laws on dogs attacking livestock in Oklahoma?

I have a question for atheists?

Sure, I'd pass it on. One possibility, it's a troll and I end up feeling like a bit of a tit. Other possibility, there's a guy trapped in a kidnapper's basement and I didn't do anything to help. I can live with feeling like a bit of a tit.

is joseph jack the ripper?

I have studied Jack for the past 20 yrs , and Barnett is my most likely suspect . When the area where all the victims lived is taken into account , all lived at various times within yards of one another and it seems more then probable that Barnett was known to them all , so they would have been completely unsuspecting of him , certainly in the early hours of morning , quite likely relieved at seeing a familiar " safe" face and as a local man would not have been perceived as a threat or seen as unusual on the streets at odd hours I have always taken the view in the murder of Kelly , that it was someone she felt at ease with , and the "killer" felt safe and secure at Miller`s Court while he carried out the mutilations on Kelly`s body

I'm 16, and a drug addict...How do I get help?

Go to a psychiatrist, find a support is a fight and you gotta fight and win it, just never give might want to be in a hospital or an institute where they have the required experience..good luck

Bailiff attempted to take my car today?

Car hell, YOU are government property, subject. Enjoy.

Crime league,loads of streets in the Manchester region again I see.?

Seems to be the Norm these days, since when did crime become so acceptable??? since Labour introduced cut backs??? since the country opened its floodgates to the whole world???? Do people not care enough to stop crime from happening anymore???? Gone to the dogs??? me thinks so! I am fro Manchester and know some of these areas, and many more that didn't even appear in this list!

baby . p,, - the system, cafcass, and the law , a frightning thought..?

My heart goes out to you. I know that for some ridiculous reason, the law seems to side with women no matter how brutal and disgusting they may be. I've known some really nice guys hurt very badly by their partners financially, mentally and emotionally as well as physically and yet the law continues to defend the female. I don't know what the solution is, but what I can suggest is make a daily log of everything you endure. In fact make it a blog . If you're afraid of reprisal, use a pen name. Perhaps if enough people realize what's going on, the police and the courts may be forced to change their stance. I personally know many females who had babies just to bleed a guy and the government dry. What happens to their kids they couldn't care less. They are more concerned about the money rolling in . Incidentally, more girls are raped by their stepfathers than fathers, yet the woman is never punished for bringing a predator into the house and endangering her children.

What should happen to those boys who stomped a baby fawn to death?

I concur. They could do with a taste of their own medicine. It is unfathomable - how can you look at that adorable fawn with intent to hurt it? No compassion. It is difficult to think that people like that exist in this world. What a sick place that we live in.

What's the next excuse? Rapists can cry, say they sleepwalk, and say they can't remember doing it?

That's pretty ridiculous. Like Baba Yaga said, if the guy's had the disorder for some time, wouldn't he have tried to rape some of his barracks buddies while they were sleeping? 'Cause that would've caused a scene. And probably gotten him kicked out of the army. How can someone who unknowingly attempts to rape people in his sleep even be IN the army? wtf.

Any ideas on how i can get to tender for building contracts with my local authorites in dorset?

You need to investigate "EXOR" - Exor Accredited Contractor is a group specifically set up in 1997 to provide efficient, outsourced supply chain services to central and local government. housing association, private and public sector organisations. Effectively they "accredit" you so that all the organisations do not have to a bit like a stamp of approval, similar to the old Kite Mark. This way when you contact local governments they know that you are OK to do business with. Just found web address - There is also one for rail and network work called "Link Up" and I think one called "Construction Line". There is some form filling for all three of these and ground work needed but I have found it has paid off. Also, Google "Government Contracts" there are a number of useful pointers down that route...

Could i call the police over this?

OMG its not right to do that to kids i dont belive in things like that.. i would tell someone maybe a family member, social services.... how can it be right to do this to your child?????!!!!!!!

Are there any UK police forces that are about to recruit or are currently recruiting?

- PoliceUK has been online since May 2002 and since that time has grown to be the number one resource for police recruitment information in the UK. Every year thousands of people apply to join any one of 55 Home Office and non-Home Office forces in the United Kingdom. Only a fraction (approximately 8%) of these applicants are successful. PoliceUK has the information to give you the best possible chance to be a part of that 8%! This site focuses predominantly on the career path of a Constable however there are several other careeroptions, some of which you can find information about on this site. Want to provide a visible presence on the streets? Reassure the community and tackle antisocial behaviour? The role of a Police Community Support Officer could be for you! Want to support your front line colleagues by performing vital support roles behind the scenes? How about one of the many roles performed by the Police Support Staff? PoliceUK has information on all the careers available in the UK Police Force. You can navigate around the site using the navigation menu to the left of your screen....

Does anyone know when the Wiltshire Police are next recruiting?

It doesn't say when the wiltshire police are hiring but here is there contact information Here is a list of job titles for the Somerset police Here is the Dorset police contact information Here is the Hampshire police website Good Luck :)

Can Police stop drivers just to get them to fill in a questionairre?

I've not heard of this before. How odd! Police have a power to stop ANY motor vehicle on a public road and don't need to give a reason (section 172 Road Traffic Act 1988). They can demand the name and address (and DOB) of any person driving a motor vehicle and demand you produce your insurance, MOT and license. Failure to do so is an offence (Section 169 RTA 1988) although if you can't produce on the spot you get 7 days to do so to avoid court (hence the issue of "producer forms" HO/RT1). You must still provide your name and address though. If you don't you could be arrested. Another part of the law states that if officers stop you in public and ask you what you're up to, or where you're going, then they ought to complete an encounter form to record why they stopped you (although you're not obliged to give them your details - unless your driving!). This is actually to protect your rights and to fairly record police activity, athough in realitiy it is a chance to add your details to a police database (not the police national computer though) Combine the above two scenarios and you have police officers lawfully stopping your vehicle and lawfully demanding your name, DOB and address and then being obliged to record these details - just like a survey! If this is going on then I would be curious as to why. If it's part of a larger campaign against some local crime activity or other then fine, but using the RTA section 169 just to grab a load of details to forcibly survey drivers seems like a waste of time and a good way to upset the public for little gain. They wouldn't do it here in the West Mids. Police here have proper criminals to catch. We do surveys by post and online and they are voluntary......