Movie: Unfaithful with Richard Gere and Diane Lane. Does anyone know the name of the african music they play?

Is it this track? "Ai Du", by Ali Farka Touré and Ry Cooder You can listen to the piece here:

Did the movie "Killshot" with Diane Lane and Mickey Rourke come out in the movie theater?

Yes.But was a limited engagement.

Has Diane Lane played in any comedy movies?

Here are a few of the comedies she'a appeared in Under The Tuscan Sun Must Love Dogs National Lampoon's Mad House Plus a number of funny romantic comedies for The Lifetime channel' She's one of the few child actors who navigated the choppy waters of Hollywood and came out on the other side with her head screwed on straight

Anyone know the name of the fictional rock group led by 15 year old Diane Lane and 12 year old Laura Dern?

The Fabulous Stains

who thinks Diane lane should play laura bush instead of Elizabeth banks in the new movie W.?

Wouldn't matter since it would be too late.

Where can I get the green dress worn by Diane Lane in the movie Nights in Rodanthe?

awww thats so sweet. umm if you can post a picture of it, i might be able to find it for you. =D

diane lane?

I think she's smokin! In Unfaithful oolala!

What type of panties did Diane Lane wear in the movie Unfaithful?

La Perla

What's the movie with Diane Lane where she has an affair?

"Unfaithful" Olivier Martinez is the guy she cheats with but ,can you blame her?

Diane Lane?

I don't see the similiarity especially given Lanes role started as a child and jumped back and forth into obscurity and then right back into the lime light, and when I say lime light I am talking big budget teen films and A list romance and action films. You must be only focusing on the romance films. Try looking at Madeliene Stowe or barbar Hershey. You might say the same thing.