If someone could help me put the rankings of angels in order?

There are 3 circles which both you and the other answerer posted. However, in these 3 circles are placed 9 orders.

Is Jesus always submissive to the Father?

Jesus not only lived a life acceptable to his Father, but also lived his life so that you and I could be come sons and daughters of God by adoption. As the two passages of scripture quoted below clearly show. John 6:39-40 NIV 39 And this is the will of him who sent me, that I shall lose none of all that he has given me, but raise them up at the last day. 40 For my Father's will is that everyone who looks to the Son and believes in him shall have eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day." Galatians 3:22-29 NIV 22But the Scripture declares that the whole world is a prisoner of sin, so that what was promised, being given through faith in Jesus Christ, might be given to those who believe. 23 Before this faith came, we were held prisoners by the law, locked up until faith should be revealed. 24 So the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might be justified by faith. 25 Now that faith has come, we are no longer under the supervision of the law. 26 You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, 27 for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. 28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. 29 If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise. Mark 16:15-16 NIV 15 He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation. 16 Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. .

Have you ever heard of Christian Patriarchy?

yes - they are really terrifying

God told us humans that we would have dominion over all his creatures?

A bird bath encourages a wild spirit to want to domesticate ... such is why we domesticate animals ... the spirit starts with a bird bath or bird feeder, even throwing blessed bread (non-slavery or dumping) to the squirrels or wild animals starts domestication of rodents (and rabbits DO NOT LIKE being referred to as rodents!!! they also don't like solitary lives) ... Dominion is a level of guardianship and not domination ... the love of nature and such creatures should inspire, not dominate ... Hey snipe, that's what the plague of frogs is for ... to conquer the mosq uitos ...

Who is the FATHER that Jesus delivers the kingdom up to in the end?

If Jesus is God why is he subject to the Father?

Read the Bible a little more. JESUS ISN'T GOD. Jesus is the Son of God. They are one in spirit.

When things don't work out the way you'd like them to, do you still give God the praise?

Most assuredly I do , because I do not want my own will but His =D And Amen to your post !

If we were created to have dominion OVER the works of His Hands, what is it that tries to put us under?

Ourselves Dear Seth. Ourselves. Bonus Q: What does it mean to "strive for the Mastery and be temperate in ALL things" ? The humility to listen to God's words instead of our own!

"What is this oozing behemoth, this fibrous tumor, this monster of power and expense hatched from the..."?

Brilliant. harpoon the cuttlefish!

Why do people think that there is no higher being or higher force?

Your premise is flawed; not one of the things you cite has dominion over another. Life is a constant struggle to survive.

why under the dominion of Christianity the world keep getting worst?

its not christianity. its the people of earth in general.

How could God place all things under His feet to subdue all things, and then later become subject to Himself?

The only way it can be done is if that scripture is referring to two different persons Jehovah and Jesus.

How many believe there is a hierarchy of angels?

There is a hierarchy for everything else so why not.

What universities recognize credits from the Navy's Nuclear Power School?

Baker College took about a year off my degree (Business Management), and offer completely on-line degrees. Thomas Edison had a nuclear instrumentation degree that required about a year and a half of classes to complete. Of course that was back in 02 when I got out. The best way to find out for sure is to call the administrative office of the school and fax over your naval records (just your sheets with schooling and training on it) They can review it in relationship to the degree your looking at and send you the requirements it covers.

God gave Man dominion over the animals, but if that doesn't work should someone carry nunchucks when camping?

Nunchucks will get you killed; carry pepper spray.

Where can I find a praise and worship song on the internet?

You can find a praise and worship song on the Internet at http://www.christiansong.com !

Is a Royal a Royal because of Blood or because they hold dominion?

All Royalty began by men proclaiming themselves leaders these were Great Men who served their people well or the people would have revolted. Being royal means you are in the position of power because of respect for your ancestors, so I think the first few generations are less royal (as they could have easily been removed by the people) but more important.

Power Up? Upgrading home electric service?

It is really called a service upgrade. Call the power company and tell them you wish to upgrade your service to 100 amps or whatever you want. They will know what you are talking about and will advise you. It will cost nothing for that part. Write down what they say and then call the electrician with the information. Get 2 prices from electricians for the work.

What is about the average electricity bill in Va?

Call the Utility company and ask what an average bill would be. Take into account that amount of usage for the mobile home and if a washer and dryer are used and if C/a is used in the mobile home. I would average it out to $200.00 per month.

Is rape only about dominion?

I think that rape is about domination but it's dominating someone that turns them on - They are sexually aroused because they enjoy to dominate. If that makes sense? It's psychological torment, rapists like to see their victims crying/sobbing/screaming/struggling/begging for mercy. That's not lust, that sadism and wanting to overcome someone else as cruelly as possible. I think that they enjoy the thought of women (and men) suffering from symptoms of the attack years later. Frequently the primary initiator isn't lust but a perceived weakness 'i.e. a weak-looking woman on her own, a woman who is drunk, upset or separated from her friends. It's the weakness that turns them on. That's why to a lesser extent people have 'school girl' fixations. - It's OK in fantasy but rapists want to act out. If it was lust how can you explain men raping 10 month old babies or grandmothers as old as 86? It's so cruel and I wish there was way to wear surprise electric chastity belts....

Why do people usually consider money and power the only way to measure the success of a person?

It appears to be the American way ... lol

Compare the development of Australia, Canada and India considering that all have been under Britain's power?

Technically, all of them were colonies at one point. Australia was a prison colony, India and Canada were colonized for their land and resources. Canada became the dominion of Canada, which was basically a protectorate meaning that they were self-governing but had no say in foreign affairs. Later they became completely independent. Technically we're still under the Queen, but she has no real power. India stayed a colony until they got their independence under Gandhi. Canada was probably occupied for the longest and I would say they are the most developed. Australia is also very developed. India is the least developed, but they have population issues that Canada and Australia don't have to worry about.

Power company will not accept WRITTEN notification?

Why were dominions and loss of power bad for people in the british empire?

What should I wear for my Interview?

How bad is a 250 watt heat lamp bulb on electricity??

Jim N is right on, except that the electricity rate may be somewhat higher than 10¢ per KWH. Where I live, Southern California Edison charges on a graduated scale, much like the IRS taxes on a graduated scale. The more electricity you use, the higher the rate for the incremental usage. The top rate for residential use is around 30¢ per KWH, which would be $1.80 per day for a 250 watt heat lamp. You'd have to look at your electric bill to see what your incremental rate is. Besides using heat tape or a heat blanket, another alternative is to leave a cold water faucet turned on so that it is running slowly all day and night. This will keep your system at the temperature of your well water, which will prevent freezing. Unfortunately, you'll use electricity to pump the water, so I don't know whether this would be more economical. But it is something to keep in mind in case your heat lamp burns out. You need to trade off the cost of the heat lamp versus the cost and inconvenience of having to repair a broken water pump. I'm in favor of the heat lamp.

How long does it take to recieve stock money?

It depends on what method of withdrawal he/she used. The stock once sold takes 3 days for the transaction to settle and for the money to appear in his/her brokerage account. Then they will request an withdrawal via check (it takes longer usually..like 2-5 business days) or electronic transfer of funds via bank wire or ACH which happens instantly. Bottom line is that it shouldn't take more than a week for them to have their money.

What laws are out there in Virginia regarding past due accounts?

Yes, they have 7 years to sue you.

What is the best stock you can buy directly through the company and not a broker?

If you invest in just a few, less than about 8 or 10 companies, you are subject to much specific risk. I don't know why you are apposed to paying a broker a few dollars for his services, but it would be my advice to perhaps consider index funds offered by mutual fund companies. You can buy these without paying a brokerage fee. You will however have to pay an expenses fee annually. Vanguard offers High Dividend yield index fund. minimum $3000 investment with expense ratio of 0.4%. Dividend yield is not yet specified because it is rather new. The yield of its benchmark is 2.9%. But that is not the question you wish answered. Duke Energy falls into that category and pays a decent dividend. Here is a link to their site discussing the subject. http://www.duke-energy.com/investors/shareholders/purchase/ Cigna alludes to the fact that they also have a direct stock purchase plan. Here is the link http://www.cigna.com/general/about/investor/contact.html Here is a link to all companies that might have such a plan http://www.dripwizard.com/home_dripsearch.asp

What super power would you like to be given?

I would want the power to....... 1.) Control Time or 2.) Be Immortal I mean think about it, if you could control time you could pause, rewind, and fast forward time. You could appear to do prretty much anything. Teleport, disappear, etc. Wouldn't get boring either. Some people are going to say flying or super strengh, boring. When r u going to need to fly, or want to. After 3 times you will get bord. And strengh, thats pretty useless unless you like to open jars Controling Time would be the best

If you live in VA or NC,OH or PA... What do you think about Dominion?

I live in NC and I don't use Dominion. I use ATT&T.

Am I allowed to use power tools on my campus at Old Dominion University?

Do you have your own tools? If you do, I suppose you could always try this. If you don't, then check out the theater department. Tech theater always has power tools which they use to build sets. I don't know if you can use them without being in a tech theater class, but you can at least ask.

T/F: Money is nothing more than inherited power and dominion over others?

I can't argue (not that I want to) with anything you've said, but I would say that it's not necessarily so. It is all about the person and their level of integrity and humanity. There are many that do good with their wealth.

Can anybody tell me anything about Hemera? What's her Roman equivalent, powers/Dominion, etc. ?

This link may answer some of your questions: http://www.theoi.com/Protogenos/Hemera.html Also, some of the Greek deities did not have a Roman equivalent because they retained their names in the Roman myths. Apollo is one such example.

When God gave us dominion over the fish of the sea, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that?

We don't believe the mind of man alone has this capacity. God the Holy Spirit is our bridge between the physical and the spiritual. God gave us this world to "keep", which means that we are to be good stewards of it and appropriately increase the blessings here just like the example of the pounds and the talents.

Christians: Why does God give Satan dominion/power?

It all goes back to the fall of man. When it comes right down to it, Adam and Eve are directly responsible because they're the ones who at from the tree that God specifically told them not to eat from, but because of their disobedience God punished man by allowing satan into the world. They had the chance to avoid this one and only temptation in thier lives, but instead they fell for it. This doesn't mean that the whole world is now evil, but that there is now evil in the world that tempts man in the same way Adam and Eve were tempted. I understand you wonder why God allows satan, to this day, to have influence in people's lives, and sometimes even I myself have to wonder this. It is because God wants people to have obstacles in their lives, and since people have these obstacles in front of them it gives them the chance to decide how strong their faith in the Lord really is, and whether they can overcome these obstacles that satan causes and still be with God. Of course God could destroy satan, but without evil there is no way of knowing who is a true follower of Christ, or who couldn't care less enough to work through the hardships of life in order to please God. To answer why satan had power in the first place is because satan himself is a fallen angel, and was expelled from heaven for attempting to question God's position of power. He keeps satan in existance to let us decide who to follow--God or satan. In the views of Christianity if people are to follow any religion based on any other deity's or beliefs, it doesn't make them satanic, but it's what satan wants is for people to forsake God. I hope that my answer, in as little or much as possible, answers you question. Thank you.

Have any of you read Dominion- the power of man, the suffering of animals and the call to mercy?

Yes, it is surprisingly sensitive, given the fact that he used to be a speechwriter for President Bush. Go figure, huh?!

Is there a deposit for Dominion virginia power?

Yes. Yes there is. '-)

Dominion Power is pissing me off!?

I don't see the question here but call the company. Talk, don't yell. the person on the phone isn't personally responsible and yelling will get them defensive and just want to shut you up.

Dominion Virginia Power Bill?

Without knowing specifics, I'd guess that "nonfuel" refers to electricity, and "fuel" refers to natural gas that you use in cooking and your water heater.

Dominion Power bills me 2 days ago for something that happened 2 yrs ago?..?

This happen to my daughter.We live in fla.She hit a telephone pole in Tallahassee while attending FSu long story short the police tracked me down to find her and then they sent out a civil suit for it her car was in my dads (her grandpas name also) they cant find her so they are now calling him to collect..they only have so many years to collect ...(i want to say this happen in 2002?)the statue of limitations is running out.Yes they can try to collect til it runs out..not sure where you live...???varies from st to state... they are trying to collect over 3.000 from her..she is single mom cant find a job right now. how much are they charging you? i would think insurance would cover it..she let her ins run out so she didnt have any.

Does anyone know if you can get power companies to move a power line? Specifically Dominion Virginia Power...?

Contact them and ask for a copy of the easement. If they don't have one you MAY have a chance. You had better get a lawyer and leave it up to him cause they aren't moving it without a fight and they already have lawyers working for them. However, if they do..Offering to pay for it-you'd better count on it, and don't count on getting it done in less then a year think in terms of closer to 2-3 years. Now lets talk $. I hope you have a ton of it, the cost to relocate just 1 span(1 pole to another pole in length-about 200' or so can cost between 4k-7k). This cost will cover "normal" environmental conditions-anything out of the ordinary and its easily x2, x3 or x4 the original. Everybody thinks its just about moving a wire and a pole-I'll spare you the details of the new easements, environmental impact, new tax zoning (utilities pay taxes on the plot of land where each pole is),the actual labor, and the engineering involved with changing to "underground" cable and/or adding/reducing wire resistance by increasing/decreasing length and everything else that no-one thinks about. Be happy your lights come on when you flip a switch.

How do u get power to the dominion rod in zelda ?

well is been a while since ive played TP so this is mostly out of memory i assumed uve already been to the hidden village right? the one the ogrons helped u get in? and also recovered ur friends? memory? anyways im not sure when but throught out that acquire a book i think is the second time u go to the village after u recover her memories anyways after u get the book go to kakariko village and then talk to the shaman in the basement he will chant something that would re power ur rod

why does dominion power drive thru my neighborhood on the weekends around midmnight?

Looking for bad cables.

What is the website I can pay my old dominion power bill online?


Why are most call centers so abusive? Why is Dominion/Virginia power allowed to go unchecked?

If I understand you correctly....just kidding. I know what you mean about the call centers and the drones. I work for a major co. answering phones and everything that we do is on the computer. No we can't over ride the computer but I am nice and go back ion to my computer while the caller is still on the phone and explain what is going on.

I was going down the road and saw a Dominion power truck hauling a boat. Why would they need a boat?

Some power company hap to use a boat to get to some poles. Which cross a body of water. Such as in Sait Lake.

There was a plot by Old Dominion Power to put power lines through Fauquier Co, Virginia, what is the status?

powerlines don't give off smoke, so I don't know why you are so upset. If you are complaining about the scenery, by having these lines go around the county would just ruin more scenery in other places.

What if i am a day late on my light bill? Virginia Dominion Power?

one day late will not hurt you. your power will still be on

Dominion power???

My parents have stocks in dominion. And i love kings dominion.