Does anyone know the chords to Makes Me Happy by Drake Bell?

You have half the answer. Now go to your web search box, and type in Guitar Chords.

Who thinks Hawk Nelson and Drake Bell singing bringem out is better than the jonas brothers music?

drake is awesome and ur the only person who askes drakes questions i am also a drake bell fan

Where did Drake Bell and Josh Peck go to?

They went their separate ways. Drake is working on music and Josh is still acting.

Can anybody find the most up to date picture of drake bell?

You can follow drake in twitter or facebook. He recently chatted with his fans in USstream and he posts new pics regularly. I'm way older but i also love drake bell. He's the closest to the beatles early tracks I can get nowadays.!/bell.drake

Who is featured in Drake Bell's "Fool the World?"?

Black House

What website can I download I Found a Way Acoustic by Drake Bell?

Dude that is an amazing song. Isn't Drake's band called Spark? Well anyway try I tunes. And I don't know if he did it in acoustic.

Who is a better singer, Drake Bell or Tom Higginson and his group?

Drake bell is a much much better singer.

Does anyone know the Movie with Leslie Nielsen and Drake Bell?

Superhero Movie Released into theaters: March 28, 2008 Released on to DVD: July 8, 2008

What is the exact hair dye color of Drake Bell?

well he kind of changes it every once in a while...i googled it a couple times and all it said was brown XD which i know is no help but...i would say a dark chocolate...maybe. you could print off a pic of him and take it to the store and compare the color to the boxes at the store.? that would work pretty well i supose. besides that i'm not shur how yu could find the EXACT color =]

How can i get Drake Bell 's song Down We Fall onto my myspace?

just click 'add'

Where are Drake Bell and Josh Peck these days?

Josh was in What Goes Up, the newest Ice Age movie and finished filming a movie called Red Dawn yes Drake is still doing his music. I don't think he could ever just completely stop. he loves it too much (he even said himself how passionate he is about making music) I don't know when his new album is coming out. he's the type to really spend a good amount of time on an album and not just release willy nilly but he's definitely got some new songs. hes currently going out on tour (as evidenced by his twitter) he also did a voice over in a Tortoise and the Hare cartoon and a Nutty Professor movie. there was this TV movie he did called Fish Tank and guest starred in a short series called I Heart Vampires.

Poll:What are your thoughts about The Fairly Oddparents live movie starring Drake Bell?

Going to ruin my childhood all cartoons have been ruined lately kids shows suck compared to now and this movie is going to ruin the name of Fairly oddparents.

Will Drake Bell Come to Australia For A Tour in 2011?

He has not announced any tour dates/locations in Australia at this time. There are only two shows on his schedule right now, one in the UK and one in LA. It is likely that he will have a more extensive tour once his next album comes out. Check his website or Drake Bell Central for updates. I'm not familiar with Selena Gomez, but here is the tour page on her website.

Did Drake Bell write or had any hand in writing the iCarly theme song?

What stores should i go to to dress like drake bell?

go to hot topic for like the band shirts

would drake bell go out with a 10 year old and does he like thick or thin and curly or straight hair?

10 year old? he's in his 20's nooo chance. and i think he likes thin and striaght hair.

How do i get my hair like drake bell?

Try using girl hair products. Makes girl's hair silky. Try Pantene Smooth and Sleek.

If Drake Bell decided to play a villain, what movie should he play in and what villain should he play?

I personally don't think he would make a good villian at all... that really bad Dragonfly or whatever that he was plus the Drake and Josh just make me frown upon his acting.

What episode is the iCarly episode where Drake Bell goes on that show? And when does it come on?

I think he was only in the iBloop episode. If you wanna watch it go to and you will find that episode and every other one there as well.

Are drake bell and melissa lingafelt toghether now?

no dey broke up

What happened to Drake Bell, and the rest of the Amanda Show cast?

I used to love that show ! and now they are all in their own movies and doing their own thing, like miranda cosgrove has icarly and all of those songs and drake too (not the icarly part) but I met josh's mom on a train over the summer and she said he was working on a movie right then and I heard her call him on the set and I guess theres this thing with the rent and not getting paid enough or something, and he seems like he's still pretty busy with all of his acting and stuff, and also ? I saw her phone and she had text messages from miranda cosgrove :D I wish I had asked more but I was kinda shocked I was meeting a famous persons mom and I guess I just didn't know what to say but I really wish I had asked more, oh and she called josh joshie, just like in drake and josh (what his fake mom for the show calls him, lol)

When the movie college starring drake bell is come out in Usa?

It came out in august of last year

How do you play found a way by drake bell on the electric guitar?


im going to a drake bell concert in six flags, how can i get him to look at me?

Give it up.

Would Drake Bell be a good choice to play Elliot Smith in a movie?

I think he could do it if you could age him with makeup a little. I don't think he sounds anything like Elliot when he sings, but that can be dubbed. And he has the hair thing down.

What is drake bell doing right now? look on there

What jeans does drake bell and josh peck wear in merry christmas drake and josh?

i think they were like straight leg pants , i honestly dont know.

How do you get Drake Bell's hairstyle like he had in Drake and Josh?

Using different types of gels

What happened to Drake Bell and Josh Peck ?

What face characters would you suggest for the child of Drake Bell and Daniella Monet?


What song was playing at the VMA's when Drake Bell & Josh Peck was introducing Kid Rock?

Boyz by M.I.A. This bothered me so much too so I looked all over the web and found the answer on some random website! Happy listening!

Is Drake Bell the best musician that came from Nick?

Drake Bell is the only good one from Nick, with the exception of Miranda Cosgrove. They play Miranda on Radio Disney all the time even though she is a Nick star.

What type of jeans does drake bell wear?

True Religion they're expensive but you could try to look for them at The Buckle

What guitar is drake bell playing in this episode?

Its a black 6 string Rickenbacker the same type as John Lennon played too. And I agree its a very cool guitar, I wish I owned one :) You can find more info about the guitar here

Can anyone send me a video tutorial of the song "I Know" by Drake Bell?

Where can I find Drake Bell's Make Me Happy Radio Disney edit?

According to Wikipeda- It's Digital Distribution. You can only find it on Itunes. I have U.S.A set on my Itunes but I live somewhere else. (I ONLY DOWNLOAD PODCASTS!) I checked U.K and I got...Whoops, sorry dude. It's not on Itunes U.K. Sorry!

On ICarly the episode IBloop Drake Bell is shown on it has he ever been on an episode?

No, he hasn't been in an episode.

What hospital was Drake Bell born in?

Sorry, but that's way out of the realm of public information. But you can always go to his page and ask him directly.

Where Can I download Pictures of Drake Bell for free?

Google Images, Yahoo Images.. etc. Right click and Save Picture :)

Where can I find some pics on the internet of Drake Bell?

google images

What is the song Drake Bell sang on the Amanda Show?

Check here:

What are some good Drake Bell songs to start off with?

ALL of his songs are ridiculously amazing. You can't go wrong with any of them. You're Not Thinking, Telegraph, Somehow, Up Periscope, Rusted Silhouette, Unbelievable, and Shades of Grey are a few of my many, many favorites that I always send to people looking for music of his:)

What is the name of the iCarly episode which has Drake Bell in it?

It's called: iBloop Season 3 Episode 15

What do people think of Drake Bell being in a rated R movie?

People are used to seeing him as Drake on Drake and Josh, a show for young people on a generally "innocent" network - but while playing a young teen, he was always years older than his character. He's 22 now, old enough to be making decisions to act in movies that portray those things - and that's realistic, those are the things that happen at his age, and they're all legal for him so it's not portraying anything illegal, and only "wrong" if you have those restricting morals. But I think it looks like it'll be a so-so movie, and I'm sure he'll be funny in it. xx

What do you think might happen if Stonecold Steve Austin, Drake Bell and Zac Efron were in a wwe ring?

o come on its obvious that drake would make team with Austin an fu** that stupid zac effron and bell with his guitar will crash it in his head drake bell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What brand of jeans does Drake Bell wear?

The brand is Taverniti So. They make the kind with the distinctive patch on the back side. You will probably have to experiment and search around a bit to get the fit you want. Check out this discussion on a Drake Bell fan forum: An example on eBay:


Yeah he's cute. And he's so funny and stupid on Drake & Josh lol.. Favorite quotes: (By Drake) "I never thought evil had a name, but it's Ashley Blake. " "You didn't get in trouble for lying. You got in trouble for lying badly. " Josh: Drake, meet Chip and Ronnie. My old camp counselors. Drake: "Where did you go to camp?" lol Josh: All you need to do is act un-youish. Drake "I'm not jewish" Drake: Look who's gonna be at this after-party. Ashton Kutcher, Brad Pitt, Ethan LaRoche... Josh: Who's Ethan LaRoche? Drake: "I don't know, but he's gonna be there!"

drake bell?

say what? no all the songs on his cds, he is highly involved in writing them. nope i am positive it is a Drake Bell original..but there might be a song out there thats LIKE that.

Drake Bell.?

Check out the various Drake Bell websites and see when he's going to be in your area.

Drake bell?

Here is an old video of it: You can buy it here: I can't vouch for the safety or legitimacy of that site, though. That song has never been released on any of his CD's, so nobody knows how they got on the site for sale.