Is this a major mess up on the Dukan Diet?

I don't think it should unless you had more than just one. Try to keep clear of anything else that will cause imbalance to your endocrine system.

starting the attack phase of the Dukan diet and menstruation?

Im in the same boat. I started Duakn on Monday and have lost 4lb but am due on tomorrow and know I've bloated! Obviously I wont see that same results as if I were not on my period but it's sort of messed things up. Anyone with advice would be much appreciated!

Can you really eat whatever you want on the Dukan Diet?

It's still working for me & I'm on the Cruise Phase from the 1st week in July until the end of September (maybe sooner because I keep dropping pounds). I eat whatever I want off the list & I eat right before bed sometimes. I haven't gained anything back yet & I keep losing!!! Just don't forget that you do have to exercise 4-5 times per week like you would with any other diet. Dukan is a lifestyle change & I'm 100% for it. I'm so happy with this diet. It's so easy & it's working.

Does the Dukan Diet work or is it just dangerous?

Does anyone have any feedback or advice about the Dukan Diet?

Yes, it works! Since May 1, I have lost 12 pounds; definitely worth it. Advice--buy and read the book, and follow the diet to a T. Don't cheat. Walk your 30 minutes per day, drink your 48 fluid ounces (you've very quickly lose it anyway), and stick to the diet. Pure protein food is a little hard to find--I eat a lot of seafood, roasted sliced turkey, chicken, and eggs. I also eat lots of non-fat cottage cheese and yogurt. It's a bit boring but stepping on the scales sure isn't. After the Attack Phase you can eat most vegetables every other day, which helps a lot. I've also had to leave the family dinner table and eat by myself. One other thing-I bought a Griddler to grill meat on and find it to be a big help. One other thing. The book said the body might be "shocked" when beginning the diet and this happened to me. I got a bit sick when I first began it; the first day I stayed in bed all day with the electric blanket on. It quickly got better after that, but you should be aware it might happen. The first week I was tired, but now have much more energy than before I began the diet. Good luck! Believe me, when you feel your clothes getting looser you know everything as been worth it!

Are there visible weight loss results in the first stage of the Dukan Diet?

Fatness has turned out to be a major fitness problem round the earth. Scores of people have bought diet pills, medicines, powders and weight-loss belts in the hope of losing weight. Despite the fact that these products claim to help weight-loss, the weight decline is transitory. More to the point, the pills and powders can adversely affect your fitness. Here we offer you a number of tips to reduce weight effectively, devoid of several destructive health effects. 1 Decrease fat intake: 2 Slash consumption of sugar: 3 Decrease alcohol intake: 4 Stay away from processed, fast and junk foods because they are overloaded with fat and sugar. 5 Slash amount of chow without going hungry: 6 Adopt habitual eating behavior: 7 Elevate the quantityof physical movement: 8 Discover a fresh hobby or leisure activity: 9 Perk up your metabolism by eating unprocessed foods, and natural metabolism enhancers : 10 Limit your craving: Good Luck and Take care :-)

Is it okay for a fourteen year old to go on the dukan diet?

No. In his book Dr Dukan doesn't recommend anyone under the age of 18 following his diet. Following a diet at the age of fourteen can lead to nutritional deficiencies including bad skin, damaged bones, thinning hair, bleeding gums, bad teeth, stunted growth and a damaged metabolism. Meaning that you could ruin the way your body metabolises calories for life, making you more prone to weight gain later in life. Also, you are not overweight. At all. In fact, your BMI is about 19 which makes you the lower end of the healthy weight range. Studies by scientists at Newcastle University have shown that we look our most attractive when we have a BMI of around 21. As you are only fourteen you seem like the ideal height and weight. If you want to change your diet concentrate more on eating 'clean' e.g. cutting out junk food, man-made food and additives, rather than to lose weigh. Aim to only eat homemade food, take a good-quality multivitamin and calcium supplements, and eat (at least) one portion of low-fat dairy, 5 portions of veg and one or more portions of fruit a day.

Did anyone else feel tired during the Attack Phase of Dukan Diet?

No it's not you! I also felt like collapsing all the time I walk when I was on attack phase. I had to stop the diet because my manager went crazy that week and didn't let me eat anything untill 5pm everyday. I usually had breakfast with eggs and ham so I could barely stand up during the day. And then that idiot bitch told me that I'm too slow, I was like, slow..? no I'm starving! But even on the days I could eat the whole menu I felt too tired, so it's normal. Now I'm on attack phase again. I had eggs and cheese in the morning, yogurt as snacks and beef for lunch, chicken breast for dinner. I did yoga for an hour at gym and I could barely climb the stairs to go to my room :D

How does the Dukan Diet affect breastmilk?

How much can I really eat on the Dukan diet?

Cutting carbs is more important and tip for eating less... eat 6,8,10 times per day but small portions.... you don't fill like you are on diet ,this will boost your metabolism and eating every 2-3 hours tells your body that you are giving it energy and it does not need to store calories as fat.I will suggest drink allot of water, exercise and take daily multi vitamins if you go on diet. btw I eat something small every 2-3 hours and also Im for low carb &high protein diet but Dukan its to extreme for me.... major disadvantages : - according to generally accepted standards for healthy food protein to a maximum of 20% of the daily value, in Dukas this percentage is up to 90! This is unhealthy because it increases the levels of homocysteine ​​in the blood, which is a risk for atherosclerosis and heart disease. -violation of the ratio of nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) leads to disruption of metabolism,this leads to stress on the body and the liver and kidneys are loaded seriously by excessive amounts of toxic compounds from metabolism of proteins. -possible depression, especially in stroke mode.