What do u think of my fave D names?

GIRLS Dina - 6/10 Dana - 6/10 Donna - 4/10 Dianne - 4/10 Dia - 3/10 Diana - 4/10 Dora - 2/10 Dorathea - 2/10 Dorothy - 2/10 Deborah - 2/10 *Delany - 8/10 Destiney - 7/10 Dorine - 4/10 Dorinda - 4/10 Dorian - 6/10 Danielle - 8/10 Dani - 8/10 Darian - 8/10 Dawn - 5/10 BOYS Don - 4/10 *Darian - 9/10 Derek - 8/10 Dierk - 7/10 Donny - 6/10 Dustin - 7/10 Dale - 6/10 Delany - 4/10 Doug - 5/10 Douglas - 5/10 Donovan - 4/10 =)

I am looking for a lady named donna guldin from wernersville, pa.?

These links will help you: http://people.yahoo.com/ http://www.freeprf.com/ http://www.reunitetonight.com/index-browser-check-pass.shtml http://family.public-records.com/ http://www.192.com/ http://in.members.yahoo.com/ http://www.b4usearch.com/ http://www.peoplefinders.com/ http://www.zabasearch.com/ http://www.emailaddresses.com/ http://in.members.yahoo.com/nosuchtc.html http://spaces.live.com/ http://www.anywho.com/ http://www.addresses.com/ (White and yellow pages) http://www.theultimates.com/white/ (this is the ultimate white pages) http://find.intelious.com/ http://classmates.com/ (This is brilliant for finding old school friends).

Odd boy names starting with D.?

Dalton Devin Dallas Damien Damon Dannon Donyil Darius Davion Darren Dawson Decker Declan Demetrius Delbert Dempsey Deshawn Denver Dustin Dillon Derick Desmond Duane/Dwayne Dwight Dyson Draven....my sons friend named his son this Doyle Dorian Devlin Dexter Dewitt Donahue Dirk Dieter Diedrick....pronounced deed-rick Diesel Dino Durand Dudley....lol Dugan....lol Dryden Please let us all on Y!A know what his real name is....Enquiring minds want to know!!!!....LOL

how do I report a company for hurting the local environment?

Contact the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. They'll investigate and have the company correct things.

Which of these bowling attacks is the most lethal in world cricket?

Mitchell Johnson,Ben Hilfenhaus,Doug Bollinger,Nathan Hauritz- This one is looking to be the best!:)

Is the inspector Gadget theme song the best cartoon theme song ever?

Fruck Yeargh

Identify this episode of Nickelodeon's "Doug"?

I think it's "Doug's Cookin'/Doug Loses Dale"

Hey Nascar fans! How about Doug Richart as 88 Crew Chief?

Yeah maybe... I don't really know a lot about him. Tell me about him?

Okay, can we actually come out and say that Kyle Busch is a better driver than Dale Earnhardt Jr?

I'm pretty sure that conclusion had easily been drawn a couple years ago.

Do you think Doug bollinger is the best fast bowler of present time?

No, I do not think he is the best contemporary fast bowler. Why? The stats do not even say so. The best is South Africa's Dale Steyn. Why? His stats are not only better, but they are more reliable because Steyn played 46 Tests, whereas Doug Bollinger only played 12. Bollinger: 50 wickets from 12 Tests @ 25.92. Bowling strike rate: 48.0 Steyn: 238 wickets friom 46 Tests @ 23.21. Bowling strike rate 39.9 The economy rates are marginally different. Steyn has a better wicket-per-match ratio (5.173) than Bollinger (4.166). He also has a far superior strike rate, meaning that he gets a wicket with 8 fewer balls on average than the Australian. Bollinger: 50 wickets from 32 ODIs @ 24.16. Economy rate: 4.54 Steyn: 81 wickets from 54 ODIs @ 27.62. Economy rate: 5.11 Bollinger appears to be a better ODI bowler than Steyn However, in both Tests and First-class matches, Steyn is without peer. Bollinger might be able to wipe his boots perhaps. In fairness, I note that after 12 Tests, Steyn had 49 wickets at an average of 29.20. However, his bowling strike rate was much better, and he started Test cricket at 21. Bollinger made his debut as a seasoned veteran (27).