What are the row seats called that were in cadillac vehicles in the 60s and are they available in the Dts?

They are called bench seats. The DTS might offer a split bench, but nobody offers a one piece bench anymore - the problem with those was if the driver was short and the passenger was tall - too bad for the passenger! EDIT - according to cadillac's web site, they have a "front flexible seating" option on the DTS which makes it a six passenger car. That would be a split bench instead of buckets and a console

What's the simplest way to get my TV to play DTS audio?

You need a device with a DTS decoder like a receiver with DTS capabilities or you need to upgrade your sound card in your computer to a card that will support DTS audio. Any headphones will support DTS audio (lets face it they're just little loud speakers) as long as there is an interface which can decode the signal and send it to headphones or speakers. http://www.nextag.com/dts-receiver/compare-html http://www.avforums.com/forums/sound-cards-internal-audio-devices/686866-5-1-dd-dts-soundcard-sdpif-coxial-output.html

How much drinking alcohol is enough to give DTs if you just stop. I am afraid of the repurcussions.?

How much do you drink? Do you drink every day? When you wake up in the morning do you shake until you take a drink? If you can take a few days off or do not shake when you haven't had a drink you will probably not get DT.

I have a ONKYO AV processor that has dts and dolby digital encoders?

The only way to know if you are getting enough volume from your surround speakers is by using the test tones built into your A/V receiver. All the tones should sound the same volume. If you truly cannot get enough volume from the surround speakers (very unlikely), you could add an extra amplifier IF your Onkyo has line-level outputs (RCA jacks) for the surround channels. Check the manual to see if there is a section on "using external amplifiers".

How do I quit drinking without getting DTs and dying?

Alcohol may be so tightly integrated into your social life that it seems almost impossible to go an entire weekend without drinking. If the only thing you have in common with your friends is that you like the same lagers, you might want to consider finding new friends. I’ve let go of people in my social circle before and I know it’s not easy–but that doesn’t make it unnecessary. This might be the hardest thing you do in choosing a life without alcohol. The key is to remember that friends are an abundant resource. Having a strong social circle is purely a function of the effort you invest into it. That includes choosing to associate only with people who are aligned with your purpose, while avoiding the energy vampires. http://30sleeps.com/blog/2007/12/07/how-to-quit-drinking-alcohol/ http://www.alcoholfreesociallife.com/ http://www.alcoholfreesociallife.com/blog/ http://www3.emofree.com/

Can i hook up a dts decoder to my dolby digital reciever?

According to the specs it does have a DD soundtrack as well, although I don't know why you would want to listen to anything Ms. Fox says, just mute it and enjoy ;-) But to answer you question you could buy a separate DTS processor and if your receiver has multi-channel analog inputs, connect those to the multi-channel analog output from the DTS decoder - it would be easier and cheaper to buy a receiver that does DD and DTS.

Will using a DVD that has DTS content in a computer break the speaker?

no. DTS is just a different blend of audio that gives a sifferent surround sound effect. Before I had a surround sound decoder, I played DVDs at home using both the DTS signal and the Dolby Digital signal and also the plain old stereo signal, and the speakers worked fine each time and ever since. If you play your DVD too loud with cheap speakers your sound may get distorted or you could blow a speaker, but within reason you ought to be fine.

How to play DTS audio DVD on an LG DVD player and Yamaha amplifier?

Read the manuals carefully to find out what each unit requires in order to utilize DTS. One thing is certain: There must be a digital connection, either coaxial or optical, between the two units.

Whats the difference between a Cadillac DeVille and Cadillac DTS?

deville was used up to the 2005 model year and replaced with dts in 2006. dts is deville touring sedan. cts is catera touring sedan. sts is seville touring sedan. cadillac has gotten very found of the alphabet instead of actual car names

How do i get dts from my computer?

Yes, you need the optical audio cable. The one thing that i hate about Sound Blaster cards is that they never have the fiber or coax optical cables onboard. You always have to buy an adapter or separate drive. If you want to go through the hassle, you can buy the 1/8" mini-jack to optical adapter and a Audigy or X-Fi card. Or you can just buy one of the X-Fi Platinum that comes with a drive that fits in a 5.25" bay. It has your traditional ports. If you are looking for a cheaper solution, then the Turtle Beach sound cards are better because they have the optical port onboard. IMO, they are not as powerful and sound as good as the X-Fi cards, but it's debatable. I personally have the Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Music sound card with the 1/8" to optical audio adapter. Creative Labs is just trying to make money off accessories.