What happened to Don Lapre?

Don Lapre died in custody from an apparent suicide on October 2, 2011, while in jail awaiting his trial, which was scheduled to begin on October 4, 2011. Authorities are investigating the circumstances of Lapre's death

Does anyone know where informercial star "Don Lapre" is? I want to use him for a commerical.?

behind a dumpster

have anyone made any money with Don Lapre greatest vitamins in the world?

From my understanding it is a scam!! I saw it today & did some research & found a website of complaints. Check out www.infomercialscams.com/scams/the_greatest_vitamin_in_the_world , it shows several complaints & how people have been trying to get a refund, but no luck.

Has anyone else been ripped off by the con artist who goes by the name "Don Lapre" ????

yes i got screwed big time by the c sucker

don lapre greatest vitamins in the the world is a scam.?

Don Lapre is one hell of a salesman. He sells dreams and hopes and not much else. His vitamins are like all the rest, his marketing scheme like many others. I'm sure someone made money after buying his kit, but I would bet that the person that made the most money was Don Lapre, and he didn't make it from vitamins, he made it from your buying the kit.

Is it wrong that so many people had anger and rage when they learned of Don Lapre's suicide?

LaPre was an obvious scoundrel. Though not that many knew of him, the ones who fell for his lies and thievery were the ones most likely to be very angry. He knew he was in deep trouble when the feds arrested him. He was awaiting trial when he killed himself and knew he had no chance of winning so he offed himself. I feel so sorry for his family. Not for the loss of a deviant, greedy huckster, but for their own total blindness and denial.

Is Don Lapre, The TV pitchman dead or alive?


Can anyone Compare Don Lapre to Steve Jobs?

"I don't hear anyone Mourning Don Lapre's Death..." Because the fraudster doesn't deserve it from the American public. It's called karma, or the golden rule, whichever you prefer. Be nice to others or make their lives better, and you will be remembered fondly. Be a conman who pilfer millions of hard earned dollars from others, you go to jail and die alone in a dinky jail cell: a fitting end. The reactions to the deaths of Steve Jobs and Don Lapre are the best proof of the above. Steve Jobs' life is celebration of life; whereas Mr. Lapre's life is a tragedy and his death forgettable and the circumstances surrounding it deservedly miserable. End of story!

Have you made a ton o' cash using Don Lapre's system like I have?!?!?

What exactly is Don Lapre's product? His ad only states that you put ads in newspapers. What do the ads advertise?

Were you scammed and/or financially burned by the Greatest Vitamin in the World by Don Lapre?

If you do not receive your full refund I would contact your local FBI office and file a criminal complaint against him and his firm for wire fraud and any other charges they can bring against him. One visit from the Feds and Don Lapre will send you your full refund faster than you can blink an eye.