Going to the detroit auto show tomorrow???

the auto show is sooooo fun. you will really enjoy it. but give out free samples of what. they give you those little detail packets on the cars. you can sit inside of cars. well at least some of them. well i hope you have fun!

The Detroit Auto Show?

It runs through Sunday the 27th. I saw kids in strollers, but I would not recommend taking kids under the age of 10 or so. If you go, be prepared for large crowds. There are no freebies, in fact, it cost $3 to check a coat. Admission fee is $12 for adults, and I think $6 for kids under 12. If you love cars, then you should go. Just bring your patience!

What do is the most important new car or technology unveiled at the North American Auto Show in Detroit?

The new Accord coupe concept seems to be a car that generated a lot of interest at this years Detroit Auto Show. I got a chance to see the Altima coupe at the LA auto show and it will be interesting to see how these two cars try to compete with each other. Personally, I like the Altima coupe better at this current phase of development because I think the Accord coupe looks too much like a Scion tc. Can't wait until someone who was at the Detroit show posts something on wikicars so I can find out more details.

Detroit Auto Show ignoring my emails? Why is the show in winter? When the roads are dangerous?!?!?

The Automotive show in Detroit is the North American International Show and is the most important automotive show in the world and automotive representatives from all over the world come to Detroit because Detroit is the Automotive Capital of the World. What would Detroit be if it wasn't for the automobile which is the gift it gave to the world. I believe the reason why the NAIAS is held in January in Detroit is so that automotive representatives all over the world can get an overview on what automotive market is going to look like for the upcoming year.

Anyone else going to NAIAS 2008 (aka Detroit Auto Show) this year?


do anyone know the price of admission to the detroit auto show?adult and child?

$12 adult, $6 child

Are you allowed to sit inside (high end cars) at the detroit auto show? like ferrari or lamborghini?

I went to the Detriot Auto Show last year and you cannot sit in the high end cars. They usually have it nicely displayed and it is rotated around a platform for everyone to look at but you cannot sit inside them. There are plenty of other cars you can sit in - the ones you might see on the streets soon!!

When is the Detroit Auto show?

The North American International Auto Show will be held in Cobo Arena in Detroit, MI. The press preview is from January 11 until the 13th. Only prescreened automotive media members will be admitted. The industry preview is from January 14-15th at which time automotive professionals are welcome to come and make contacts with those at the show. The charity preview is January 16th and is a black tie affair benefiting children's charities in Michigan. Finally, the show opens to the public on January 17 and goes on until the 25th. Here's the ticket pricing for the public show: http://www.naias.com/tickets/public-show-tickets.aspx

Anyone know what cars you can sit in at the detroit auto show?

I went to the Auto Show Today... The cars that you can sit in are typically the showroom models, you can't sit in any of the really expensive vehicles or the concept cars; or any of the cars on revolving floors. I think you'll find that you can sit in most of the vehicles you'd be able to afford; there may have been one or two trucks that you couldn't sit in. However you'll have to wait in line, and watch out for people cutting!!

How can I get to the Detroit Auto Show? Can you hook me up?


Did anyone here go to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, MI?

Chysler EV

when's detroit auto show & when is it gonna end??????

Adult: $12 Senior Citizen (65 and older): $6 dates and times Saturday, January 19 - Saturday, January 26, 2008 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. (no admittance after 9:00 p.m.) Sunday, January 27, 2008 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. (no admittance after 6:00 p.m.) Early access for handicapped individuals at 8:00 a.m. Enter at the Oakland Hall Entrance

Jonas Brother's Detroit Auto Show question?

i don't think they r going to have an opening act

What do you think of the prototype electric cars GM, Ford and Crysler unvailed at the Detroit car show?

My next car will be a pickup truck. Now, if one of these boneheaded car companies would just start making some hybrid trucks...

Is it safe to stay in downtown Detroit for the 2008 Auto Show?

There are a few better hotels in the area. As long as you are close to COBO or the Convention Center and you don't go wandering around in the middle of the night or let him go alone, you should be fine. However, these hotels are going to be VERY pricey, especially auto show weekend. You're better bet is to stay around Canton, Novi or one of the other smaller but fairly close cities in the area. It will be about a 20 minute drive to COBO, but they will be as safe if not safer and much less expensive. Most of the popular hotel chains are in that area, pick your favorite and do a search for them online. Try to stay at at hotel (rooms are all interior, do not open onto the street) verses a motel, where the rooms are entered and exited from the exterior of the building. Hotels are considered much safer.

3 years ago i saw a new kia car called meca2 it was at a detroit auto show do you know where to find it?

Kias are pretty much junk, don't buy one!

which is better; the auto show in detroit, philly or chicago?

DETROIT, automaker capital...

will the 2009 acura tl appear at the detroit auto show?

I don't think so but can say for sure on Saturday, I'm going. From what I can tell Acura is showing a prototype of something (can't remember what but not the TL). They have an interactive booth setup for the 08 TL but you just get to pick custom colors for the exterior and interior, pretty lame if that's all it does. Local dealer told me no way will the 09 TL appear in Detroit. Too early in the year and they want to keep a wrap on it a bit longer.

Where can I find latest pictures of Detroit Motor Show 2009?

I was checking on that front, came across AutoTraders News site, they seem to have some good pictures and I think you can register to their feeds to get latest news about detroit auto show. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/EDITORIAL/CARS/FEATURES/detroit_motor_show_2009_the_big_launches.html

Did anyone go to the International Auto Show in Detroit?

Yep I went. Challenger was the best looking to me

Why is the auto show in detroit?

To answer your question properly, first I should tell you that there are auto shows all over the country. In fact the one in Los Angeles is even bigger than the one in Detroit. However, as a symbolic gesture, the first auto show of the year is held in Detroit. and the reason is quite simple. Back in the early 1900's Henry Ford invented the modern production line and began producing automobiles en mass right here in Detroit. At the time there were other auto manufacturers in other parts of the country, but for many reasons, eventually they all moved to the Detroit area. First and foremost there was an existing labor force here. Second, there is the Detroit River, and the ease of transporting parts by way of ship made the cost of manufacturing cheaper. Also, there was the beginnings of a steel industry already in place in the Detroit Area. So, by 1925, all of the US auto manufacturing took place in Detroit. This is why Detroit became known as the "Motor City," and it's also why the country's first auto show of the year is held in Detroit. It's the backyard of every US auto manufactuer, so to speak.

any information on the new 2009 Ford F-150 that's going to be seen 1-20-08 at the Detroit Auto Show?

Ford has released pictures, if you look on Autoblog.com you can find them. As far as powertrain goes though, you're out of luck. The only powertrain info available is speculation.

Who is going to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this year?

Already went - I go every year, if possible. I was quite impressed by the electric cars and other advances that will (hopefully) help us in the future. This will give you an overview, if you haven't gone - http://autoshow.autos.msn.com/autoshow/detroit2009/Slideshow.aspx?cp-documentid=17014340

What do I wear to the NAIAS Auto Show in Detroit?

You'll be fine in whatever casual wear you like. Jeans, shirt, etc. The public show is just that... open to the public so people wear pretty much whatever. I would, however, recomend against heels as there can be alot of walking involved. Being that the show opens to the public Saturday be prepared for lots and lots of people.

Any thoughts on the Detroit Auto show/cars coming out this year?

I did see many good new cars and concepts from Honda an Volvo at the auto show I think the new Volt-based Cadillac Converj Concept looked the greatest http://www.autoblog.com/2009/01/11/detroit-2009-cadillac-converj-with-video/ It's too bad they're now giving us some of the best cars they've built in years at time when some of them could be going under

Is the detroit auto show really that good?

I think its ranked as one of the best in the world!

Has anyone checked out the concepts at the Detroit Auto Show? Ford took a Chrysler Concept name.?

I think using the name was just fine. It worked great for that car, and Ford had every right to use it. It was an awesome concept car. Chrysler obviously didn't have any ownership of the name so it was free game. After reading countless articles from all kinds of automotive sources, you are the only person to make that connection so its obviously no big deal.

witch do you think is the better car from the detroit auto show? the concept Camaro or the concept Challanger?

As an F-body man, I will never love a camaro like I love the F-body. The new one looks like a copy of the 300C, so in this instance I prefer the Dodge. The camaro looks weird, part CTS, part vette, and part dodge magnum. Weird.

Why do Americans let the Europeans and the Asians kick their ass at the Detroit auto show?

Why do Americans let the Europeans and the Asians kick their butt at the Detroit auto show?

We may not make reliable/safe cars like the Asians or fashionable/stylish cars like the Europeans, but we make the MOST cars in the world. I personally never buy domestic but I encourage all patriotic Americans to buy Fords.

Detroit Auto Show 2010 ?

http://www.naias.com/ All info here

2008 detroit auto show models?

call Gail & Rice in Southfield. However they will not release the names of any of their "talent" ... too many reasons to list the reasons why they must protect their models. They might forward a message to a particular person.

Detroit auto show, go or no go?

It's probably the only good thing about Detroit. But I warn you, it's very crowded at night and on the weekends especially. And finding a place to park can be hard too. But it's definately worth seeing. But I recommend going during the daytime, during a weekday. And go early...it starts at 10 am. But if you like cars, you'll like the show. It's HUGE, and worth seeing, at least one time. Check the weather report before you come. It could be 40 degrees outside, or it could be below zero. And take a trip on the People Mover too. That leaves from the same place as the Auto Show, and you ride around in a circle through Detroit. It will take you right back to where you got on. It's worth it. Only about $2. Stop at Greektown stop, and visit the Greektown street and Greektown Casino. Or maybe also go to the top of the Ren Cen, they have a revolving lounge up there where you can just sit and get a beautiful view of Detroit). I think it costs $5 to use the elevator, but it's worth it. BTW, parking costs at least $10 ANYWHERE in the city, during the auto show. Some places might charge more. Just look around. $10 is as cheap as you'll get for all day parking.

Does any one follow the Detroit Auto show ?

I live near Detroit and have never been to it>>>>I will check our listings and find out if its on TV and let you know>>>A STAR SO I'll REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!!!!

How do I become a promotional model at the Detroit International Auto Show?

Be really gorgeous, and look blazin' in a bikini.

Where is the 2009 Detroit Auto Show?

Cobo Arena 301 Civic Center Dr, Detroit www.olympiaentertainment.com

What new Chrysler vehicles are at the 2011 detroit auto show?

http://www.chrysler.com/en/autoshow/ Definitely the 200 and 300

Anyone know what cars will be featured at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show?

I believe the Challenger's production model will be there. They recently announced production has been approved. Also, the C6 Z06 and GT500 will of course be there. Possibly the new Camaro as well.

Have the dates for the 2011 Detroit Auto Show been set yet?

Media Preview - Jan. 10-11 Industry Preview - Jan. 12-13 Charity Preview - Jan. 14 Public Days - Jan. 15-23

What's your best plan for walking the Detroit Auto Show floor this year?

I go Left and work my way around, and go through the middle at times. Dont forget to go to the Basement for a Test Drive of the vehicles..always fun. If you go in the Morning, there is less people and a bit more enjoyable. This past weekend , there was 85,000 people visiting. MLK day its going to be packed as well.

How do i get tickets for the Detroit Auto Show?

You don't need to buy tickets in advance for the Auto Show. Tickets are sold at the door. Just go down to Cobo and enjoy. Expect some really cool concept cars, as well as the usual exhibits of current and upcoming models.

Is there a schedule for the detroit auto show?

Show dates & times.

Would a teenager enjoy being at the 2011 Detroit Auto show?

By all means go to the auto show, if you are a boy there are alot of cute girls and if you are a girl there will be alot of good looking guys. These new cars are beautiful with all the new gadgets, bells and whisles. You! will be able to sit down behind the wheel and be in dream land. Studying hard in school and get good grades and have a positive attitude. You! should plan for the future, good grades and you will be rewarded with a good paying job in the future. and someday! one of these cars could be yours. Good Luck! Positive attitude! Good paycheck will await you......

Why is there a lack of freebees at the Detroit Auto Show?

Most auto makers that show at the North AMerican Auto Show here in Detroit have been asking for less of a cheap car shw appernace and a high class auto showcase look for the largest auto show in the US, this is one step they have been implimenting, less freebies more show...like the trapieze artists, figure skaters thry have this year.

Is the Detroit auto show a fun event to go to?

the auto show is fun if you like cars... in the summer walking along the river is pretty cool. the jazz fest is awesome too. there are casinos, restaurants etc. i suggest pizzapapolis the auto show is not free.

Is the Detroit Auto Show the best around? How is the atmosphere there?

Yes, Detroit has it's rough parts, but if you're going to the Auto Show, those areas will not effect you. Parking near Cobo can be slow and expensive, so here is a better alternative: I suggest you park at the Greektown Casino parking garage and grab a bite to eat at any of the little places in Greektown. Avoid eating at the Casino not because they're bad, they just aren't as interesting as the street level places. I prefer Hellas, but you can't go wrong with any of them. Then hop on the People Mover - which is an elevated monorail - and it takes you right inside Cobo. The PM runs in one direction through downtown - in a big circle - so you can't get lost. It costs 50 cents. Prepare to be amazed by what you see at the Auto Show, it gets better every year. Devote a couple of hours - at least three - so that is why you should eat before you go. On the way back, hop back on the People Mover and get off at the Ren Cen ... walk around and check out the Winter Garden for a great view of the Detroit River, or even better, take the elevator ( it runs on the outside of the building which is very cool) to the roof. At the top of the Ren Cen is a fancy restuarant but they also have a free tiered observation deck. It is inside, so don't worry about the weather, and the 360 degree view is very impressive. Back on the People Mover and back to the Motor City Casino ... drop a dollar into the slots and then walk right to your car. The nice part about using the above plan is that you can leave your heavy coat in the car. True, you'll be a tad chilly walking through Greektown but it's only a 100 yards or so, but a light jacket will be just fine once you hit the Auto Show floor. Don't forget your camera and comfortable shoes. You'll need both.

Does anyone have a complete listing of all the vehicles currenty displayed at the Detroit auto show?

Detroit Auto Show | Conceptcarz.com Detroit Auto Show. Autoshows are a means for the collective automotive production community ... Complete list of vehicles, concepts, and debuts from the show ... http://www.conceptcarz.com/events/event/236/Detroit-Auto-Show.aspx

New York Auto Show or Detroit Auto Show?

Detroit is motor city for a reason and their auto show is awesome!!! There are tons of restaurants and really nice casinos to visit while in town. Motor City Casino is my favorite, here's a link to their website. http://www.motorcitycasino.com/ You could make it car themed weekend.

What cars will debut at the Detroit Auto Show?

Most of the major manufactures will be there :)

Where can you watch the Detroit Auto Show 2009?

There is a show called Autoline Detroit and the website is autolinedetroit.com. The Speed channel usually does a show as well.