What's supposed to happen when you search "Do a barrel roll" in Google?

What would be a cool name for a barrel roll by a Russian fighter?

Borscht Barrel Siberian Roll Red Rumble Vodka Flip Comrade Circle

Is there a way to train a dog to make a barrel roll?

Set the barrel in rolling position then put a treat in the crease between the ground and the barrel. When they sniff it, they'll want to eat. The dog will stick its nose in the crease causing it to roll. Congratulate your dog and say what you want the command to be. Keep trying again and again. till she understands she has to roll the barrel. After a while, you can stop putting the treat under the crease. She'll think that there is a treat under there again and push it. When she pushes it, encourage her and give her a treat saying good girl.

How do I do a barrel roll in Star Fox 64?

LOL yeah umm. Are you playing the original game or the WII? or an emulator like um. oh wait says 64 so um. you double tap the "R" button. or the "L" not really sure. hold on......yeah most likely double tap the "R" button.

How do you do a barrel roll in counter strike?

That's a StarFox reference. Counterstrike doesn't have barrel rolls.

How do I successfully execute a barrel roll?

(Press Z or R Twice)

How to do a 2x barrel roll in Burnout Paradise-Ultimate Box?

get up a good amount of speed hit ramp with 2 wheels when car is on on the 2 wheels turn the opposite direction and let the flippiness begin

How do you do a barrel roll in volleyball?

I saw a video on this, a month ago, actually. What you do is get into the position you would to receive a ball. Assuming that you have to hit the floor, make sure your arm never scrapes the floor. Once you hit the ball, you should land in a position where your (for example) right arm is extended with your right knee as close to you chest as possible, and your left leg straight out. Proceed to "flip over" with your right knee still bent and place your right foot on the floor with your hands on the floor. Push yourself up and you've done it! If you want, I could VISUALLY show you how with pics. ;-) <3Mikki!

How is a barrel roll performed?

what you describe with full rudder and aft stick would result in a snap roll if the entry was correct. A barrel roll is a coordinated maneuver done on a parabola. The aircraft is first placed in a shallow dive to gain airspeed then as the nose is brought up through the horizon left aileron and left rudder are applied smoothly, coordinated back pressure is maintained until inverted then released slightly, as the plane continues to roll and the nose drops through the horizon aileron and rudder are slowly brought back to the neutral position, back pressure is applied slightly to bring the nose back to the horizon. Done correctly the whole maneuver is kept in positive G. The control inputs are constant feed and released smoothly throughout this maneuver performed about a fixed point on the horizon. To get a visual idea of what the maneuver looks like take a threaded bolt and look at it from the end, consider the center line of the bolt as your point on the horizon now follow the path of the threads as they go around the bolt. This is the same flight path taken in a barrel roll you enter and exit slightly of course in relationship to the center line of the maneuver. Watch and learn here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gBxCShr1_g&mode=related&search=

I know about "do a barrel roll" and "tilt" on Google...?