Who should I start this week Donald Driver or Jeremy Maclin?

Driver. Aaron Rodgers spreads the ball out.

should i start justin gage over donald driver?

I would, Tennessee will throw it all over Houston horrible secondary. Donald Driver didn't do much the first game, so why not. Edit: For the defense player, I am not sure who is available, but I would look at the fantasy stats from previous years to see who produces the most points and pick him up.

should i start donald driver or sidney rice in week 15?

id go with rice hes a td machine plus driver has been underachieving going against a tough steelers d

Should i start reggie williams or donald driver?

Start Driver, he is clutch.

should i start steve smith of the Giants instead of Donald Driver of the Packers?

gotta go with smith. Rodgers will be coming off a concussion anyways. And the Lions make smiths matchup even better

MNF: Who should I start Donald Driver or Marques Colston?

I think you are going to lose..But if I had to pick one I would go with Colston..He is a true #1 receiver, Driver is not.

Where to find Donald Driver story from Monday Night Football?

That was a good story, but I doubt you'll be able to find it online.

Would you start Calvin Johnson or Donald Driver in week 4 of fantasy football?

Calvin Johnson. Driver against the Vikings is a really bad matchup. the bears secondary is their weakest link so Calvin Johnson will be a go to guy especially if Detroit is down or its a back and forth game.

Should I start Greg Jennings or Donald Driver?

Donald Driver. He seems to be getting most of the receptions and going up against farve.. well you know he wants to win cause of the history they had

Should I start Donald Driver or Roy Williams WEEK 3?

Donald driver - the st. louis pass defense is terrible