Does anybody know an artist that signs only Dupont to paintings?

Hi! It can be a bit difficult when it's not an instantly recognizable artist. Here are almost 40 documented artists named Dupont and there's always the possibility that it may be someone else entirely:)

How much would one carton of Dupont cover?

Divide your inches to feet 143/12=11.92 ft. 129/12=10.75 ft Now multiply 10.75x11.92=128.14 square feet Now divide 128.14/18.56=6.90 cases to cover your room So you will need 8 cases altogether (7 if you can be certain not to make any mistakes or need to cut any)

One of my neighbor bought a Dupont lighter yesterday.I like it very much?

Please visit,there are a lot of lighter replica,high quality and cheap price,you deserve to have it.

What is the avgerage cost to have a car done in Dupont color changing paint?

DuPont is a paint manufacturer. To be specific, you are just getting your car painted with a different paint. Paint shops are not cheap. Last estimate I had for My camaro was $3000 US dollars. That was at a good shop. Maaco can do it for a lot less. But they suck! If your body is in great shape and just want a nice finish, got to Maaco and be specific what you want and multiple layers. Or spend at least $2000 at your local body shop.

What is the best public transportation to get from Dupont Cir to Annapolis on a day trip?

This one sucks. I commute to Annapolis from Georgetown (near DuPont Circle) all the time. The best bet, is to catch the red line at DuPont Circle, transfer at Metro Center to the orange line and take it all the way to New Carrolton. From'll probably have to take a cab. But if you go to they can route it out specifically to see if there is a bus that can take you from the New Carrolton stop to your specific destination in Annapolis

Is it Dupont Policy to Do as Little as Possible to Fix Problems Created by Their Employees?

You must work or know someone that works for DuPont. Any company that does not fix their problems as soon as possible will go down,,,DuPont has been around for allot of years.

How good is DuPont automotive spray paint?

u cant go wrong with dupont.. its the best in small quantities. better than the factory 3m's.

How much do marketing consultants at DuPont make?

They pay OK, but the pay goes up depending on experience and if you have good qualifications you can get better than them by about 20k a year easily if you shop around. But still, a job is a job, especially when you have student loans to pay off.

Can I mix Dupont clear with matrix brand reducer?

Unless the painter is from Dupont, or willing to pay for screwed up product, I wouldn't. Dupont with Dupont unless Dupont says otherwise.

What is the best way to use Dupont floor heavy duty coating stripper?

You can use a light sanding to remove the scuff marks, and I mean light! You'll then need to refinish the area that you sanded; some filler might be needed if you don't do it lightly. Then you can reseal it. If all else fails "follow the instructions on the bottle"........ This falls into the old saying if we needed to reduce our population we could simply remove all warning labels and let nature take its course.