How do I program my Direct TV DVR HD remote to my TV which is a Mitsubishi?

Direct TV. How about if we transfer to apartment and the apartment's landlord doesn't allow dish installation?

nope. we moved into an apartment a few months ago and they came to hook up satelite, but could not get a connection from our patio and that is the only place the apt. would let them put a dish so we had to get cable. its not bad tho, brighthouse cable, phone, and internet for 100/mo

Can the Direct tv access card work in different countries?

Request a second receiver or third/forth for your Houston address cancel your Venezuela account and don't plug in the phone line...

Buying a direct tv receiver box and card from ebay, will it work at home?

you can, but you need to be aware of a few things. first of all, used satellite receivers often have "balances" attached to them, meaning that the former user didn't pay everything that they owed. if the receiver is to be used again, even though it's on another person's account, the balance still needs to be paid. i would contact the seller on ebay and make sure that there is no balance. you can also get the receiver ID# and card ID# from the seller and contact DirecTV to find out about the balance yourself. if they say that there's no balance, then you're good to go. second, unfortunately directv WILL charge you an extra $5 a month for having a second receiver on your account. most people mistakenly believe that this is a "monthly rental fee" for the box. that is, however, incorrect. the fee applies to any additional receiver after the first, no matter whether you purchased the receiver outright (ie. ebay), or leased it from DirecTV (basically a loaner). i would honestly suggest that you just switch to Dish Network, if possible. since you would be considered a new customer, you get all of the cool stuff for free. free 2-room DVR, free installation, free cinemax for a year, and three months free. you would have to sign a 2 year contract, but that's pretty normal. anywho, i only mention this to you so that you can make an educated decision.

How to Make my direct TV satellite work as a regular antenna for a D-TV converter box ?

No. The Direct TV antenna is made for about 14 Gigahertz. Your TV stations are less that 1 gigahertz. A coat hanger would work better.

DIrect TV?

no you have to buy a adapter that plugs into your tv. then plug your direct tv box cable into the other part of the adaptor.

Direct Tv?

I've had Cox Communications, Comcast, Dish Network and currently Subscribe to DirecTV. Of All services, directv has been my favorite so far. If you own an HDTV, it's an absolute must as they now are pushing almost 100 HD channels. DirecTV is deffinately not the cheapest service out there, but it's well worth it if you want tons of HD content.

Direct TV?

they chose your locals from your zipcode... are you seeing some way off channels or from some nearby city? dtv also allows you to mix in your over the air channels... pretty good deal!

direct tv?

I had Time Warner at one time and the program selection was ok but if the reps weren't very friendly if you needed help with an extension on your bill. I changed 2 Direct Tv & liked it alot especially since you can choose different packages. A couple of times after I lost my job I had 2 call for an extension for my bill and every rep I talked to were very nice. Sorry don't know anything about the internet thru Direct TV. Hope this helps somewhat

Direct tv?

yea u do .. i'm pretty sure... my directv does or if n ething ask them to subsitue it for some other channel you dnt want