Where will Liverpool get £100m to buy David Villa, David Silva and Gareth Barry?

From stealing trophies and selling them: http://www.boreme.com/members/viewviral.php?viral_id=4670&siteid=49549&boremesid=cf1ec066f1038a485033419c814b13c6

David Silva Says Premier League Is Best?

He's right IMO, but everyone has a different opinion.

David Silva spanish footballer and his girlfriend.... Please help!?

Can't help that much but I do know at the FIFA awards night last year he went with some of his Valencia F.C. mates such as David Villa. Good Luck

Would you agree with David Silva being the 5th best player in the world?

No. Ozil is younger and better than him

Sir, is it that realmadrid is moving a bid on signig david silva ?

no silva is a one-season wonder

Can anyone tell me where i can watch the goal by David Silva from Valencia??

try this http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1mof4_ucl-chelsea-v-valencia-april-2007

FIFA: Has David Silva ruined his career now that he signed for Manchester City?

Foolish move. Should've stayed in Spain

David Silva best player in the world?

he's not even top 10

David Silva to Real Madrid for 28 million euros....Andres Guardado to Valencia for 16 million euros?

valencia is in so much debt that they have to sell there star players because they kept on borrowing money and neva got the funds to pay them back so every doller they get im sure would be helpfull.

David Silva or Lionel Messi ?

Messi is better than David Silva at everything, I mean everything, even at play-making.

Who is better David Silva or Cesc Fabergas?

fabregas but silva plays on the left and we dunno will fabregas leave, its more like silva or arshavin and arshavin is better

are the likes of David Villa, David Silva and Joaquin all playing for Valencia tonight.?

only joaquin & silva played villa was unused sub

Who's more influentual between David Silva and Lionel Messi?

Are you serious? Messi is miles better, he passes, he scores, he can do anything. Although I have to say that spanish teams defences are pretty bad.

Barcelona/and other fans!!! What would you do if Real Madrid got David Silva and Fernando Torres?

Feel even more confident about winning the league... and enjoy the head-to-head game even more when we win them. Here is the bottom line. From a goalscoring perspective Van Nistelrooy is more potent than Torres. Look here: RVN - http://preview.goalface.com/players/_46/ Torres - http://preview.goalface.com/players/_334/ Silva would be a great pick up. But better than Robben and Sneijder? I am not so sure. Real needs to focus on the back line, period. Once they have a defense to help Iker they will have a chance to win the title. Besides that, looks like Real should have kept the 3 Dutchmen.

if david silva's parents stayed in madrid what would've happened to him?

He would have been a Real Madrid player, although I think he would have been bought back after selling to some other Liga team, just like Soldado and Callejon .

Who plays better on the wing, Iniesta or David silva?

Iniesta is the better dribbler so he would be better on the wing. Both of them played on the wings in Euro 2008..... Silva on the right and Iniesta on the left... and they performed brilliantly...

Do you think Mario Gotze will surpass David Silva in 3 years time?

Surpass ? I doubt it since David Silva is performing at the very top level at the moment and it would be hard for any players to perform much better. But I reckon Mario Gotze has the potential to get to his level and maybe surpass him but only at his peak ( which is more than just 3 years ).

who is a better play maker ozil,david silva,Samir Nasri or Schweinstieger?

Thats a close one but Ill have to say 1)Bastian 2)Silva 3)Ozil 4)Nasri

Why did David Silva hardly appear in the World Cup?

he played a little bad in the first game , and Del Bousque didn´t put his trust on him anymore but he was wrong

Robin Van Persie Or David Silva Or Fabregas?

Depends, ask me whether I need a striker, a winger, or a midfielder and I'll tell ya..

Who's more influentual between David Silva and Cesc Fabregas?

Will the Premier League be too physical for David Silva?


Does David Silva has an official twitter account?

Who would you rather have, Messi or David Silva?

If I were a coach I would choose David Silva because he will give me more tactical options.

i need the karaoke version of there she goes/fame by David DE Silva?

go to ITunes

David Silva plays for Manchester United?

haha XD

Who is better luka modric of david silva?

Luka Modric would probably my first choose!

Why are Man United a better proposition for Liverpool target David Silva?

Man Utd have won 3 league titles in a row and can win a 4th in a row. They could easily be in CL final 3rd year in a row. They have the best manager in England and possibly Europe in general Anybody would want to play in same team as Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Nemanja Vidic, Patrice Evra Etc. Lastly it's the biggest club in the world with great fan base and history.

If David Silva joined Liverpool, what position would he play?

He'd be on the bench due to the tactical genius of that fat Spanish waiter.

Will the premier league see David Villa, David Silva and Gareth Barry wearing a Liverpool shirt next season?

LOOOL!!!!! never.

Will Liverpool buying David Villa, David Silva and Gareth Barry result in rise of ticket prices at Anfield?

No mate,it'll result with Villa and Silva on the bench instead. Remember Robbie Keane?

Why is Real Madrid not buying David Silva?

Definately the price tag for Silva would be close to what they are paying for Di Maria, however with the two playing virtually the same position it is unlikely they will try to buy both. Silva is a fantastic player, very creative and very team-oriented, but Di Maria is a bit younger and also exemplifies extraordinary talent.

Is Barca serious about getting Thiago Silva or David Luiz?

Barca cant afford Luiz. Not because he's some hero, but it's hard to use money to presuade a team that doesnt need it to sell a player they dont want to

Is David Silva overrated in this section?

Yes Silva has been rubbish for quite a few months now Him disappearing was one of the major reasons why Man City have bottled it Maybe Silva can't handle the Premier League?

What do you think has happened to David Silva? He was so great at the start of the season.?

Like a lot of the City team he's been over-used and now he's exhausted. He'd had a long summer of rest and when he came back he was fresh, energetic and excited. With time he's slowed down and because he's so tired his passing and decision making's suffered. Back in Spain the physical demands aren't as great as they are in England (there's less physicality and the game's played at a slower pace). Even after nearly two seasons at City, I don't think he's quite adapted to the physical demands of the Premier League.

Man United Fans Would You Like To See More At United David Silva or David Villa?

well it's heard and said that Utd are still closely monitoring Ribery, Silva and Villa,..i think maybe next season or in the January transfer window maybe, but i prefer Silva though he's worth around 20m compared to Villa's 40m..who knows anything can happen at Utd when SAF's in charge!..we'll see. and i hope all will be for good!

David Silva is half-Filipino so should he win Asian footballer of the year?

No. Though Silva is half-Spain, half-Philippines, he is playing for the Spanish national squad. If he was playing for Philippines, or any other Asian country, you are right, he should win the award

David Silva is the best midfielder in the premier league?

Dr Gregory House hasn't got a clue. What kind of clown would rate Lampard above Silva? Anyone who's ever kicked a ball can see that Silva's is light years more talented than Lampard. Would Lampard get anywhere near the Spain team? Not a chance. "Not as good as Anderson or Fletcher" Source(s): United fan I talked too." Are you surprised mate? The vast majority of United fans haven't got a clue about football.

why does david silva never start for man city?

well lately Adam Johnson has been playing fantastic for city, he tore liverpool apart last week. Based on his form it would be pretty unfair to drop him now, especially with Silva untested in the premier league

Did you know that David Silva is mixed race?

a footballer shall be judged by his skills and what he does in the field not by the color of his skin or nationality.

Does anyone besides myself think David Silva of Spain is adorable? And a magnificent soccer player?

he's very shy and quiet so yeah I find him adorable in a quirky way. he's a very good player but I wouldn't exactly call him magnificent

Thoughts on David Silva at Manchester City?

fish outta water

Where do you think David Silva is gonna end up next year?

Well he is third choice for Barca, first two are Villa and Cesc so I hope we get Villa. I think Silva will stay, they will probably just sell Villa and two or three ''smaller'' players. They can't afford to sell their best players at once, it's suicide. If Silva will be on the transfer list it would be kinda stupid for Barca&Real to let him go but in Barca's case we will probably get one of Silva/Villa because Henry is leaving for sure which means we can sign another star since Henry gets €10M a year. If Real Madrid doesn't win the league they will be spending a lot again so if there will be no room for him at Barca I'm sure Real will get him. In my opinion the biggest race will be for Villa and the one that doesn't get Villa will get Silva (if he leaves next year already). English and Italian clubs will get their chance if Barca and Real decide not to go after Silva in that case I think Man Utd or Arsenal suits him the most but he will look at completely different things when he'll be deciding for English clubs so it's really hard to know where will he end up. But lets not forget about Italians Ronaldinho, Sneijder, Eto'o, Villa, Kaka, Pirlo, D.Millito and many more players rejected EPL's money and choose to play in Serie A/La Liga.

United fans,would you rather United sign David Silva instead of Antonio Valencia?

the prop with 50m for ribery is that we allready got knocked back when we offerd 64m. Buyern have now upped that to 87 after real and their money waisting so i dont tink SAF is senile enuf to spend more than they got for ronny on someone not as good. AS for Valencia i dont understand it unless he plans to use him out of position. I think silva is deffinately the answer for one of the wings but valencia just doesn't get any goals. 3 last season is not worth considering unless he think he can play him somewhere else ? as he cant play left that only leaves the hole which is surely rooneys or on the right of a midle 3 with a more proven goal scorer ahead of him. The other option is that he is a replacement for park, but 16m seams a bit sharp for a squad player

Do you agree that David Silva is the 3rd best midfielder in the world?

Ozil has never been better than Silva, lol at the delusional comments ! Ozil will probably be shipped out by Real Madrid at the end of the season and we'll stop talking about him after that ( for good ), he's become vastly overrated player since his move to Madrid. David Silva is the best attacking midfielder in the world at the moment, and he's just behind Xavi and Iniesta overall so yeah he's the 3rd best.

David Silva going to liverpool or chelsea?

I am afraid it is not going to happen. Any top striker in Europe is linked with a transfer move to another top club. David Villa is the same.

Why is David Silva so Underrated and Beckham so Overrated ?

Its due to the glamorous looks of Beckham.

Can Jesus Navas start over David Silva for Spain's National Team?

Silva and Iniesta can play perfectly well as wingers.. When Del Bosque chooses to play his 2nd string players as (hopefully) Spain achieve 6 points from the first 2 group matches, this is when i believe he will play with wingers along side a lone striker: ----------Guiza/Negredo----- Mata------------------------Navas True wingers or not, it won't matter, what matters is that the team is compatible with each other, and i believe players like Iniesta and Silva will push further to the wings if Torres still has any injury issues, i don't see Villa playing along side any other striker than Torres. Here, del Bosque will choose a 4-5-1 formation, which i believe is the best for Spain, their strength is their midfield. FQ: i even prefer Pablo over Navas.

Do you think David Silva deserves a place on the national team?

From what I've heard. Silva will start on the right wing. But as always he will probobly end up drifting in a lot (just like at man city).

Who do you think is better between David Silva and Cesc Fabregas?

David Silva. BQ: Yes, I do. BQ2: Iniesta > Xavi > Xabi > Silva > Cesc > Busquets. Based on their talent on the paper. BQ3: Javi Martinez BQ4: Robben is as good as.