what impact did the book David Copperfield by charles dickens have on you ?

It was written as a series for a magazine in the days before any TV or Cinema , and filled the part a popular drama series does on TV today -- cant wait for that next episode , huh ? It is set in a long vanished world , among characters drawn from life , but with attitudes and beliefs that are strange to us today . So I found it interesting as fictionalised history , long and drawn out as a story , padded out with unecessary stuff that is only marginal to the main storyline , sickly sweet and sentimental , annoyingly obtuse , and i thought it fizzled out at the end . Still on the shelf here at home , with some other of Dickens books , because of the history in them and because there are still good bits amongst the padding . I think that today any publisher would ask him to prune them to about a third of the length , but you see there WAS no other entertainment then , unless you had money .

where can i watch the bbc version of david copperfield online for free?

evilprincess - Check out the websites below to watch online: http://www.ovguide.com/tv/david_copperfield.htm (1969 Version from UK) http://retrovision.tv/freevideo/david-copperfield-1969/

How did David Copperfield do the walk through the Great Wall of China magic trick?

The answer of your question is with me :) Effect : David Copperfield walks through the great wall of china When David Copperfield goes inside the first box there was a switch made, copperfield goes under the box and goes into the hollow stairs he then gets carried away inside the hollow stairs. A lookalike in shadow form pretends to walk through the first part of the wall, after he plays his part he gets inside the hollow base platform. By that time the assistance's pull the sheets away to show that he walked through the first part of the wall. The stairs that copperfield is in is behind the camera boom as it makes a complete rotation over the wall. The assistants on the other side of the wall take the same stairs and put it next to the other plate form. The assistants climb the special stairs and hold up a small white sheet of cloth. It looks like David Copperfield is pushing his and and face through the cloth. The secret behind this action is that the person on the right is just controlling a pair of fake hands which he controls with his right-hand. The person on the left is just pushing a fake face through the cloth with his left-hand. The two assistants then drop the small sheet cloth and listen to the wall to see if David is all right. They then slowly roll down the sheets to cover the frame box up and make sure it is tucked in good, they go down the stairs to wait for copperfield to make his way through the second part of the wall. All he has to do now is get out of the hollow stairs and inside the box and watch his angles with the light. He then comes closer to the light so it looks like he is coming through the second part of the wall. He pulls the sheets away to reveal himself, the white cloth stays on the floor because it contains the props.

What lessons if any does Dickens novel David Copperfield attempt to impart to the reader?

Hello... David Copperfield The novel David Copperfield, written by Charles Dickens, deals with the life and times of David Copperfield. About a century ago in a small town in England, David was born on a Friday at the stroke of midnight, which is considered a sign of bad luck. David's father has already died and his aunt comes to stay with him and his mother as this novel gets off to a very slow start. Soon David becomes aware that his mother has relations with another man and asks one of his servants, "if you marry a person, and the person dies, why then you may marry another person, mayn't you?" David is immediately angered that his mother has betrayed his father and goes off to live with his aunt. A while later, David goes back home but quickly gets into trouble and is sent off to school. You can get more info here:

In the book David Copperfield by Charles Dickens,what are some physical characteristics of David Copperfield?

When you read the book, how do YOU imagine him to look?

How much are David Copperfield tickets for his show in Melbourne, Victoria at the Rod Laver Arena?

Gold Floor Adult Price $255.40 Silver Floor Adult Price $200.20 Gold Reserved Adult Price $255.40 Silver Reserved Adult Price $200.20 Bronze Adult Price $116.40 hmmm i wanna go but its a rip! might just have to Bronze class it

what happen to david copperfield after going across the china wall?

That was a long time ago... He went though the wall... it was staged and later explained... He went behind a white screen and all you could see was his shadow and then they moved the light behind the screen and it seemed as if he was moving through the wall but actually he just moved away with the screen.

How did Magician David Copperfield make The Statue of Liberty disappear?


How did David Copperfield makes the statue of liberty disappear?

The audience can see the statue of liberty through the pillars. The curtain then comes up to block the audiences view. The live audience is on a secret swiveling platform that rotated slowly to the side of the statue. The statue of liberty lights are turned off, the blip on the radar is part of a video animation. The curtain is then lowered, the audience and the viewers watching on TV see that the statue has disappeared but all they are looking at is a duplicate set of lights that is situated right next to the real statue of liberty. The lights on the two towers are there to night blind the audience for a few minutes to make it hard too see the statue of liberty. The curtain is then raised up the audience is rotated round again to face the statue of liberty the curtain is dropped and the statue has reappeared. Read more... http://magictricks101.blogspot.com/2008/05/david-copperfield-vanishing-statue-of.html

When are David Copperfield and Criss Angel going to make a show together?

Just like the last two people said DAVID COPPERFIELD and criss angel are never gonna make a show together. Why? Because Criss uses editing skills to make his magic look real (real fake)....DAVID on the other hand does his magic live in front of a live audience...he does 2 shows a day every day, every year in VEGAS. DAVID DOES NOT USE EDITING TO ACCOMPLISH HIS MAGIC....HE'S HANDS DOWN THE GREATEST ILLUSIONIST IN THE WORLD! THAT'S WHY YOU'LL NEVER SEE DAVID GET NEAR CRISS.

What are some differences between the David Copperfield book and the movie?

General Research Guides for Students: http://findarticles.com/ Easy to use links that will help with all your research needs, try typing a keyword or two into the search engine and see what happens. http://vos.ucsb.edu/index.asp http://www.aresearchguide.com/ http://www.geocities.com/athens/troy/886... http://www.studentresearcher.com/search/... http://www.chacha.com/

What ever happened to the magician David Copperfield?

i just seen him the other nite here in tx...he's currently touring, not in vegas!

What characters in David Copperfield represent love and truth?

"Watch now as I bring you awe and wonder by making the Statue of Liberty disappear" - David Copperfield pg. 293

How are the acts of david blaine and david copperfield explained?

Magicians or illusionists never explain their acts, it's their mystique to keep everything secret.

What are good resources for the novel David Copperfield?

Im not sure what kind of resources you are looking for. Cliff notes? My own good but distant memories of finishing that book? I did like it. That most of Dickens' books are slow? That there is one line from that book that is famous? It speeds up very slightly toward the end. Next time try The Woman In White it is by Dickens friend, and is much better,though it has slow parts.

What should I wear to a David Copperfield magic show tonight?

I don't think dressy is quite the need for a David Copperfield magic show. I would want to be comfortable, aka, casual. What you describe is likely OK, and doesn't sound all the dressy, so go for it.

Catcher in the Rye refers to David Copperfield?

Holden basically said that he didn't want to get into the details about his life. He mentioned David because that was what he did.

How does that David Copperfield card trick work?

All of the suits are different.... tr writing down the suits at first and then scroll down and compare.... they are all different.

David Copperfield, does it get more interesting?

no not really ,bored the hell out of me as well so i stopped reading it and planted some roses instead...

How could David Copperfield make Statue of Liberty disappear?

The audience can see the statue of liberty through the pillars. The curtain then comes up to block the audiences view. The live audience is on a secret swiveling platform that rotated slowly to the side of the statue. The statue of liberty lights are turned off, the blip on the radar is part of a video animation. The curtain is then lowered, the audience and the viewers watching on T.V see that the statue has disappeared but all they are looking at is a duplicate set of lights that is situated right next to the real statue of liberty. The lights on the two towers towers are there to night blind the audience for a few minutes to make it hard too see the statue of liberty. The curtain is then raised up the audience is rotated round again to face the statue of liberty the curtain is dropped and the statue has reappeared.

Can someone explain how David Copperfield made the statue of liberty dissappear?

If this is something you saw on tV, then it is really simple. You see the statue, on camera, in the distance. In the foreground is a wooden frame, through which the camera is viewing the statue. This frame is there b/c David does not have big enough curtains to coverup the statue in real size, so for the big reveal, he uses curtains to close in that frame (which is like 10' by 20', a really managebale size). When he opens the curtains, the statue is gone! What you don't see is that the camera and the frame are both mounted on a platform that is wheeled. When he closes the curtains, the platform moves 20-30 feet to one side, so that, when the curtains are opened, the view is of empty space, b/c the camera is not pointed @ the statue any more. The frame and the camera are both mounted on the same platform so you have the illusion of the camera being stationary while it is actually being moved. Also, they can honestly say that the camera "will not cut away" because it doesn't. It doesn't even turn side to side. The reason they always do this trick at night is b/c it is less likely that you will be able to see any landmarks in the distance to clue you into the fact that the camera has moved 30' to the left.

How does Dr. Strong replace David Copperfield's father in a way?

For like you a pretty girl, I had no reason not to answer your question, but the answer lies in your question inside!

How does David Copperfield at the end of his show take people from the audience and makes them dissapear?

Physics tells us that any object cannot occupy two places at once, therfore the 'audience memeber' MUST already be back stage. When Copperfield shines the spot light on the subject he is also projecting a three dimensional projection of the member in the particular seat who is already in place back stage. this recording can have him waiving or smiling or whatever. When the switch is flipped the image 'audience member' disapears! This tevhnology has been around for many years, i.e. the little chess game in star wars played by r2d2 and chewie only the projection is intense giving a solid appearance, another example is with the haunted mansion in disney land, the ghost which appears next to you and the other ghosts floating around. A small movement is made by the subject confirming your visual senses that the subject is there then gang its gone. its a trick on the eyes done quickly and with timing.

Who does better magic tricks, jesus or david copperfield?

It's David Copperfield. Jesus didn't perform any magic; it's David Copperfield who did. What Jesus did were miracles; and they're not tricks. One is illusion; the other is real.

Does anyone have any idea how David Copperfield do that flying magic trick ?

He uses very thin, yet strong thread. There's a video that shows you how he does it. Warning: If you don't wanna know how, and keep the mystery, DO NOT watch it http://www.metacafe.com/watch/393564/how_does_david_copperfield_fly/ Hope this helps :-)

David Copperfield flew over the Grand Canyon yet Jesus could only turn water into wine, isn't that kinda lame?


English people! Whats the main theme in David Copperfield?

I heard once that it was supposed to reflect on some aspects of Charles Dickens' actual childhood.

Didnt David Copperfield tear up the newly auctioned Honus Wagner card?

Copperfield did use the Gretzky Wagner -- or at least claimed to, the Great One was standing beside him -- but remember, it is magic, the act of manipulative misdirection. Rest assured the Wagner auctioned off yesterday was not torn in half. Gretzky and McNall owned the card in the early 90s, when it was worth hundreds of thousands. Given yesterday's sale, it has increased over sixfold. Here's Copperfield doing the trick. Recorded magic doesn't do a lot for me because it can rely upon clever editing, but I will say that this clip either has amazingly good editing -- I cannot tell -- or Copperfield is an extremely gifted sleight-of-hand artist. Possibly both. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0mMofqlS3g

Who is a better magician, God or David Copperfield?

David Copperfield got Caludia Schiffer to like him did he not? God could only get a virgin who nobody else would f*ck, even with his God magic.

book info needed The Personal history of David Copperfield volume 1?

I have the same book, except it's part of a 13 volume set. I am also looking for info, so I'll let you know if I find anything. Please do the same for me?

Who are the heroes in Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield?

I wouldn't say there is a hero to David Copperfield. It is a book about good-hearted, but erring humans, and I think that's the way Dickens wanted it. Keep in mind, the book is supposed to be an autobiography, of sorts, not a novel with the usual heroes and heroines. I suppose--with a bit of stretching--Agnes Wickfield could be thought of as a heroine, as she was most influential to David, but Dickens implies that her goodness and wisdom are not exactly of her own doing or making. She merely points David "upward" to a higher power.

How can I make a contact with Criss Angel or David Copperfield? ?

the only way you would meet any of the 3 you have in your question would be a meet n greet at one of there signing of there autograph Relic66~~➤ Fan Mail Address: Criss Angel The Firm 9465 Wilshire Blvd, 6th Floor Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA Fan Mail Address: David Copperfield c/o Albert A Rettig & Associates 11777 San Vicente Blvd Suite 601 Los Angeles, CA 90049 USA Fan Mail Address: David Blaine PMK/HBH 161 Avenue of the Americas Suite 10 R New York, NY 10013 USA

I understand that David Copperfield actually walked straight through the great wall of China.?

oh please. It was an ILLUSION. That is what he does. Do you believe everything you see on TV? I watched the episode when it aired. Why do you think he had sheets covering the wall where he "walked through"? Because he didn't, that's why/ Nobody can walk through walls. Period. If they could, we would have seen evidence of it. There is none.

David Copperfield: How did Agnes feel about Dora?

Agnes loved and felt protective toward Dora, who was very immature and childlike and simple. Dora was rather in awe of Agnes and looked up to her. Surprisingly enough, at the end, Dora seemed to instinctively know that Agnes loved David and had always been more right for him than she. She asks Agnes to look after David. Dora knew herself to be weak and Agnes strong. Agnes knew it as well. If you want to check for more in the story, this site http://www.online-literature.com/dickens/copperfield/ has the entire book. You can search for words and phrases to be found in David Copperfield. I hope this helps.

Opinions on David Copperfield by Charles Dickens?

its a lovely tale it looks like Oliver Twest in some points a guy that suffer from poor and unfair treatment if you like oliver twest you will like it.

When David Copperfield made the Statute of Liberty disappeared years ago, was that real?

It didn't vanish. It was just pure entertainment. All smoke and mirrors. Just enjoy it for what it is.

Given the choice between David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities, and Oliver Twist, which and why?

They're all wonderful. David Copperfield is Dickens' thinly veiled autobiography. Oliver Twist is also a rags-to-riches biography that exposes a lot of the hypocrisy of the time. Tale of Two Cities is a story about the aftermath of the French Revolution, and in my opinion is the most fun. I believe it is also the shortest.

I’m Reading David Copperfield By Charles Dickens, What’s A Modern Book I Could Compare It To?

With the whole "freedom, coming of age, important influences, and lack of or bad fathers," you could compare it to Twain's "Huck Finn" or Tayeb Salih's "Season of Migration to the North". The latter is quite a short read. It follows along the lines: heredity + environment + chance = free will or fate. You see that in Copperfield too. If you wanted a more focused essay (and probably shorter) you could examine the young love interest element and compare it to that of the main character from Joyce's story in "Dubliners" titled: "Araby". I don't know if you're allowed to compare a short story to the novel, however. Happy writing!

What’s a good book to compare and contrast with “David Copperfield” by Dickens?

In trying to gauge your age from reading your profile I deduced that you may be ready for Samuel Butler's "The Way Of All Flesh". But that is not my recommendation in answer to your query, it's just something I conjecture you might enjoy based on what little I actually know of you. "Oliver Twist", also by Dickens could be the lost memory you are seeking. I don't know, but I have read both stories and, as an orphan myself, they saw me through three orphanage years and introduced me to a lifelong passion for books. You might find Pip there. But even if you don't, you will find more about the author himself in every page of his creation. It has nothing to do with your question. It is merely an orphanagic recommendation. But the film "Bugsy Malone" with the extremely young Scott Baio and Meg Foster ranks as the greatest orphans run amok farce ever made in any media in my book. It's a hoot with fantastic musical score that both dazzles and amuses. Track it down. It is worth the effort. Good luck with finding your Pip. And thanks for providing me with the opportunity to once again traipse down Literary Lane.

Who played Melissa in the episode called "David Copperfield Slipped Me A Roofie" in Two and a Half Men?

Kelly Stables http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1256405/

In addition to David Copperfield and Mystere, which is better O or Le Reve?

I've seen Le Reve three times and each time it was bad. I've seen O once five years ago and I still remember it fondly. To read some reviews about those and other shows, check out the website below:

Can David Copperfield really walk through walls?

Its all illusions. To entertain people with tricks. The fun part of it is how they did it. Thats what makes magic tricks fun and fun to watch.

How does David Copperfield do his "Laser illusion"?

Very carefully.

Have you read David Copperfield or A Tale of Two Cities? Did you enjoy reading either?

I haven't read "David Copperfield," but I really liked "Tale of Two Cities." It's got a complicated (in a good way) plot that all ties together by the end, even though most of it seems irrelevant at first. The very beginning and very end passages of it are pretty famous, too. The whole book is pretty deep, well written, and emotional. I read Oliver Twist, but didn't like it nearly as much. Honestly, Two Cities was one of my favorites. My favorite book, though, was, The Silmarillion! I'm a Tolkien freak, even my Y! account is "arvelegthefirst". I loved Silm a little better than Two Cities, but both are probably some of the best books I've ever read. Some other good ones are (in case you change your mind)- Brave New World (Aldous Huxely), Animal Farm (George Orwell, you might have already read this for school though), and (if you enjoy the Silm.) Tolkien's Unfinished Tales.

How much is an old copy of David Copperfield worth?

If it's not a first edition or an otherwise rare and desirable edition, then it's probably niot worth a lot of money. Why don't you sit down and read it and enjoy it? That would be priceless.

do David Blaine and David Copperfield make a real magic or is it all tricks?

I will give you an example of how David Copperfield perform his remarkable art:- Statue of Liberty Vanish By far one of the most celebrated illusions David Copperfield has performed. As seen by millions on television and by a select group who were on site, the statue was clearly seen against the night sky, both with spotlights shining on it and a ring of lights at its base. The select group of participants sat on a small stage facing a small curtain. The curtains were then closed, when they were reopened, the statue was gone, while the spotlights were still blazing and the ring of lights were still lit. Above, a helicopter hovered, but no statue was in sight. Moments later the curtains were closed. This time, when they reopened, the statue had returned. What a sight. Such a trick. The secret: Although there are actually several methods to this stunt, I will describe the one which is easiest to perform. The staging area for the trick is really the seating area and not the statue. The seating area and the television camera bay are located a short distance from the statue. The seating area is a circular stage with curtain suspended between two pillars. The curtain area is between the sightlines of the seats and cameras, and that of the statue. The spectators at home and those in attendance have a good view of the statue, through the open curtains. When the curtains are closed, the statue is completely blocked out. Surrounding the statue is a ring of lights and in the immediate area are spotlights, focused on the statue. Actually, there are two sets of ights. One rings the statue, one rings an area next to the statue. More amazingly, the platform on which both the spectators and cameras sit, is nothing more than a large turntable. Here are the inner workings: The ring of lights around the object (in this case the Statue of Liberty) is lit. The spotlights sweeping the area are focused on the object too. When the curtains close, the spectator platform slowly turns away from the object. The first set of lights ringing the object are turned off. The second set, near the object are turned on. The spotlights are now redirected to the area above the lit ring of lights. A smoke machine is turned on to further hide the object and to make the lights dance in an eerie empty space. When the curtains are reopened, all that is seen is the smoke, the lights, the searchlights, but not the object. Because no one can see around the curtain area, the audience is unable to make out the dark silhouette of the actual object. But to further diminish the chances of this happening, a bright flash of light precedes the opening of the curtains. Much like looking into the flash of a camera light, there is a temporary blindness which stays with people for many seconds. In the meantime, hovering, the helicopter also has moved, and is now over the new empty area. Naturally no object is beneath it. Even photographs won't later reveal the trick. Any one around the outside of the platform taking photographs with a small flash camera, would not be able to pick up the dark statue because those small cameras have short flash ranges and do not have the distance required to photograph the object. But the photograph touch is a nice addition to an otherwise simple trick. Returning the object to visibility is simply a reversal of routine. Unfortunately, the slow, steady movement of the seat platform makes for a slow paced and dull effect. When you break it down, the Statue of Liberty vanish becomes a simple trick. Much like a black art illusion. But, more importantly, it just shows how gullible people can be. I'm sure that if people did feel the seating area move, they wouldn't say anything. No one would want to ruin such a good trick. This way, they felt like they, too, were in on the trick. And tricks were meant to be kept a secret, now, weren't they? Well, maybe not.

What are some subjects in David Copperfield?

go to ur nearest bookstore any buy a book David Copperfield by charles dickens. dis will give you a gud insight.

David CopperField ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Have you tried Gutenberg? They have EVERY Dickens book.

David Copperfield?

It is a rumor and a nasty one at that

david copperfield?

Hon you are asking someone to write you a lengthy essay that was assigned to you for homework. That isnt really possible here. If you are seeking well rounded characters, there tend not to be any - rather Dickens matches off characters into pairs that together form a rounded character. For instance, Agnes Wickfield and Dora Spenlow. One lacks maturity and can't handle difficult situations, the other is mature and cool and calm in a crisis. Other pairs include Ham and Peggoty, Mrs. Steerforth and Miss Darlie. This was an interesting way for Dickens to write characters. Quite clever. There is your hint - now the rest of the essay is yours to write. Pax - C