Do you think Dharun Ravi's sentence was too harsh?

Do you think Dharun Ravi's sentence was too harsh?


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Is the guilty verdict for Dahrun Ravi a sign that hate crimes against gays are finally being taken seriously?

I think that society will be taking gay hate seriously when it makes sure it produces none like Ravi and none like his victim Tyler either, over time I have come to the point of view that another persons sexuality is none of my business and that is where society needs to go. Victimizing some coloured person( Ravi) because he acted in tandem with social morays he was taught will change little. THe plain fact that his acts were despicable does not alter he has been taught to behave this way. I might be wrong of course, I often am.

Can appealing a case end up even worse?

They had a case in Texas a few years ago where a woman appealed her 2 year sentence for her involvement in a murder a guy committed. She won the appeal, got a new trail, and was whacked with 10 years. Be careful what you ask for.

What do you think of Dharun Ravi's "apology" to the Clementi family?

I found it as half baked as my aunt's christmas cookies and as sincere and compassionate as John Edward.

Is Dharun Ravi now one of the most hated people in America?

His conduct was immature, and extremely troubling. What it said to me was that he can come to the US as a student-visitor and think he can ignore the law of the land as well as the rules of Rutgers University. More than that he totally ignored basic human decency in depriving his gay roommate of the right to privacy and dignity. Not everyone thinks homosexual behavior is acceptable. And that is there right to think that way. It's not their right to out someone, hide a video camera, and invite others to watch like it's some reality TV show where human beings are treated like things for the sake of entertainment. Ravi screwed up big time. He will pay dearly for his failure to learn and accept the laws of the country he was a guest in. He is hated and loathed by gay people and straight people alike. If he gets jail time he will possibly come to underdtand what it is like to be watched when you are naked, observed when using the bathroom and even showering. He will hopefully realize what his actions causedm either directly or indirectly: the needless death of a fdellow human being.

The Dharun Ravi trial: Who's sorry now?

It's the usual bully apology: "I'm so sorry I got caught." Flush Dimbulb "apologized" in a similar way after his bilge pump -- sorry, radio show -- started losing revenue. It's no more an apology than a hole in the ground is a skyscraper. I hope the little b@stard is deported. America has enough home-grown homophobes, we hardly need to import them.

Should Dharun Ravi get no prison?

I don't think Dharun Ravi should go to prison, either. There are many people who don't think he should. Check out

Do you think Dharun Ravi slept pretty well last night after being convicted in court?

Oh, he is going to be so popular in the prison shower. I hope someone takes video. He thought what he did was so funny; I only hope his sentence will deter others from doing the same thing.

Why is Yahoo not allowing comments on Dharun Ravi?

Will Dharun Ravi be sent to prison one month from today?

.... Why am I starting to get the interesting idea that you've been Copy & Pasting this same question for a while? Hmmm....?

Do you think Dharun Ravi's sentence was too harsh?

Does Dharun Ravi desserve deportation after sentencing for gay web cam spying?

Yes, most definitely. If he is unable to obey the laws os the USA while he is a legal visitor here as a student, then I would see no reason to keep him here. It is likely his family will appeal his sentence as soon as it is handed down on May 21. That will cost a lot of money. The attorneys fees so far are many thousands, you can be sure. Appeals cost even more money and there is no way to know what the result will be. Dharun Ravi must be pooping in his pants worrying about the outcome. Too bad he gave no thought to his actions that violated the rights and the provacy of his college roomate. Now he has lost the right to attend Rutgers, been convicted of many felonies, is held in contempt an dscprn by most people in America, spent a whole lot of his parents' money on attorneys all for what? Nosiness? Distase for homosexuals? Fear? Hatred? Lack of respect? Inability to "do unto others as you would wish them to do unto you?" Let him serve his time in prison where he will undergo frequesnt strip searches in front of many people. Sometimes they video these for safety as well as legal reasons in case the prisoner CLAIMS that they were touched inappropriately, for example. Should be a VERY humbling and eye opening experience for this young man to shower with people he does not know. Maybe one day it will teach him to be VERY tolerant of those who happen to be different from him.

When Dharun Ravi in sentenced to prison next week, will they videotape the strip search and medical exam?

Just 10 more days before Dharun Ravi is to be sentenced for his crimes. Any thoughts as to the outcome?

He is clearly unrepentant. I followed the trial closely and you can still find the photos of him smirking and laughing all through the trial. I bet he's not laughing now. He was kicked out of Rutgers for spying on his roommate. His roommate is now DEAD; even though he was not charged in any way with that death, anyone with a brain knows there is at least SOME connection. He never in any way expressed sorrow, compassion or sympathy to the family. That would have come out somehow, I am convinced. It didn't. Did he go to the funeral, visitation or even send a card or phone them? I seriously doubt it. There has been NO SIGN of him caring in the least. He lied. He tried to get a witness to change her story. And there is more. I hope he gets the maximum allowable under the law. This and any form of bullying, intimidation, outing, etc, is so wrong on many levels. HE IS A VISITOR TO THE USA and not a citizen. He should have been EXTRA CAREFUL to obey all laws. He did not. He thought it was funny to make fun of some poor kid who was not as athletic or "manly" as he assumes he is. Well, I hope he enjoys getting butt-effed in prison. Mister slender Indian will make someone a lovely girlfriend for 10 years. And all the showering in the world won't get off THAT stink.