These Steelers fans I see walking around with the shirts that say 'I love Dick', are they referring D, Coord.?

No their not.................

Who would you rather have as your team defense coordinator Dom Capers or Dick LeBeau?

Capers learned his system from Dick (he was a Steeler for few years under LeBeau)
1/2 of the Packers defensive coaching staff is either from the Steelers of the Pittsburgh area.
With the Cards, etc, it's like there are a lot of little mini Steelers around,
every one wants to hire ex Steelers

Do you think the Lombardi Trophy should be renamed to the LeBeau Trophy?

Man I DONT even know who Dick Lebeau is. But I know that Vince Lombardi is definitely an all time HOF Coach who was great because of his hard coaching and famous because of his saying.
"Grab, grab, grab. Dont nobody wants to hit'
"Yall out there arm tackling"
lol gotta love Lombardi

Dick LeBeau ?

He was unlucky enough to be the head coach of the Cincy Bungals at one time...even he couldn't help those losers.

What do Dick LeBeau, Dom Kapers and Gregg Williams have in common?

They all won Super Bowl Championships as Defensive Coordinators, and were at one time head coaches in the NFL. I'm sure they all have other things in common, but there are the two most obvious ones.
Lebeau won Super Bowls XL and XLIII as the Defensive Coordinator for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Williams won Super Bowl XLIV as the Defensive Coordinator for the New Orleans Saints, and Capers won Super Bowl XLV as the Defensive Coordinator for the Green Bay Packers.
LeBeau was the head coach for the Cincinnati Bengals from 2000-2002, Williams was the head coach for the Buffalo Bills form 2001-2003, and Capers was the head coach for the Carolina Panthers from 1995-1998, and for the Houston Texans from 2002-2005.

Did dick lebeau play in the nfl?

Dick Lebeau played defensive back for the Detroit Lions from 1959-1972. He was elected to the NFL HOF in 2010... He was known as one of the greatest DBs to ever play for the Lions.... His 62 interceptions are the most by a player in Lion's history and tied for 7th all time in the NFL...

Will Dick LeBeau outmatch Aaron Rodgers?

I think the bigger issue will be execution of the game plan. There's no doubt in my mind the Packers will try to spread out the Steelers and work the 4-5 receiver sets. The major issue here for the Steelers will be the pass rush. They MUST get to Aaron Rodgers, and based on this set, they're more than likely going to have to do it without the blitz. They also have to close the edges - No bootlegs by Rodgers or big gains off screens to Starks. I think Dick LeBeau will put together a plan that can get the job done. The question in my mind is whether or not the players will get it done on the field.

After the Super Bowl, Steelers Defensive Coordinator Dick Lebeau's contract expires (more inside)?

Steelers will still be successful with or without Dick. They just have a good system. They build their own and they challenge the rest of the NFL. I'm sure someone will get him but he won't be the same if he goes to another system. He did well with the Steelers because their system well suited him.
Nah, he won't be a top free agent but will be a decent one out there. James HArrison could be a top one. In other words, the players make him who he is.

If Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau ...?

Sort of. I've brought this up many times, but always get thumbs down. Unless you don't understand defenses, you realize how well he schemes each play to confuse the offense. It won't be the end of the Steelers, because they have built a great string of players along the last few years. If Palamalu leaves after his contract along with LeBeau then they will have to rebuild.

Dick LeBeau; Underrated or not?

i feel you on Lebeau getting his due and is a very big name in Pgh, only on here you hear those other names being called out..... i can do without all the name calling though, you sound racist,but you are slightly right,but we had bobby april top 10 defense, we had cam cameron top 10 defense, Pgh is known for having top defensive coordinators on their roster since 1970
edit: i said sounds racist,besides it doesn't matter the color 2whts 2 1/2blks(hines is mixed with asian) but my bad i didn't mean to "insult" you,oh i was wrong on cam cameron tho it was dom capers, but still Pgh has had top 10 defenses for years, and i agree with Lebeau's name isn't mentioned enough