Can you help me?

I have no idea where you can go dude.

Eliel Oliveira?anybody knows?

Hi, if you want to find that person you can try these internet servers This is a good page for found they : yahoo people search. Also you can try this others: One of this is hi5, Also you can try in Myspace,, and other one like tagged,, in phone directories like, or this other,,............ ando also you can try to find in yahoo personals,, and thas it. Good luck and have a nice day. More options :

You saw there happened in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro?

I think it's sickening. I can't imagine anyone touching that psychopath for his funeral. That murderer deserves to rot in the streets, not to be buried like a martyr.

where did the propaganda come from that the USA supports democracy?

I believe American propaganda has its origin in Woodrow Wilson's “Committee on Public Information”, which was responsible for wartime propaganda at the time of WW1. The purpose was to “manufacture consent” for America’s participation in the war. Out of these efforts grew the public relations industry, whose leading figure was the American Intellectual Edward Bernays. According to Bernays "the very essence of the democratic process" is "the freedom to persuade and suggest," what he called "the engineering of consent." I’m suspect you already know all this. Here’s a link for anybody who would like to learn more:

What should i change my last name to?

No de, Keep it original Araujo .... U.s always have another way for something Just imagine your husbands great grandparents or parents would turn in their grave if they found out the name they wore proudly through good and bad times etc has been changed.that's like destroying a legacy keep it original...

What do atheists think of the deadly shooting in Rio perpetrated by a fundamentalist atheist?

Christianity strikes again! Update: It is only religion that make good people do bad things, and make them feel they did something good.

FIFA: Maicon is a beast?

LOL how long did it take you to write all those names? xD Maicon is a Beast! All Brazilians are Beasts! I jus wish he won the world cup!

who are your favorite vs models?


Who will San Jose select in the expansion draft?

He's not that well-informed; he just cut and pasted from the MLS website! Largely a poorish selection of names, but here's my picks: Merlin, Laurent (Chivas USA) Thorrington, John (Chicago) Sala, Dario (Dallas) Addlery, Nicholas (DC) Waibel, Craig (Houston) Burciaga, Jose (KC) Glinton, Gavin (LA) Dorman, Andy (New England) Vide, Joseph (NY) Braz, Adam (Toronto)

Who is your favorite model? :]?

I love your list, my favorite model of the ones listed is Candice Swanepoel, I love her! although I love all of the models that you have on your list. Here is my list (it is much shorter) 1. Candice Swanepoel (perfect and beautiful in every way possible) 2. Sasha Pivovora ( I don't know if you know who she is, she models for H&M) (she is also perfect and beautiful) 3. Ann Ward ( I love her unique body) 4. Adriana Lima ( hot body and face) 5. Kate Moss (I love her body and face) 6. Heidi Klum ( I love her body and her face) 7. Miranda Kerr (I love her body) Well those are my favorite models in the order that I like them.

i need to read a book online? IMPORTANT?

I can't promise you’ll find the books you need. Free e-books. ***** ***** * * * * * Novels, mystery, romance, saga, self-help, history, and more.

Who will win the Grammy 4 Best Instrumental Soloist(s) Performance (w/ Orchestra)?

This is, IMO, a weird list.. However, my money would be on either the Mozart or the Schoenberg/Sibelius.

WHAT, do you think of this barbarity,?!?

Tragic. But some people get strange ideas that they are 'doing the right thing' and hence can justify such actions in their own minds. We could easily be talking about the massacre in Norway or the killing of children in the Mexican gang wars this year.

I'm Brasil!!!!!!!!!!!Plissssss?

my husband is from Brazil as well. I have as yet to visit there, we are hoping within the next year will can. :0) I am an American. We have many popular names here. Smith , jones, the list goes on. yes, we do use Orkut.

Why does the U.S. love funding / installing human rights abusing dictators as puppets?

1. The United States did not install Francisco Franco. He took over, with German and Italian assistance, after the Spanish Civil War. 2. The United States did not fund Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers' Party (the Nazis). 3. IG Farben, which produced chemical weapons during the First World War, was the largest chemical company in world in the 1930s. They did not need American funding. 4. Thyssen's armament company was far smaller than Krupp, Henschel, Messerschmitt, and dozens of other German weapons makers in Nazi Germany. And that link to Prescott Bush is bullshit. 5. Many early 20th century progressives promoted eugenics, including Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. 6. The American government did not fund the education of Joseph Mengele; his family was quite wealthy and paid for his medical schooling. That is just a half dozen corrections to your pile of false information. When you are wrong that many times, it is hard for people to trust anything you post.

What exactly is this Fatima "miracle" that is supposed to prove the Christian god is real?

And what about the tens of thousands of witnesses who were there as well, witnessing some of the spectacles taking place there?

Does America only not support terrorist or Dictators when their not working for them?

John g is a Jew and a fa9... Yes, the US does not care about democracy in other countries. It only wants submission.


anderson should be 80 and rafeal//

Buried in a pauper................?

He was a Killer, a despicable man!

America I List of possible Refuerzos...?

that is a big list! but i doubt theyll play with heart

Filling form I-130 last name change?

Best leader?

in my side? i will choose Mustafa because Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881 – November 10, 1938) was an army officer, revolutionary statesman, the founder of the Republic of Turkey and its first President. Mustafa Kemal established himself as a successful and extremely capable military commander while serving as a division commander in the Battle of Gallipoli. He later fought with distinction on the eastern Anatolian and Palestinian fronts, making a name for himself during World War I.[1] Following the defeat of the Ottoman Empire at the hands of the Allies, and the subsequent plans for its partition, Mustafa Kemal led the Turkish national movement in what would become the Turkish War of Independence. Having established a provisional government in Ankara, he defeated the forces sent by the Entente powers. His successful military campaigns led to the liberation of the country and to the establishment of the Republic of Turkey. Mustafa Kemal then embarked on a major programme of reforms in the political, economic and cultural aspects of life in Turkey, with the perspectives defined in the Kemalist ideology, which sought to create a modern, democratic and secular nation-state, guided by educational and scientific progress based on the principles of positivist and rationalist enlightenment.

hiv test donors read asap?

Thanks for the novel!!!

What is this a list of? (it is written in Portugese)?

brazillian names. The list of student candidates' number, name, "score" and room.

Angry with the ref? Take a look here...?

I saw this on the news last night (weird I know, that news in the US would bring up the brasilian league). They tried to score a goal but missed and the ball boy takes the ball and kicks it into tha goal and it's considered a goal. lol I thought the video was pretty funny! The ref got suspended. hahah!

Guys: Who is your favorite Victoria Secret Model?

Roseann Barr Coach


what do you exactly need?

Can you help me?

google it:- heres when the name is typed in there should be some good websites to go onto :-

so its anderson vs anderson on 20th?

lyon is just an ok!!!!! kinda club........ you can compare them to liverpool........ they won six titles only because they have no good opposition.......... if they were in the premier league they would finish 7...

Can someone direct me to information on the two female leads in the movie" Black Orpheus"? It's a place to start...

Who is your favorite US supported dictator?

Clearly Idi Amin. How many dictators can say they actually EAT their political opponents? And how many African leaders are also self-declared Kings of Britain? I wouldn't want to meet him, though.

From where do I look like Im from?

your hot and you look kinda russian or armenian.

What does dindi mean in portugese? It is the name of a famous song, but what does it mean?

Don't forget to choose the best answer. We are real people answering real questions with real answers so please show your appreciation by choosing the best answer!

I'm going to visit for the first time some relatives in Portugal?

Well, for what I know about Portugal, the place your relatives live sounds like a very small village so don't expect much things to do and see there. It belongs to Viseu, that is a bigger city, so it should not be far. You can have a look at a portuguese site of the City Hall of Viseu ( Unfortunatelly it is in portuguese and there is no english version (not much tourism there, I guess), but at least you can click on some links there (Roteiro Municipal, for example) and then you see some photos of the city. At least that will give you an idea. I hope this helps!

Who is the pretties Victorias secret model?

i like miranda kerr but a lot of people say she looks like an alien idk why lol

What should I change my last name to?

Since your husbands documents the name is "DeAraujo" if you want to change your name it should be the same as your husband´s your name should be Mariana Lopes DeAraujo.. I believe that "DeAraujo" now is just one word, instead of "De Araujo", even tough his original name was De Oliveira Araujo...

I want to read a certain book online so where can i find it?

Violating copyright isn't a biggie in today's world, trying to get others to conspire to help you violate copyright raises things to a whole different level. Why don't you try a library.

Isabella de Oliveira Nardoni?

Well, is a LONG story, so I'm do a resume: 1. A little girl fell of a apartment 2. All the newspapers of the country talked about that all days. 3. The investigations appointed that the culprits were the parents 4. This produced a big bureaucracy that lasts up to today Did it help?

Eliel Oliveira?anybody knows?

Grupo Essencia - Not much, but at least a pic: Duda Junior (two links on this page) Eliel Oliveira (If he's an old pastor) gets a short mention on this page: "The real name of the church is Igreja Batista Hermon. The Brazilian pastor, Eliel Oliveira, has been there for 12 years, and his family lives in two rooms next to the church that used to be classrooms." If he's a young fella, try this:

Who is Cruzeiro Esporte Clube's real president, Alvimar de Oliveira Costa or Alvimar Perrella?

It's ALVIMAR DE OLIVEIRA COSTA See his photo in The club site in

Estiviandra de oliveira miss angola 2006 i want her e-mail?

If you have a legitimate reason for wanting to contact her (e.g. you're a reporter doing a story on her) then contact the Miss World pageant and explain to them why you want to talk to her. They'll have her info, or will be able to tell you who does. If you just think she's hot, you're probably out of luck.

Question about the Portuguese history, about António de Oliveira Salazar?

advantage: managed to reduce portugals debts. Good for army, church and the rich. no occupation by germany disadvantage: DICTATORSHIP, no free speach, proper elections,...

Is Luan de Oliveira still on the Flip Skateboard team?

i have not heard anything about that, but he def should cuz flip is dying, even with arto back

Were António de Oliveira Salazar and Francisco Franco fascists or just totalitarian Conservatives?

Franco was certainly not himself a fascist, though his coalition contained some (in the Falange Espanola), and he had to work with them as he had to work with Catholics, Royalists (two brands), conservatives and a section of the liberal bourgeoisie. His own attitudes (plural, as he was not entirely consistent) are a fascinating mixture. He was an individualist Catholic presiding over a collectivist state. He was a Spanish nationalist, but got on well with Muslims and black Africans - without the enthusiastic backing of troops from Africa his invasion would have failed. He believed in trade unionism, provided that it did not challenge the government - the full title of his movement was the 'Glorious National Syndicalist Movement - and like many socialists, but unlike most conservatives, he believed in nationalisation: for many years branded petrol was unavailable in Spain, and the airports, docks, railways, mines and in fact all fuel and most transport industries were in the hands of the State. He always (or so he said) intended to return Spain to constitutional rule, but in practice never found the right moment to begin the process until shortly before he died. In many ways he was an apolitical being, but was a consummate political organiser (in the civil war he held his coalition together while the Government side was tearing itself to cornflakes and losing the war in the process) and had no problem with autocratic rule when he found himself in the high seat. Note that I said 'attitudes' not 'ideology' - Franco had nothing organised or systematic enough in his mind to be called an ideology. Had it not been for the fact that he fought against the Communists it would have been hard to label him 'right' or 'left.' Totalitarian - well, perhaps, although a comparison with Hitler, Stalin or Mao shows just how half-hearted the totalitarianism was. Conservative - you must make up your own mind. I see him as an eccentric, old-fashioned Spaniard, typical in many ways of his class and generation, who does not really fit into the standard political classifications we are used to. Salazar was a lot simpler. He was certainly system- and ideology-driven, and ended up as a standard-model dictator. He started his adult life as a left-wing but not Marxist professor of economics. He seems to have come to power in an ideologically-driven attempt to improve the lot of the Portuguese poor, with theories of self-sufficiency disturbingly similar to those current today in N. Korea. The experiment failed, as it also has in Korea, and the life of the poor became poorer and even poorer. Salazar did not therefore abandon the attempt, and in a fruitless effort to get results took more and more power into his own hands. It did not take long for the temptations of autocratic rule - brutality, centralised dictatorship, censorship... to produce a most unpleasant regime. Conservative, perhaps: he certainly did not start out that way. How do you classify dictators as left or right? Hope this helps.

Is it true that Antonio de Oliveira Salazar banned the word "freedom"?

Not only that word, during the almost 50 years that lasted the right-wing fascist dictatorship in Portugal EVERYTHING was heavily censored, newspapers, television, radio. NOTHING could come out publicly wihtout the previous approval of a Censorship Commission that banned words like freedom, left-wing, people's rights, revolution, etc. People who were caught speaking against the government, from all political areas, were put to prison, tortured and many of them were killed. If the police spotted more than 2 people talking in the street they would immediately question them on what were they talking about, with the suspect they were talking against the dictator. Fortunately in 25th of April 1974, a military coup (made by the captains of the army, tired of the portuguese "vietnam", the wars with our african colonies who were fighting for independence that lasted for more than a decade) ended the dictatorship and opened the road to democracy.

What is the Raí Souza Vieira de Oliveira email address?

Here is Raí Souza Vieira de Oliveira personal website site :

Was António de Oliveira Salazar a good dictator in comparison to other fascists?

Yay!! Dictatorship lets oppress some rights what fun! Edit: Free market economics, Oh boy! I want that so much more than freedom of speech and right to choose a leader!