How many calories are in a dunkin donuts plain croissant?

In the Croissant: 270 Cal. Running a Mile: It all depends on how much you weigh, I weigh about 145 and if I run a mile I can usually burn about 110, according to the machine.

How does the financial arrangement work in a Dunkin Donuts remodeling of an older store?

if it is a franchise then the franchisee is most likely responsible for all costs - whether he can actually get a loan for remodeling is an entirely different matter if you are thinking about buying a Franchise like that - most franchiser companies require the investor to have a lot of cash already - if you are borrowing up front, then your chances of success are severely limited - IF they even allow you to buy a Franchise

What kind of cream does dunkin donuts use in there coffee?

Cow milk

Why is Dunkin Donuts coffee so bad lately? It's getting harder and harder to get a good cup of coffee there.

intresting... i personally have never had DD coffee... But i understand it used to be the place to go back in the day...

How long till a dunkin donuts muffin goes stale?

If you want the muffin to last a long time then wrap it up in something like aluminum foil or plastic wrap or put it in a container, then put it in the fridge. It should last a few days that way. If you leave it out in the open then it probably won't go stale until about 48 hours or so depending on a couple of different factors. I've had muffins, bread, and any other yeast product last quite a while in the fridge without going stale.

Why does dunkin donuts coffee not taste the same when brewed at home?

i work for dunkin people say this a lot. its because of the temp. if ur coffee pot can let you turn up the temp, try that. also, try getting a grinder. the coffee is freshly ground before its brewed. that can make a difference too. so go with whole bean next time u buy coffee.

How does America run on Dunkin Donuts when there are hardly any Dunkin Donuts on the west coast?

I know,and the Donuts aren't even good. Krispy Kremes is better. :)

Why does Dunkin Donuts coffee always taste different depending on what location you're at?

the cleanliness of the coffee pot can change the flavor of coffee dramatically, because the oils build up inside and create a bitter taste.

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