Who should I start Week 1, Dez Bryant or Julio Jones?

Romo will probably target Dez more, simply because Revis and the jets will cover Miles Austin well---I would go with Dez over Julio Jones, who could do well, but has yet to play a game.

Should I trade Dez Bryant for Reshard Mendenhall?


Fantasy Football WEEK 4, Do i start Dexter Mccluster or Dez Bryant?


who do i start week 1 Dez Bryant or Jeremy Maclin?

I think Revis will be covering Austin! Either way, I'd go with Dez Bryant.

Does Dez Bryant have a shot at rookie of the year?

Yes absolutely. I think he should be the frontrunner at this point. He's been playing well while Sam Bradford has been struggling the last few games. The only other obvious candidate it's Ndamukong Suh and the NFL rarely gives rookie of the year to a defensive player. I think Bryant is going to make a strong case for rookie of the year with an impressive end to this season.

Do you think the Dallas Cowboys should use Dez Bryant more?

Definitely, Dez Bryant is a Beast! Demarcus Ware and Miles Austin "bring it" every game as well! Go Cowboys!!

Who should I start this week and Should I drop Dez Bryant?

wes welker hines ward lesean mccoy LT peyton hills

Should I start Dez Bryant or Thomas Jones?

I think you pretty much have to at this point. Bryant has outperformed Austin every game that Romo has been out. Thomas Jones hasn't really done much these last few weeks either.

How far will Dez Bryant Go In The Draft?

The raiders will take him we love future bust picks....

Does Dez Bryant deserve a pat on the back for saying no to stupid hazing rituals?

People who have a problem with him for not participating in a hazing ritual are mindless idiots just like the guy above who senselessly ranted about being part of a team and tradition. Yeah because the Cowboys are the first team he's be on, I'm sure. Keeping his head down, staying out of trouble and working hard should be enough.