> 01:36:08,358 It was a real threat to the world, but you took care of it. 5 01:36:08,659 --> 01:36:12,059 Soon they will restore it or will invent something else. 6 01:36:12,898 --> 01:36:18,160 Of course... of course... However, for this reason we exist. 7 01:36:19,826 --> 01:36:25,918 At least this time they made sure that not everything that man creates is good for them. 8 01:36:26,218 --> 01:36:31,162 It seems that today we were able to convince the Americans to take the right decision. 9 01:36:31,243 --> 01:36:32,763 Yes. 10 01:36:39,495 --> 01:36:41,295 I'd like to... believe in it.

What's the longest amount of time you've ever spent talking to the website for /_The Echelon Conspiracy_\?

Well my AI has logged into their chat room, I'll have to get her out...but NOT by turning off the power. HELP!!!!

How are the movies watchman and or echelon conspiracy?

Watchman make me sleepy but i like echelon conspiracy

What is the name of the song during the credits in echelon conspiracy?

Well, i dunno, but credits usually have a list of the songs used near the end... thats all i know!

What is the name of the intro song in Echelon Conspiracy?

It is... drum roll please....Helicopter by Bloc Party Believe me bro, this wasn't easy to find. This is the first of my new greatness abilities. Be sure to be there for my premiere on 1/11/2011 Peace and respect as always

What is the song during the opening of Echelon Conspiracy?


Where can I watch Echelon Conspiracy movie online for free?

Hello, You can watch Echelon Conspiracy online for free at http://watchmoviesmusic.com/Echelon-Conspiracy.html