why DSK wife stood by her husband and paid so much to his bail out while?

DSK's wife is 'fronting it out' in the hope it'll all go away if she chucks enough of her considerable fortune at it.Weiner's wife didn't do anything wrong and he admitted his guilt,why should she parade herself?

My computer keeps telling me that something is corrupt and that I need to run dsk something.?

the progarm is called scandisk but its not the best thing in the world to do that job. if you are very warry about losing files or files that you can see to access then i would recomande in pay for this progaram i very good at fixing and recovering files that may be corrupted to the os and you cant get to them. the programs is a little price i think but its worth it. it all comes down to how you want to prcie the vlue your data. the program is $89 it called SpinRite https://www.grc.com/sr/spinrite.htm

How can I open or recover an image file with extention "dsk"?

I recommend u a data recovery software published by Wondershare.It supports a variety of formats files,such as videos,pictures,mp3 etc. I'm using it now and feel very useful. U can try it.

What is the atheistic take on the whole DSK situation? Is he guilty or was he framed by a lying opportunist?

Is there any cute jewelry like the DSK line?

I know! I love her jewelrys, even though its overpriced. She did it with such love and passion, she didn't just throw them all together.(: And when you recieve them in the mail, its so neat and cute! She was nice enough to put candy in the package! ^-^ But if your looking for same exact meterials for cheap, 23crystals.flyingcart.com is your site! I recently ordered from there, but you should order quick because there stuff goes out pretty quick.(: They sell things seperate, bails, stones, etc. But its very cheap, under 20 dollars to get the things you need for a necklace to put together!

Do you find the accuser of DSK credible in her story?

I just saw a little. she seemed real. I do not care about her lying on her visa thing, thousands of people do that.

Will people who support the French niqab ban on Muslim women reconsider after the DSK scandal?

The problem with French Ban supporters is they enjoy watching women in flesh and forget their wife and children at home. Weak men pay the price after they have seen how weak they can really be. Islam Protects the women from the evil eye. Would you not protect your daughter from evil men? Yes you would. Cover her hair with a Hijab and see the results. I promise you Mother Mary, Mother of Jesus would be pleased with you, a pious and pure in submission to Allah. In Islam we call her Mother of all believers. a honour in this Life and the here after. All Women who fear God should follow two women examples they are: Aisha bint Abu Bakr (612 - 678) (Arabic عائشة Transliteration: ʿāʾisha, [ʕaːʔɪʃæh] also transcribed as A'ishah, Ayesha, 'A'isha, Aishat, Aishah, or 'Aisha) was one of Muhammad's wives. In Islamic writings, her name is thus often prefixed by the title "Mother of the Believers" (Arabic: أمّ المؤمنين umm-al-mu'minīn), per the description of Muhammad's wives in the Qur'an. and Mary (مريم Maryam in Arabic), the mother of Jesus, is considered one of the most righteous women in the Islamic tradition. She is mentioned more in the Qur'an[1] than in the entire New Testament and is also the only woman mentioned by name in the Qur'an[2]. According to the Qur'an, Jesus was born miraculously by the will of God without a father. His mother is regarded as a chaste and virtuous woman and is said to have been a virgin. The Qur'an states clearly that Jesus was the result of a virgin birth, but that neither Mary nor her son were divine. In the Qur'an, no other woman is given more attention than Mary and the Qur'an states that Mary was chosen above all women: "And when the angels said: O Mary! Lo! God hath chosen thee and made thee pure, and hath preferred thee above (all) the women of creation."[3

How can I us my computer to transferr my personal cassette tape on a cd dsk?

go to radio shack and get a 'Mini to Mini' stereo jack. There like $3 Take your radio, and plug one end into your headphone or Aux jack and the other into your Line In, on your computer. ALL PCs HAVE A LINE IN! Open up your sound program, which there are hundreds to choose from. Hit Record on the program and play on your stereo and edit as you see fit

if my ps3 starts to perform badly, is there any way to improve performance WITHOUT deleting stuff from hrd dsk?

Define "perform badly"? The PS3 is not like a regular PC, so deleting stuff from the hard drive shouldn't affect its performance. If it's having problems during online play, it's most likely because your network connection is having problems. If you're using WiFi, check the signal strength between the PS3 and your router. A weak signal will mean slow speeds and even intermittent transmission problems. Try arranging your PS3 and router so they're closer together or use an ethernet cable to connect the router to the PS3 directly instead of using WiFi. If someone else in your house is using the internet, you may have too much traffic on your internet connection. For instance, video streaming or downloading large files can consume your bandwidth, leaving none for other applications like your PS3. Try to limit the use of these bandwidth-hungry tasks while playing online. If you're having problems with freezing or pausing even when not online, then it sounds like your PS3 is overheating. Make sure there's no dust covering the vents on the back bottom and sides of the PS3. Make sure there's plenty of space (2-3" at least) around the sides and back of the PS3 so it can have proper airflow.

Jewelry that is like DSK but better and cheaper?