Who are some similar artist to Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Debbie Gibson etc?

Tiffany En Vogue The Cover Girls Sweet Sensation Stevie B Paula Abdul Belinda Carlisle Taylor Dayne Martika Exposé Cyndi Lauper Laura Branigan

How Many People Like Debbie/Deborah Gibson?

I was pretty young when she was popular, but she is very talented. I saw the musical "Joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat" a few years ago, and she was the narrator. She has a phenomenal voice that she doesn't get enough credit for.

How can I get a Debbie Gibson autograph?

Here is her address: Debbie Gibson GMI Entertainment 1285 Avenue Of The Americas 35th Floor New York, NY 10019-6031 If you want to request an autograph, follow the guidelines bellow. If you just want to mail a letter with the address above, and do not want anything back, then you can stop reading! If you live in USA send a properly stamped and self addressed envelope (minimum size 8.5" x 4") with your request letter and a photo. You can include a piece of cardboard to keep the photo from bending in shipping and also add "Do Not Bend" on the envelopes. Send your letter and wait. On average, there is going to be a 3+ month wait for a response.

How do you deal with a Debbie Gibson flashback?

Yeah, but I have to admit -- I'm pretty sure I would do her now.

What if Debbie Gibson was Becky Thatcher who would be her Amy Lawrence and why?

Tiffany. Tiffany and Debbie Gibson were competing rivals for radio airtime in the late 1980s. The difference between them was that Debbie Gibson could actually sing. LOL. I'm biased. Debbie Gibson video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCTPBdwuWxU Tiffany Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPcb0M5L-f4 Is it singing, or is it audio processing? LOL.

Is anyone else in the mood for singing old Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Martika, and The Bangles songs?

It was only in my dreams that I thought we were alone now and there doesn't seem to be anyone around with toy soldiers that walk like Egyptians.

Where can I buy the cologne Electric Youth by Debbie Gibson?

Electric Youth, launched way back in 1989, was discontinued years ago. Basenotes.net recommend Guess Gold by Guess, Sarbez by Sarbez or Heaven Sent by Dana as similar frangrances for Electric Youth fans

Does anyone know where I can find the Lyrics for the song Snake charmer by Debbie Gibson?

It's such a new song I don't think they are on the net yet.

Why have Debbie Gibson and Tiffany lost their popularity so quickly?

That's a good one. I just think the era where both those artists you named differ to those of now i.e Britney, Christina, etc. Back then, it was about nurturing the artist from start to finish, now it's all on selling hit records & little else. Also, Tiffany was pretty much a one-hit wonder & was only known for her public romance with Jon Knight of NKOTB. Debbie on the other went onto do more musical theatre with several cameo TV appearances. But they both pretty much stayed low-key & ultimately disappear altogether. They should probably do a career revival like how NKOTB is doing at the moment. Have more concert tours, reaching out to their fans which I'm sure there're some left..

How do I get Debbie Gibson Alone?