How do I get Drew Seeley to do a concert and sing for my birthday? Who do I contact for that?

i met him!!!! contact his agent.

How do I find a system of inequalities for a polygon that i drew in a coordinate plane?

Define the lines that form the sides and then write inequalities where the domain is the two vertices x values. The intersection of all of those inequalities should give you the polygon.

Who do i email to ask if a picture i drew would be a canidate for advertising in magazines ect?

First, copyright your picture. Then start contact media agencies, ad making agencies. This will help you more.

What are the chances of Drew McIntyre ending Undertaker wrestlemania streak?

I don't agree with what most of these guys have said. Shaun Michaels was a great wrestler ,HHH was a great wrestler and so was all the others who faced taker except for diesel and Mark henry. But this is 2011, we desperately need a guy who can continue the legacy of all those legendary wrestlers Mcintyre has all the tools all the credentials required to be a great star.Not many moves this 25 yr old can't do in that ring.He has worked so hard for the past 10 yrs to reach here.So we have to say this is the next legend in the making.

How much would the latest Nancy drew game cost Her Interactive to make?

Wouldnt be too much if you compare it too some other games out there : ) I dont think think it would cost more then a million dollars (if even close to that)

Should i start drew brees against the bears or mathew stafford against the chiefs?

Just stick with Brees, if Stafford has another huge game and Brees does what he usually does then try and trade Stafford. I have him in one of my leagues and I keep getting texts and emails about what I would want in exchange for him. Wait it out this week with Stafford and then see what you could get. But for now, start Brees.

How can I get as skinny as christofer drew and other indie hipsters?

Go vegan. Which is actually pretty hard. Try tofu and stuff. That's what Christofer Drew eats. Fruit and stuff too. AND HUMAN BODILY PARTS!!

Jesus drew attention to himself in all sorts of unorthodox ways, give some examples and state why he did these?

There is not one single mention of Jesus in the entire Roman record - that is right - not one!!! At the same time as he was supposed to have been around there were a number of Jews claiming to be the messiah - all of whom are well recorded!! He was supposed to have been a huge problem to the Romans and produced wonderful miracles but still not one contemporary record? Even the bible mentions of him like all other references were not written until many years after his supposed death!! At best he was an amalgam of those others!!

Should I start Drew Brees or Matthew Stafford in week 1 Fantasy Football?

I'm from Detroit, but I'm not a fanatic Lions fan. I would start Stafford, he is looking great this preseason and he really killed it when he did play last season. I expect Stafford to put up over 350 yard and 2-3 TD's against TB. I don't think Brees will do that against GB. The Saints have a reworked line and they are more dedicated to the run this season. Also, Colston is still recovering from knee injury and Lance Moore (#3 WR) is suffering from a groin injury. GB is not going to let Brees throw to the TE all day like he did during the preseason. I'd go Stafford all the way!

How many people agree that Drew Mcintyre will return to smackdown in the future?

Yes, Drew will return to Smack Down again. I expect wrestlers like John Morrison and Ted Dibiase Jr to return to Smack Down in the future