Is the Red Cross an anti semitic organization for not recognizing the Mogen David and the Israeli Red Cross?

I worked as an American Red Cross volunteer for 3 weeks in southern Miss. after hurricane Katrina, and 2 weeks in south Florida after Hurricane Wilma. I can assure you that the last thing we thought about was the religion of those we were helping. You have an interesting attitude. The American Red Cross seeks only to provide services, aid and relief to those who need it. It's not like it is a profit making corporation. By refusing to help the Red Cross, you are only punishing those who are in trouble and need help. I would like to see documentation of the charges you have made, and would like to know which organization does not recognize the "Jewish Star of David Red Cross Society". Is it the American Red Cross or the International Red Cross or who? They are all separate and distinct organizations. I think it's a damn shame that politics has to enter into something as simple as bringing a bottle of water, a hot meal, and a pair of shoes to someone who has lost everything.

Why don't the US Marine and Army MCCUU/BDUs have the Cross of David sewn on the sleeves?

Nope. When my uncle served in Vietnam, he had US military ranking insignia on his uniform.

whats the name of the episode of "Arrested Development where "Tobias" (David Cross) pretends to be a nanny?

He pretends to be Mrs. Featherbottom in several episodes, the first of which is "The Immaculate Election" (Season 2, Episode 14). He shows up his his alter ego in the next two episodes ("Sword of Destiny" and "Meat the Veals.")

2 David Cross in Kansas City tickets?

You should check the local papers to see if folks are selling or craigslist

Where can I find a cross + star of david pendant?

Did anyone else ever find Dave Metzler sounds like David Cross?

I didn't notice.

What kind of glasses is David Cross wearing, those thick plastic frames, what are they?

Do you have picture you can post, b/c iam not sure what your talking about.

What is the meaning of a Star of David and Cross that overlap?

Messianic Jew. A Jew who has accepted Jesus as messiah and personal saviour.

What David Cross show/CD is the bit where he talks about rich old women leaving all their money to their cats?

From the HBO special "The Pride Is Back"?

What show was Will Arnett and David Cross in on The comedy showcase advert on Channel 4.?

It's called The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret Reaaalllly looking forward to it! :D