do i try to work things out with him?

If you both are 18 yrs. old now, then you are actually adults. A long distance r/s is very difficult to maintain. And even if you do respond and send him a text now and then, it doesn't mean that you and he will eventually get together, (but you might). I think the fact that his Mom interfered and forbid him to keep in touch with you made you even more desireable to him. If you and him were to have a romance or fling, his Mom would be your worst enemy. And it would cause him a lot of stress, cause every guy wants to please his Mom. So there would be conflict in the r/s. Here's my counsel... always let HIM be the one to seek you out. Don't initiate anything. Let HIM take the lead, you follow his lead. Let HIM pursue you. All you need to do is: "Be easy to be with, not easy to get." Answer his text if you want to, but don't be the aggressor. That is for HIM to do. You should keep things light 'n easy, free and breezy. Don't take him too seriously... just when you think everythings gonna be okay, that's when his Mom will step in. His Mom will always be interferring in his life unless he moves far, far away to the other side of the earth from her.

what car should I get for under $20k?

The 2011 Mustang or the Hyundai are the best choices IMO. If you go with the Charger, definitely put an extended warranty on it.

Can I sue a friend of the family over a verbal agreement?

This is what I think is the real problem of NASCAR...thoughts?

its like that in just about every sport there is. domination for a period of time is sometimes good for a particular sport. it makes the competition step up their game. it also makes them search for new talent that can give them a Advantage. that's what we are seeing now in NASCAR new faces and other teams we haven't heard from in awhile are starting to show they can indeed hang with and beat the big boyz. the competition eventually catches up and sometimes surpasses the dominate teams then it cycles through and starts all over again.

Is NASCAR fake? Is this evidence?

Holy cow, you must have spent a long time writing this. If this is how you feel, just stop watching NASCAR. No need to go to all this trouble.

Has anyone had a long-lasting inner-ear infection that took them into a second script of antibiotics?

The second paragraph sounds like a middle ear infection and the third sounds like you might be having an adverse or allergic reaction to the new medication.

How many of you shooters have "focked" up your ears.?


Qualifying for next year in Cup idea?

I actually like your idea alot... very thought out... For those of you who say fastest 43 cars should race every week, thats a nice wish, but will never happen... First time a big shot like Gordon, Dale Jr, Stewart, etc, spins out in qualifying and misses the race your going to have a TON of pissed off fans... You have to have some way to make sure your "money makers" get into the races! I also like the part about race winners getting in... Really gives those guys that are way back in the standings a reason to take some chances and try anything to get a win as opposed to them just racing for points to stay or get in the top 35... One thing I would add is when the chase starts, only the top 12 are locked in, everyone else qualifies... Just to spice things up at the end of the season!

What do you think of our schools policy on absences.?

States evaluate schools partially based on attendance, in addition to other things. If the public does not want the schools to enforce attendance restrictions, then they should be lobbying to the states/federal governments to get rid of that portion of the evaluation.

What would you have done if you were Regan Smith racing today at Talladega?

After hearing Jeff Gordon explaining this tonight on Wind Tunnel I would say A. That's what he said he has learned in his years of racing there and at Daytona. Kinda hard to argue with a a former champ. Thats what he said he would do.

Fod like race cars?

I love it! Thanks for thinking of me!

Fastenal to 99 Cup team?

Glad to hear about Jr not going anywhere, because he's on the verge of putting it all together and winning some races in that 88. Also, don't know if I just missed this or what, but where's Aflac going? Maybe they're gonna be Matt Kenseth's sponsor to replace Crown Royal?

Who else here is very upset with NASCAR about the finish at Dega?

Shame on Nascar, that's all i have to say!

Are the cars in a Nascar race really that close in terms of time at the final laps of the race?

It's not that close at the end. If a car was involved in a wreck or had a horrible pit they are still in the race but at the end of the pack. They can go 1, 2, 5, 10 or 50 laps down but if they can still make their cars go they can continue to race. they will never win but they can still get points for still being in the race. After a caution they do line up as if still being contenders but if they are laps down they will never win, they would have to make up those laps and get in front of the leader. So yes, it looks like they are all still in it but no, only the lead guys on the lead laps have a chance to win. So if you are 10 minutes behind you are still racing for some points but you will never win that race. It looks close but it isn't. Lead guys have a chance not the lap down guys. Hope this helps. >>>>Yes if there are no cautions or few cautions then they can be really spread out but remember the guys on the lead lap are really only like 10ths of seconds behind the leader, at the most the lead guys are within seconds of the leader. So yes they are that close. After a caution they bunch up for a restart but the leaders are leaders and the guys a lap or 10 down may still be close but they are behind because of thier speeds. After a caution they all line up together behind the leader, cars 1-43 get in line behind each other in order of their track position in the race. Say the guy in 15th place is 2 laps down he may restart after a caution in 15th place but he has to pass the leader 2 times to make up the time. Probably not going to happen, although he still seems to be in 15th place he is really way down. They may be racing close in the line but they can still be very far apart. The top guys on the lead lap are just milli-seconds apart, so yes they are that close. Does this make sense?

What was your favorite season or year of NASCAR?

early 90's whe the man in black was winnin all those championships

NASCAR offseason scenario time?

I'm starting up my #40 DODGE team with Brian Ickler as my driver. The sponsor we're trying to get into NASCAR is Arizona Teas. Their paint schemes would rotate on the car based on all their different flavours. (Green Tea, Pomegranate, Half & Half, Half & Half with pink lemonade, etc..) Brian Ickler would be my pick because he's likely to continue to get some starts in Trucks and Nationwide from KBM, and their stuff is flying fast. And DODGE because they have clearly sped it up the past couple years, and they have said they want to add more teams.

Top 10 greatest sports performances of all time?

Don Larsen's perfect game 1956 World Series Douglas beating Tyson USA v. Russia, "Miracle on Ice" Miami Dolphins Perfect Season Wilt Chamberlain scores 100 pts. Nolan Ryan 7 No-Hitters Secretariat wins Triple Crown in record fashion Kirk Gibson's Walk-Off Pinch-Hit Home Run is DiMaggio 56 game hit streak here?

please help on this question at least to start somewhere- physics?

a. For the first one, you will need to find the amount of time it will take Dale to finish those 10 laps. You will need to find the total distance that Dale will need to travel and divide that by his speed. (Hint: distance / rate = time) b. You'll need to find the distance it takes to go 11 laps. (Hint: Find the distance for 1 lap and multiply it by 11) c. You know the time and you know the distance, so you can find the average speed which Jeff will have to go. (Hint: distance / time = rate) d. Since you know the time that Jeff has to catch up to Dale, the distance he must travel, and his starting velocity, you can find his acceleration. (Hint: look down below at the very bottom) e. Since you know what time Jeff has, you know the starting velocity, and the acceleration of Jeff, you can find the final velocity. (Hint: velocity = initial velocity + acceleration * time) Hint for d: x = x0 + v0t + (1/2)at^2 Use this equation. Also, if you need help with what the symbols mean, here is a key: x = final position (your answer to #2) x0 = starting position (this will be 0, so you don't even need to put it in there) v0 = starting velocity (this is 150 mi/h; it was given to us in the problem) a = acceleration (you're solving for this) t = time (your answer to #1) I hope that gets you somewhere.

Would this be a sweet NASCAR game?

I think the concept is cool but I don't understand completely how it would work. I have some questions. So I get that its from 1985 to present right? Ok so if I was starting a career, I would be starting in 1985 and racing all the way up through present day? Or could you start in any era? Also, if the races are set to finish how they really did for the most part, then how would you race as being a new driver who wasn't really in the race? Would I just be a driver in the race that would be trying to change history so to say and win the race from the driver who would be programmed to win based on reality? I do think its a cool concept and it would allow you to experience the different cars, eras and drivers which I definitely like. Those would be my only questions and those are just questions to fully understand what my role in the game would be. So if you can let me know some of your ideas that could make me understand as I've said just when you would start a career. Would it be 1985 or basically when ever you choose? And what would be the role you would play as a driver in pre-programmed races that are based on actual history? Meaning do you as a driver try to change history and beat the drivers who actually won the races. Such as in 1998, would I race to win the Daytona 500 and keep Dale Sr from winning his first Daytona race?

wow it is still early and judgeing by todays questions?

I hate the questions too, but I don't let them bother me like I used to. For those people, NASCAR just isn't their thing. I think Scott Speed will push Kyle Busch to the win and run 2nd.

Vacation ideas, where can we go with $1,500 starting from Pa? Love the beach and las vegas, need new ideas??

Why not try a cruise? I love cruises...they are a good deal considering almost everything is included. Have fun!

Danica Patrick to make Nationwide debut at Daytona next season with JR Motorsports?

There is no guarantee Nascar will grant her permission to drive at Daytona but I imagine they will considering her extensive high speed experience in Indy cars. And I heard she will be in an Arca car at Daytona, not Nationwide.

Should i start watching nascar again?

yes watch it they are letting them be bad again and show emotion and side by side racing again

I still need advice.How do I become a NASCAR driver for the next year's Daytona 500?

I don't even know where to begin. I am going to try my best not to insult you because everyone on here is a tattle tale. Anyway. You will never be a NASCAR driver! Ever! If playing video games was good practice, I'd be in the NBA, NFL, and the PGA.

2001 Tenth Anniversary: Does anyone seriously think that this will be a legitimate Daytona 500?

Finally some one has realised that nascar will have Jr win any race that has to do with his father. as you said all of those races and soon to be the 2011 Daytona 500. this is the only way he can win is if nascar cheats for him. so i agrre fully with you that the 500 is already over and Jr is the winner.

What do you think of Bill Elliott Driving part time in Cup for Phoenix racing?

I wish he would invest his time into his own team, being a GM, or sitting in a sound booth giving commentary. I love the guy, always did he was great! just Nothing good can from him being out there way past his prime.

What do you think of the earlier start times for races in 2010?

Thanks Pink. I didn't see that. I like it. It's like football times 1:00 on Sunday afternoons is sport time. I do feel bad for the western fans that means the party starts at 10:00am....that's a little early for a party. Heck I think the Daytona should be on Saturday afternoon not Sunday anyway, they should change that too while they are at it :)

Is Trevor Bayne guaranteed a starting spot in the Daytona 500?

Trevor Bayne is guaranteed a spot because he has owners points from one of the RPM cars - the 19 if I'm correct.

NASCAR: The Daytona 500?

Yes they are reset.

2011 Hall of Fame Enshrinement: Is it time to start up the annual Dale Jr HOF conversation?

No ,not in your life time.

Where is Jimmie Johnson starting in the Daytona 500?

Johnson will start 23rd on Sunday. The 48 team did change the engine, but it was prior to the Dual race, meaning he started that race from the back. He will get to keep his starting position on Sunday granted they don't have to change engines again or wreck in final practice. No word on why the needed to change the engine.

How come the Daytona 500 ended under the lights?

AS USUAL NASCAR is bending over for the west coast fanbase. So that start the races later and later for them. It doesn't matter that west coast is all about drifting competitions and drag racing. and of course NASCAR could care less about the true fans they already have.

Will the Daytona 500 end at daytime or night time this year?

It won't start at 1:00, that's when Coverage Starts, but it should start early enough that it ends around the same time the 2002 race did (video below, also an interesting finish, imagine that!). If you want a night race, go to the 400 for sure.

What time is the green flag scheduled for the Daytona 500?

Scheduled for 3:30 according to MRN starts broadcasting at 3:20, so it will be at least that.

when Daytona 500 main event starts on GMT time?

It is noon eastern time, so it would be 1700 if I'm not wrong.

What time will the green flag actually drop at the Daytona 500 today?

About 2:40 - 2:45 your time. Unless they move the start time up because of threat of rain.

what time does the daytona 500 pole qualifying race on Feb 8th start?

1 ET 12 CST On Fox

what time does tv coverage start for daytona 500?

if you don't want to listen to them and their useless banter...and just want the race 3:15 est. If you like the useless banter, 2pm est.

I need to know the start time of the Daytona 500 race this year (Feb 19)Thank you.?

Dayton 500, first race of the year will start at 2:30pm (ET) on NBC. The purse is $18,029,052. Thats alot of money!!Don't forget the Bud Shootout on the 11th @ 8:30pm on TNT, the 16th is the Gatorade Dules- #1 is @ 2:10 pm on TNT and #2 is @ 3:40pm. Happy Racin!!!

Start time of Daytona 500 for 2009?

3:40 EST.

What time does the Daytona 500 Race get underway?

the pre race is on now but the actual race should start around 1:30

what time est does daytona 500 start tonite 7/4/08?

Anytime you choose...this is your hallucination... Go Jr.>>>>

what time centeral time does the daytona 500 start????

Supposed to be 3:30, but they still are having concert time. Expect it to be closer to 3:45

What time does the 2009 Daytona 500 start on the 15th and the Camping World 300 on the 14th?

daytona 500 sun @ 2 pm est on fox and the camping world 300 on sat @ 1 pm est espn2

What time does Daytona 500 start?

TV Broadcast: 2pm MRN: 3:20pm Green Flag scheduled for 3:30pm

What time does the Daytona 500 start? And which networks are covering it?

Hey, Thrice. I'm gonna give ya an inside track ( ! ) for the rest of the season! You've already gotten the specific answer you were looking for. Now let me give you a way to be ahead of the crowd for the rest of the year. If you want to know when ANY race being televised in the US or Canada takes place, and which network is televising it, go here: The next time someone asks the Q you just did, YOU can tell them how to find out. Enjoy the rest of the season! Rrrrmmm Rrrrmmm...

What time will the Daytona 500 start (pool)?

What time (eastern time) does the Daytona 500 start tomorrow?

Green Flag at 3:30 EST FOX Pre-Race at 2:00 EST FOX NASCAR Raceday Built By the Home Depot 11 AM EST SPEED

What time does the daytona 500 start?

Not soon enough bro!!! NOT SOON ENOUGH!

What time does the Daytona 500 start?

that is the starting time.