Vote for Donald Driver?

I don't watch the show but I always vote. The number is always on twitter. I literally have watched the show once, last week, cause Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews were there. I vote but I don't watch. I'm surprised he's doing so well.

Will Martina Navratilova win "Dancing with the Stars"?

Girl please. Not only is she really old, but she played tennis in tire life, and probably has bad knees and tennis elbow, so her movement is probably not that great. Also, sense she is a lesbian, she doesn't have the sexual chemistry with her partner, that oozes passion, which is needed in the romantic dances like the Waltz. I think Maria Menunounos will be good. I also think Disney kids Roshon Fegan will be good. However I don't think they have the recognition needed to win. I think Jaleel White (Urkel) will make it pretty far, he will be a fan favorite, and he's also pretty suave (like his alter ego My personal favorite is Gavin DeGraw! I love his music, his songs Chariot, I Don't Want To Be, I'm In Love With A Girl, and Not Over You are all in my Itunes Top 50 most listened Plus he has sympathy on his side since he got mugged last year LOL. I don't think he will win though In addition to wanting Navratilova and DeGraw to do well, I will also be rooting for R&B legend Gladys Knight, but she is to old to win. Another person who I will be rooting for (who I am putting as my favorite)....Sherri Shepherd! As a cohost on gabfest "The View" she has the fame and fan support. She is chunky, so she has the people wanting to see her lose weight, she has personality and will have fun Latin dances, and I think despite her size, she will be light on her feet, because she's fairly youthful. Donald Driver probably has bad knees, and the rest of the people are too unrecognizeable or has-beens that nobody cares about (Melissa Gilbert...we loved you on Little House, but we don't care about you anymore!). Even though Urkel is a has-been, he is still a character that America will get behind

Who do you think will win this season of "Dancing with the Stars"?

Who do you think is gonna win dancing with the stars?

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas

What do you think about the winner for Dancing with the Stars tonight?

Packers fans, are you following Donald Driver on "Dancing With The Stars?"?

No, but I know a lot of people are watching the show just to see him.

What song did donald driver dance to tonight on dancing with the stars,?

The name is "Dedication to my ex" by Lloyd

What song did Donald Driver dance to on week one of Dancing with the stars?

Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)— Lloyd feat. Lil Wayne

Your thoughts on Donald Driver winning Dancing With the Stars?