how much would a signed Dr. Seuss book be worth?

That all depends on its condition, the rarity or popularity of the book, and the signature would have to be authenticated. Your best bet would to be to contact a book dealer (not barnes and noble) A person who deals in rare or out of print books. Or you could even try calling a auction house like Christie's or Sotheby's

If Dr Seuss was the thirteenth disciple?

Laughing to hard to create a Seuss-like response. .

what technique does dr. seuss use in his art?

illustration, pen & ink, cross-hatching & LOTS of imagination! check out

What different pen names did Dr. Seuss use?

Writing as Theo. LeSieg LeSieg is Dr. Seuss's last name, Geisel, spelled backwards. * Ten Apples up on Top!. Illustrated by Roy McKie. ©1961, 1989–2004, B-19 * Come over to My House. Illustrated by Richard Erdoes. ©1966, B-44; 2006 * In a People House. Illustrated by Roy McKie. ©1972, 1997–2007, BE-12 * Wacky Wednesday. Illustrated by George Booth. ©1974, 1996–2007 B-59 * Would You Rather Be a Bullfrog?. Illustrated by Roy McKie. ©1975, 1998–2006, BE-21 * Hooper Humperdink...? Not Him!. Illustrated by Charles E. Martin. ©1976, 1998–2006, BE-22 * Maybe You Should Fly A Jet! Maybe You Should Be A Vet!. Illustated by Michael J. Smollin. ©1980, 1996–2009, B-Extra 8 * The Tooth Book. Illustrated by Joe Mathieu/Roy McKie. 2000/1989, BE-25 * The Eye Book. Illustrated by Joe Mathieu/Roy McKie. 1999/1996, BE-2 * I Wish that I Had Duck Feet. 1994–2007, B-40 * Please Try to Remember the First of Octember!. Illustrated by Art Cummings. 1977, 1997–1999, B-75 * The Many Mice of Mr. Brice. (A pop-up book) BE-15 * I Can Write. Illustrated by Roy McKie. BE-Extra 2 Writing as Rosetta Stone * Because a Little Bug Went Ka-choo, illustrated by Michael Frith. New York: Beginner Books, 1975 1996 B-6

Where can I find a complete collection of Dr. Seuss books?

They have a 58 volume set for about $300 on Amazon used but in good condition.

Where can I read Dr. Seuss books online for free?

What are some fun ideas for Dr. Seuss Themed food?

cat in the hat fruit cup: strawberries and whip cream layered i love your idea!

How would you interpret this Dr Seuss quote?

One of my favorite quotes! The first part is self-explanitory, just be yourself and be honest about how you feel. The second part just means, people that it bothers (you not conforming to who they want you to be) don't really care about you. Since they don't care about you, their opinions don't matter. The people who do matter (the ones who like/love you for who you are) won't mind you being yourself. Actually, that's the person they like/love...the REAL you. So just be yourself! :)

What objects do I put in for a Dr. Seuss Time Capsule?

a cat in a hat but make sure you punch some holes in the capsule

I want to use titles of Dr. Seuss books in a novel I'm writing. Will I run into copyright issues?

no there are no copyrights on titles. you could write a book called "Little House on the Prairie" if you wanted to. lolz.

Why is Dr. Seuss IMPORTANT what makes him "someone to remember"? What are his future influences?

His books have taught children lessons about life and his creativity is very unique

What are some major contributions of Dr. Seuss?

The good doctor had written some good children's picture books before his major contributions to children's lit, that would be his easy readers. The Cat in the Hat broke away from the mundane children's readers from school. There was a rhyming scheme and it was different from others and very catchy. There was a real story and it was fun to read. Suddenly reading was more than just 'See Jane Run. Run, Jane, run.' but "Look at me look at me look at me now! It's fun to have fun but you've got to know how!"

Creative ways to write a speech on Dr. Seuss?

If you can write it so that it follows the same rhyme schemes and rhythms that he favored, you will find that your speech lends itself easily to being delivered as a rap, if you are comfortable doing it that way.

What is a good title for a paper on Dr. Seuss?

Dr. Seuss tooths

How many pages is the Dr. Seuss's ABC book?

Ok well first there are 64 pages in the book. Not sure if that's enough, but maybe it can be. When someone signs there name on it, it won't take up so much space, so 64 pages and people signing it on the back and front of one page should be enough. If not get another one, too I loved all of Dr.Suess's books and my favorite was Green Eggs and Ham, you could also get that one, it has 62 pages and enough space on each page for more people to sign on the back and front of each page. Hope this helps :) And congrats! And don't worry there will be enough space, the only thing they'll do is sign their names, not write a speech lol You'll be fine :)

What are some quirky Dr. Seuss names for snacks?

Valgarax chip cookies. Sugar cookies with Valgarax stripes. Valgarax dipped pretzels. Valgarax munch (Chocolate covered Valgarax mix.)

where in this effing world can i read dr. seuss books for free online? Hope this helps.

How much could i sell a paperback 1966 edition of dr.seuss's "The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins"?

You have a paperback, not the first edition, which has been defaced. You'll be lucky to get three bucks. Nobody wants a book written in.

What is a good name for a made up Dr. Seuss poem?

green eggs and ham is groovy man!

Can you write a Dr. Seuss Inspired Birthday Invitation Rhyme?

It's a party for 3! Come celebrate with me! Have lunch and some cake! Put your feet up and take a break The Cat will be there that day And Things 3 and 5 can't stay away It's a theme party if you didn't know! And we all really hope that you will show

What is the name of the method Dr. Seuss uses in Green Eggs and Ham?

Fruedian ranting of prose and poetry in trisyllabic meter.

does anyone know a good preschool activity that has to do with Dr. Seuss and the Alphabet ?

Hi! Dr. Seuss' birthday is coming up next week ;-) This is a great time for a Dr. Seuss Alphabet activity. There are many, many sites out there with "Dr. Seuss" as their theme for preschoolers. I do "Dr. Seuss Day" every year and here are a few things that I always do... *Hat Game: I have a hat that looks a lot like the one in "The cat in the hat". If you don't have one, you can make on out of construction paper. I put one of each letter (A-Z) in the hat and let the kids take a turn choosing a letter out of the hat. Their goal after they choose a letter is to think of something that "rhymes" with their letter, since Dr. Seuss is all about the rhyming! i.e.- If I picked out letter "J" I would say "play"! (Some letters will require creativity and probably some help) It is always a fun game! *Pin the Eggs on the Plate": This is a game we play after reading "Green Eggs and Ham"... Each child picks an egg (template of an egg that I copy onto green paper with a letter of the alphabet on it). They have to think of a word that begins with the letter on their egg then they get their turn to put on the blindfold and try to get their egg on the plate! (I enlarged a circle and cut it out of poster board and mounted it on our felt board). It's a fun game to watch the kids try to get those eggs on the plate- some end up off of the board even! LOL. *"The Foot Book": After reading this book, we make a huge line out of "feet"! (copy a foot template onto colored papers and put a letter on each one). The kids have to work together to put the feet in order from A-Z. *Have the kids name their favorite Dr. Seuss book or character. Have them do a "collage" (using photos from magazines) or draw pictures of things they can think of that start with the letter of that character. i.e.: My favorite character is "Horton" from "Horton Hears a Who", so I would try to find letter "H" things! I always have coloring pictures of the characters for them to color and add to their collages. Some character ideas are: Sam (from "Green Eggs and Ham"), Horton or the Mayor (from "Horton Hears a Who"), Cat, Sally, Conrad (from "The Cat in the Hat"), Grinch (from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"), Fox (from "Fox in Socks"), Sneeches (from "The Sneeches"), etc.! The possibilities are endless!! Hope one of these ideas helps!

Does anyone know where to find Dr. Seuss nursery items?

The only one I have seen has been at Pottery Barn Kids. Have you tried on ebay. Some people even make homemade sets and might be able to make something for you.

Can someone help me make an outline for my research paper on Dr. Seuss? Or at least help me get on track?

Write a five paragraph one, those are the easiest formats to follow. Intro: Dr Seuss..... a little bit of background information, and a thesis statement that conisists of three things why you think Dr. Seuss pertains to your topic. Each of those three things starts its own body paragraph. Then a conclusion.

I'm doing a project on Dr. Seuss. Any idea's for what my papers should be on?

OMG you should do it on my favorite quote by him: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” - Dr. Suess GOOD LUCK!

Do you think they should make like a National Harry Potter or Dr.Seuss Day?

I think a national Dr.Seuss Day would be okay,most people like Dr.Seuss.But,not everyone likes Harry Potter so I don't think it would be possible.

What is the name of the friend in Dr. Seuss' book Green eggs and Ham?

the friend was just a nameless character.

In an introduction to a research paper, how would I cite a Dr. Seuss Quote from an accredited source? That will tell you everything you need to know. :)

What literary period is Dr. Seuss considered to be in?

He bridges the two periods, as many mark the start of contemporary at 1950. I'd call him modern because he focuses on issues that a lot of modern poets focus on. He's just a bit dated for the contemporary label. I mean, the stuff is timeless, but something about the style, etc. makes me think modern more than contemporary. Does it really matter?

Where can I find good info about Dr. Seuss aka Theodore Seuss Geisel?

Is there a series of Dr. Seuss books available for purchase?

here are some links to purchase his books:)

Has anyone noticed the inside of a girl scout cookies box smells like a Dr.Seuss book?

......................................I LIKE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES [=

How will you be planning on celebrating Dr. Seuss's 107th birthday tomorrow?

I didn't realise it was Dr Seuss's birthday. I watch and read the book about the Cat in the Hat its fabulous.

Is there a Dr Seuss bookclub available in Canada?

I found some larger sets of books at I would suggest ordering from the site you like the most and using a forwarding company. You can set up a US address through and have the items forwarded to yourself in Canada. Also, the address will be good for a lifetime.

Where can I find good images of the characters in the Dr. Seuss books online?

Here Ya Go!!! Try

Whats the best web site or book to find out about Dr Seuss? Just follow the link above to 'Seussville' and choose high or low band width (it won't matter much if you don't know, you will if there is any problem; in which case you choose the 'other' band width; just computer stuff)-- --And read his biography there (up and down arrows are under the page there to 'scroll' with, to read all of the bio) and also read any other thing that may help your project. Also have some fun. Wiki has a perfectly good and informative article on Geisel (Seuss's name)... hmm.

Why do Irishmen get embarrassed when I read them Dr Seuss stories?

^^^ European men are better than American men. I will marry a guy from Europe or South America lol. lol idk.

How can i make money with Dr. Seuss?

Are doing this activity during or before the fall fest? I would go to a costume rental place, find a costume, and then hold a reading group. This is where you would set the times, and for say $1 children can listen to you read for a 1/2 hr. or 1hr. Children love Dr. Seuss. You can decorate your area in the theme of Dr. Seuss as well. Be creative and have fun. Or you can have the Kids make crafts via a donations. There are limitless opportunities. And don't forget to go to local business's and ask contributions to you cause as well. You might just get to use the costume for free, or get stuff for making crafts for free....or stuff to raffle off... I hope I was helpful, Good Luck and have fun.

How sad is it that Dr. Seuss is my favorite author of all time?

What a wonderful question on his birthday!!! I still love his books, we were just talking about them this morning at work. I think my favorite is Mr. Brown can Moo, Can you? I can't think of the title of the other one but its the one where the vug lives under the Rug, and there is a Noothbruth on his Toothbrush! My kids have been reading other books, but I will have to pull Dr Seuss back to the top of the pile.

What is the name of the little yellow character in Dr. Seuss ABC Book?

Are you talking about the yawning yellow yak? I found this link Hoping it helps you...

What Dr. Seuss book can I get my best friend for her birthday?

Book About Me Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose Wacky Wednesday

What was the Dr. Seuss story about an island protected/surrounded by trees that protected it from the sea ?

The King's Stilts? The trees were threatened by the Nizzards.

Do you have any ideas for Dr Seuss theme cupcakes?

You could make them yellow and have some with blue stars in the middle and others without or maybe all with blue stars so the kids don't fight over them. That would be very simple. I don't know what you would do if you wanted to spend more time on it but I would guess that you are pretty busy and that simple is very appealing to you.

Can our school print out storybooks to distribute with Dr. Seuss characters in the pictures?

Absolutely not. That is in direct violation of copyright. You must get permission of the owner of the copyright for those images.

What Dr. Seuss stuffed animals are sold at kohls currently?

When I was there yestrday, there was Eric Carle books and stufed animals

Where can you find full dr seuss books online? There are four on this website. I can't get the lost story to work, but the other three do so you can at least have three. Hope I helped!

What is the Dr. Seuss saying at the end of the grinch cartoon movie?

After it says on the cartoon "He himself carved the roast beast" the cartoon says: welcome christmas bring your cheer Cheer to all Whos far and near Christmas Day is in our grasp for as long as we have hands to clasp Christmas Day will always be just as long as we will be Welcome Christmas while we stand heart to heart and hand to hand

Dr. seuss??????????????

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss. The Once-ler cut down the Truffula trees. This story basically about an environmentalist who is upset because a business man is cutting down trees.


Well, did you know that Dr. Seuss created political cartoons during World War II? He first became known by putting them in New York newspapers. Also, he was in trouble with the German government (where he was from) so he wrote under the alias "Dr. Seuss". His real name is Theodore Seuss (pronounced 'Soyce') Geisel. He also wrote some of his books under "Theo Lesieg"; Lesieg is his last name backwards. Hope I helped! =) I did an entire project over him a couple years ago and went to state. ♥

Dr. Seuss?

In case you need them, here are a few more sites. Most of the sites say the same thing. The last site listed is someone's English paper, but it still makes some interesting points as to the politics in Dr. Seuss' books.