How can I convert an old DOS application with Chinese characters to Windows?

A DOSBOX with CCDOS/UCDOS/ET3 will do the trick

How is the cost of Living in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil Nowadays?

Sao Jose dos Campos in not a big city like Sao Paulo or Rio where the cost of living is high. And is not a small town anymore. The cost of living is not going to be so low but not so high either. In Brasil, food is much cheaper than in the USA, however clothes, shoes are not.

What is your sign and what are you dos and donts for relationships?

This is a very subjective question, as I'm sure you're well aware. It's not all black and white with every relationship... My DO's: -Do love me unconditionally, and accept me for everything that I am and everything that I'm NOT. The latter is what I believe people have a harder time embracing on both ends. -Do communicate with me. Be open. Don't be afraid to come to me or talk to me about something that's bothering you. The more you hold it in, the more we may both end up resenting each other. -Do be honest and trusting. Know that I love you and want to be with you. -Do treat me with respect and courtesy, and I will do the same for you. Just because we're together and comfortable doesn't excuse you from saying please and thank you and opening the door for me. Honestly, those are about it for that. DON'T: -Don't beat around the bush and drag on something for an hour. OUT WITH IT! -Don't punish me by taking your love away. I hate it when guys do that. -Don't think that just because we are comfortable with each other means that you have the right to ignore me, spurn me, or treat me any old way. You still have to work at it as much as I do, so keep at it. -Don't be unfaithful. Treat this relationship how you would treat yourself. Would you betray yourself and treat yourself like crap? Didn't think so... I have learned that this is all it takes. The longer the list, the worse the realtioship, because you're putting out WAY TOO MANY expectations that will probably never be fulfilled. The mainstays, like communication, trust, and honesty are what hold a relationship together and the beauty of those three ingredients? You can adjust them to fit your own relationship's needs and wants. Also, and this is just to put it out there: You should never NEED anyone. You should WANT to be with that person. You also choose to be with that person every day and love them every day. As soon as you find youself needing anyone or needing to be saved, you're doomed.

What are some up-dos that you can do with hair shoulder length?

a bun. thats what i do(my hair is a little past my shoulders) a high pony tail. or like french braids or something like that's&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi there r some REALLY pretty up do's on that website :] best of luck, Sarah Faye

How can i transfer data from a ms dos program called Q&A into a windows program like excel?

Q&A should be able to export to CSV (comma separated values). From there, it would be easy to import to Excel.

How to I change dos command prompt to a different drive?

Simply type F: in the command prompt, followed by Enter. Example : C:\Windows> D: (Enter) D:\>

How do I start up windows XP with dos commands?

Oh poo! what is going on is the BIOS in the old machine does not have the extensions to boot from the XP boot disk. So write a script to do the job. The below link lists many boot disks. What you are looking for is a boot disk that will install a generic CD rom driver to get the ball rolling so that you can boot into the installation disk.

What dos it mean when you have dreams were your being chased?

To dream that you are being chased, signifies that you are avoiding a situation that you do not think is conquerable. It is a metaphor for some form of insecurity. In particular, to dream that you are chased by an animal, represents your own unexpressed and unacknowledged anger which is being projected onto that animal. Alternatively, you may be running away from a primal urge or fear.

What kinds of hair dos should I do with my shoulder length hair?

i think you should curl it like Jessi off of Kyle XY:

What are some good programs for an old DOS laptop?

Try browsing here for some ideas: Most of the programs there are either freeware or shareware.