Can you help me compile a list of baseball players (only) who has/had two first names?

I created this name string once using the last name from the previous player as the first name of the next player. Lew Carl Carl Everett Everett Scott Scott Terry Terry Lee Lee Howard Howard Farmer Farmer Ray Ray Thomas Thomas Howard Howard Earl Earl Henry Henry Jackson Jackson Todd Todd Walker Walker Cooper Here's hoping SD Minor Leaguer Cooper Brannan can make it to the majors. edit: Off topic but I always liked Tony Armas' name since it contains 4 body parts TOE-KNEE ARM-A$$

Why many girls like men who looks gay>?

I'm with you on that. David Boreanaz is sex on legs. I don't think it's a case of 'looking gay' though. It's more a case of men vs boys. Teenagers seem to prefere the effeminate look on males whilst adults want there men actually be masculine. Plus the 'men' you mentioned are of the two different age ranges. ZE is 22, RP is 23 and you said a young LD. So they haven't matured to the sexiness level of the others JB is 35, DB is 40 and BC is 41. I like my men to be a little rugged, but still love the long hair. Think Colin Farrell in that Scrubs episode. Yum!

What names do you like best?

I quite like Rosie Mae? But otherwise, Sara Elizabeth Theodore James and Rupert Michael (Y)

Need to add an outfielder. Available are Bradley, Hawpe, Ramirez, Pence, Murphy. Please rank.

Hunter Pence Milton Bradley Brad Hawpe Alexi Ramirez David Murphy I honestly wish i could get any of the first three but everyone takes them.

How would you rank these active boxers in the list below based on overall P4P status?

1) Timothy Bradley (the guy will be a P4P fighter after a few more fights) 2) Chris John (although he didn't look great in the rematch against Juarez, the guy is consistent) 3) Juan Manuel Lopez (didn't look great against Mtagwa, but beat a solid champion in Luevano) 4) Sergio Martinez (made a guy who some believed to be a P4P fighter, look very beatable) 5) Hozumi Hasegawa (made several defences of his title against solid and credible opponents) 6) Arthur Abraham (rising star and beat a very game Jermain Taylor in his last fight) 7) David Haye (beat a solid defending champion in Valuev and looked great in previous bouts) 8) Andre Berto (needs to fight better competition, didn't look great in his only acid test in Collazo) 9) Joshua Clottey (very solid former champion who gave guys such as Margarito/Cotto alot of trouble) 10) Pongsaklek Wonjongkam (very, very skilled former champion who needs to bring up his level of competition big time, and he would certainly do that when he faces Koki Kameda in his next bout) P.S. I based my answer on what this guys have done for me lately just as any P4P list should.

What would you name 14 kids using these names?

♦ Charlotte Leah ♦ Claire Abigail ♦ Evangeline Paige ♦ Isabelle Katherine ♦ Jennifer Danielle ♦ Natalie Julia ♦ Sophia Bethany ♦ Andrew Michael ♦ Benjamin Jack ♦ Charles William ♦ Gabriel David ♦ Lucas Kevin ♦ Matthew Ian ♦ Samuel Connor ♥x

What would you name 4 boy using these names?

Adam Christopher Sean Alexander Benjamin Michael "Ben" Zachary Thomas "Zach" :)

How much did your baby weigh at birth?

You had a nice size baby! His name is great as well, Congratulations! Randall Scott 6 lbs 13 oz 21 1/2 inches natural right on time Felecia Marie 8 lbs 2 oz 18 inches natural 2 weeks late Emily Jean 3 lbs 2 oz 15 inches c section (emergency, long story, see link below if you want to know) Farrah Anne 5 lbs 13 oz 18 1/2 inches c-section @ 35 weeks, my water broke, she was breach 5 lbs 13 oz 18

♂ What would you name 5 boys using my favorite names?

The Five Boys --> Samuel, Zachary, Nicholas, Alexander, Connor Samuel --> Humorous, athletic, and outgoing. His emerald eyes and dark brown hair never fail to attract the girls. And being a part of the 'five boys' boosts his popularity. Alexander --> Another member of the 'five boys'. He's cute with his hazel eyes and long, luscious lashes. It's too bad his glasses cover it up, but he's planning on getting contacts soon. He's a nerd at heart, but still found his way into the 'five boys'. Nicholas --> This charismatic fellow has girls thrown at his feet left and right. His turquoise eyes lock onto their gaze then he pulls them in completely with that signature smirk of his. Look up the word 'player' ... his picture should be right next to it. Go on ... look it up ... Connor --> He's a shy, humble boy. But his superiority in the athletic department keeps him in the 'five boys'. He's sweet. His girly friend, Ambrose, has no idea he's practically in love with her. Too bad he can't see the adoration in her eyes every time she gazes at him. Zachary --> He's the guy that livens up every party. He'll be the one who gets drunk, hooks up with a slut, then throws up into the girls Louie vat on bag. Let's not deny his looks, though. He's got those deep brown eyes that shall look deep into your soul. These are the 5 guys ... all who are a part of the 'five boys' group. At least that's how they're know all across Evergreen Academy ...

What made you choose the names you chose for your children?

You have very beautiful (and handsome) sounding names! ♥ My hubby and I had made a list of 200 names per gender when I was pregnant. It was 400 total. When we found out the gender of the baby we narrowed down 200 automatically. From there, we each took a copy of the 200 names that remained and we narrowed that down* to 3 names, our "top 3". Each name had the middle names already paired up with the firsts, so it was just a simple elimination down to 1: the name. *We had eliminated the 200 names down by putting dots and stars next to the names we liked and crossing off names that we each realized wouldn't work for us. We then sat together and talked it out. That helped to eliminate even more names.

What are your 3 favorite names off my boy names list?

I really like these 3: James Christopher - This is a classic name. James is very very strong and can have many nicknames if preferred. Christopher is another very classic boy name that you can never go wrong with. Lucas Benjamin - I love this name! Lucas is unique but very very boy-ish. Benjamin is my favorite middle name for a boy. Benjamin may not be uncommon but it's the name of some really great people in history and has some really cute nicknames connected to it. Vincent William - My dad's middle name is William and it's such a great name. Vincent can go by Vince is he later chooses to in life and it's fairly unique. Good choices!

Which name goes best with these two boy names?

I would say probably: --Matthew James: This is probably one of my favorites out of the list in general. It's just such an elegant, handsome name! I think it sounds really excellent with Robert and Zachary (Robert, Zachary, and Matthew). All the names are classic ones, but not dated at all. Plus, it the same general length and just flows really well with the other two names. --Joshua David: I really like this name, the names flow really well and plus they're both classic, biblical, meaningful names. I think Robert, Zachary, and Joshua sound really good together too. You know how there are names that you just feel really fit the youngest child? I feel that way with this one, and it flow super well with the other two. I actually know brothers name Zachary and Josh! Plus, these names are all pretty similar in style/ length, so they sound like a good set to me! My opinions on each name individually: --Alexander Scott: 10/10. I seriously love this name! Scott is a favorite of mine for middle names, and I love Alexander. The names really flow. It's one of my faves, I just didn't think it sounded as good with Robert and Zachary. Otherwise I would have chosen it, I love it! --Andrew Jonathan: 7/10. This name is fine, but doesn't flow quite as well as I would like. Plus, both names, while nice and fine, are slightly dull, so it just doesn't really stand out. --Bradley William: 10/10. I love this! Bradley is a new fave of mine, and William is a long-time fave! It's a great mix of traditional classic with classic but more unusual. I think William Bradley would sound great too. --David Christopher: 9/10. I like this name! David is a great, biblical name, and Christopher makes the name more interesting. I like the mix of short and long too. Same as the previous one, I think Christopher David might flow a tiny bit better, but this name is great too. --Gregory James: 7/10. I *adore* James, it's a fave of mine, because it's so elegant and classic. However, I really dislike Gregory. I can't picture a cute little boy named Gregory. It's a sort of dated name, in my opinion, and if anything, I prefer it as a middle name. James Gregory? --Jeffrey Daniel: 10/10. This name flows super well! I'm not even that big a fan of Jeffrey, but it sounds so good with Daniel I can't resist! Daniel is a great middle name. --Joshua David: 10/10. As I said above, I adore this name. They flow really well together, plus I love the meaningful, biblical names. --Matthew James: 10/10. This is probably my favorite. It's *great* name. So classic but not dated. It'll age well, and it just sounds so elegant and handsome! --Neil Andrew: 6/10. I don't know, to me, this name doesn't flow super well and is sort of awkward sounding to say. Plus, I'm not as huge a fan of either name. Neil is cute, but Andrew sort of "dulls" it. Just my opinion though! Suggestions: --Andrew Bradley --William Bradley --Christopher David --Alexander James --James Gregory --Neil Alexander =) I hope this helps!

Please comment on each of these boy names?

Andrew Thomas- 8/10 I like this name I think it flows well and I like the look of it Bradley William 7/10 I like this a little less because I don't really care for these two names but they actually sound pretty good together. David Christopher 7/10 I don't really like either name but they sound nice together. Gregory James 5/10 I don't really like the name Gregory and James is okay. I just always think of the name Gregory being for an older guy. Joshua Thomas 10/10 I love the name Joshua and Thomas goes really great with it. This is my favorite name. Matthew James 8/10 Even though both are kind of ordinary, James is okay and Matthew just seems so masculine. I like the names together Robert Sean 5/10 I don't really care for either name but they don't sound bad together. Zachary Daniel 6/10 Zachary is a cute name but I don't really like the name Daniel just because I don't care for the name Dan. Sorry but just my opinion.

Please rate and comment on these boy names?

To be honest I'm not a big fan of any of the names on your list. There are thousands of Andrew's,Bradley's, David's, Joshua's, Matthew's, Robert's and Zachary's born each year. A child's name should make them feel special not common. When the teacher at school says there name in class they'll be lucky if only one other answers. Even the middle names you suggest are over used and just add to the mundane of the first name. If I absolutely had to pick a name from your list I'd go with Zachary Michael but for mr even that's a hard sell. Sorry I'm just giving you an honest opinion.

♂ Which is the best middle name for Samuel?

Samuel Thomas. They flow the best together and, as they're both Biblical, compliment each other greatly. The other combinations just didn't seem to flow as well. :) Victoria

Which two names go best with the name Robert Sean?

Robert Sean, David Christopher, and Matthew James

Pick your 3 favorite boy names off of my list?

Great list! I'll rate each name, then choose my favorite Alexander Scott 9/10- I love Alexander, it's one of my favorite names for a boy..paired with Scott it's wonderful Andrew Callum 8/10 Callum's adorable. My husband and I considered/are considering that for our son. Andrew's very nice too. Bradley Evan 8/10 Great name :) I don't think I know any Evans, it's a great name though..glad to see it used. David Christopher 8/10 Wonderful,classy name James Evan 9/10 We're also considering James for our's a great, classy name. Matthew James 9/10 Again, both names we are considering for my son :) I LOVE both names! Neil Thomas 7/10 I love Thomas, not a huge fan of Neil, but I've seen way worse :) Robert Sean 7/10 Great name! Sean Christopher 7/10 Another wonderful name, I love Christopher Zachary Thomas 9/10 I love Zachary....I'm a fan of Thomas too,so the two together work really well! My favorite three: Matthew James- Chose this one because I just love both names..they work fantastic together! James Evan- Again, I'm such a big fan of James..and Evan's great w/ it! Zachary Thomas- Zachary is in my top 10 boy names, so I'm a big fan. Thomas is perfect as a middle name!

Pick your 3 favorite boy names off of this list?

Alexander Scott-- I love both names (Alexander is the name of my youngest son), and both flow nicely together. While Alexander is a long name, Scott is shorter, and compliments it well. Andrew Joseph-- I really like both names, and they go well together. I really like the nickname options for a little boy named Andrew too. (Drew, Andy, etc.) Zachary Daniel-- I LOVE the name Zachary, and I feel that Daniel is so under-used. Both flow nicely too (: Good luck!

What do you think of my top 10 boy names?

[ Robert Sean "Rob" ] -- Nice, handsome classic. [ Zachary Daniel "Zach" ] -- Daniel isn't my cup of tea, but this is a lovely and strong combination. I love Zachary. [ James Christopher ] -- James is great but Christopher really bores me and reminds me of gophers, sorry. [ Benjamin Chase "Ben" ] -- Cute! I'm not normally a fan of Chase, but it adds a bit of charm here,and I love Benjamin! [ Matthew James "Matt" ] -- Very nice and classic! [ Joshua Thomas "Josh" ] -- Joshua is a name I've never warmed up to. I do love Thomas though. [ Andrew Jonathan ] -- Sweet names and they go nicely together. [ David Christopher ] -- Never liked either name, sorry. [ Bradley William "Brad" ] -- I'd love to see this flipped around; William Bradley. However, it's nice enough the way it is also. [ Sean Christopher ] -- I like Sean, but as I mentioned before, I dislike Christopher. Hope this helps!

What do you think of these baby names?

Yeah, they're fine if you are planning on having your kids beaten up at the bus stop every day.

What would Pacquiao's record look like if he fought these fighters at these times?

Darryl ~ Hello again sir. Although these would be good opponents for Pacquiao, he'd beat them all easily. Pacquiao vs Raheem. Like Booyaka said, although Morales lost to Raheem, it just wasn't his night, and Morales still would've been the better opponent for Pacquiao. The fight would be easy for Pacquiao. Speed kills in most cases. Although Raheem is a good slick fighter, Pacquiao's speed and power would be too much for Zahir. Pacquiao by 8th round KO. Pacquiao vs Juan Diaz. Juan Diaz would've been better than David Diaz, but in my opinion he doesn't have the power to overpower Manny Pacquiao. Pacquiao by 4th round KO. Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley. Again, Bradley is a good slick boxer, but like I said, speed kills, and Pacquiao's power would be too much. Pacquiao by 6th round KO. These could've been better match-ups, but they would still have the same outcome, Pacquiao would still win and have the same record. Thanks.

Trade question: Dempster, Bradley for Wright?

I have bradley on my team and I just dont' think he can keep it up. I've not been to high on dempster all year for some reason, I'd just all over this trade Wright is a top 10 maybe 5 ball player. grab it while u can.

Should we really give Manny Pacquaio credit if he has never defeated a pure boxer at 140 or 147?

It's Devon Alexander and shouldn't Tim Bradley and Devon beat someone like Cotto or Clottey or Hatton before they get respect. Because they have not. Forget your opinion homie, your opinion ain't any better then mine except I'd bet my house my IQ is higher, but I bet you ain't got a house or college education to bet me back.

who is really going to show up and vote ? the bradley effect ?

I don't think there is any doubt that there will be a Bradley effect, but probably not too much. The real problem Obama has is that he has now admitted to being a Socialist. The majority of this country does not believe in socialism. We like our freedom. The Reagan democrats will get into the voting booth and refuse to vote for a socialist. Wait and see. Hunker down for the riots.

What do you think of these boy names?

Alexander Scott - 9/10 (Strong name, not weird at all, but not very common as a combo) Benjamin James - 7/10 (Not too keen on Benjamin, Brady James might sound a bit better) Bradley David - 7/10 (I love Bradley, not sure about David) Christopher John - 8/10 (Simple but timeless) David Christopher - 6/10 (Still not sure about David) Gregory James - 4/10 (The name Gregory seems too old for a baby) John Christopher - 5/10 (I prefer Christopher John) Kenneth Scott - 5/10 (Don't like Kenneth) Michael Jonathan - 6/10 (It's okay) Robert Joseph - 6/10 (I like Robert and Joseph, not too sure about them together) Sean Christopher - 6/10 (I like Christopher but Sean reminds me of a guy I know that smells really bad) Thomas Joseph - 6/10 (Like the individual names, just not together) Zachary Thomas - 3/10 (Really do not like Zachary)

Could Bo really be David Vickers dad?

I suppose it's technically possible. Bo must've been about 18 the night he left for Vietnam. I guess he could've slept with Emma and Asa could've figured that David was his once he knew that Spenser wasn't. But, was Bo so drunk that he didn't remember sleeping with her? Please don't talk to me about that trip to the past- I'm ignoring that. There has to be some basis in reality. And David is supposedly Rex's father but he said he didn't sleep with Roxy??? Can't wait to see how they explain it all!

middle names for bradley!?

I really like Bradley David.

bradley cooper or david beckham?

David Beckham has a nice body and plays the professional sports and all, but i think that Bradley Cooper is so much better looking. So i would go with Bradley.

is jason david of the saints like shawn bradley in the NFL?

as a Saints fan I will gladly give Jason David back to the Colts, free of charge. Jason Davids nickname should be toast because he is always getting burnt

Time to fire Bob Bradley and hire Jurgen Klinsmann, David Beckham, or Thierry Henry?

Jurgen actually has coaching experince, David Beckham would just bring more media attention and he probably wouldnt coach the national team because he is a proud englishman, and Thierry we really want someone from France right now? If we need a player to coach, i would take Brian Mcbride, Claudio Reyna or even Kasey Keller..players that know europe and understand american soccer.

Who do you prefer, Bradley Cooper or David Anders?


Im lookin to trade for David Wright. I was thinking Milton Bradley & my current 3rd baseman Joe Crede?

Even though I don't know how many teams are in your fantasy league, and I don't the needs of the team you are trading with, I would guess you would need to offer more than Bradley and Crede to get Wright. If you can get Wright by giving up Crede and Bradley, more power to you.

Does Bradley James remind you of David Mitchell?

He does! I love both David and Bradley, and they remind me of each other ALL the time and I have no clue why! They should have DM and BJ on Big Fat Quiz of the Year together.

Are David Tennant and Bradley James related?

No. They are not related.

how and when did martial arts actor david bradley pass away? it says nothing in men of action forum.?

He died December 19, 1997, although I don't know how.


Rumors have it that he had heart trouble and is living in Texas and is no longer doing movies or martial arts.

is jason david the shawn bradley of the nfl?

Its him or Fred Thomas, so hes better than the other option, sad as that is.

Republican judge David Prosser tried to murder Democrat judge Ann Bradley, will Cons demand he resigns?

First of all, diphthong, Judges are non-partisan. Second Republicans demanded Weiner resign because they would have already done so themselves! The South Carolina Governor is the only Republican I can think of who has not automatically resigned in the face of scandal. Third, If he Really tried to murder her (I confess, I have not heard of this case) Then he is already charged with a crime, nd as such,m has at least been suspended from the bench. Unless all this is JUST YOUR OPINION!?! We will seek justice, whatever form it takes.

how do i find a corp. david bradley inc.?

David Bradley Inc is located in Lyons, New York.,+NY+14489&sa=X&oi=locald&radius=0.0&latlng=43077680,-76989575,10819415155554718491

what year is my David Bradley chainsaw model no.2965518?

Contact the manufacturer and they will be able to tell you from the serial number.

There is an author, David Bradley, who wrote the Chaneyville Incident . Has he ever done anything else?

Looks like he has a few others. You can check the Amazon link below. I tried to figure out if they are the same David Bradley, but the other link I found only listed 2, the other being South Street. This is from the second site: David Bradley is an associate professor of creative writing at the University of Oregon and author of South Street and the The Chaneysville Incident, which won the PEN/Faulkner Award in 1982. It lists a number of his works and has other links.

I have a david bradley chainsaw need to know what year, size, and value. thanks?

Tools rather than sculpture? Tools collectibles site? having glanced at this the number you give is a Sears type reference number

need a bell housing for a 1956 david bradley chainsaw?

Google...bavid bradley chainsaws

what year is my david bradley chainsaw model 917 61403?


i have a David Bradley 360 chainsaw where to i find the model # to find the real age of it?

Look for a thin metal tag rivited onto the drive case somewhere. This would have the sears model number on it. 355.xxxxx or 917.xxxxx if you can't ID the saw I can tell you what it might be from a digital picture.

Does anyone know where I can find antique go carts made by David Bradley?

Sorry if you've been to this site already:

Where to find a gasket and seal kit for an old kerosene David Bradley Multi Purpose Torch and Weed Burner.?

You may never find one. Best bet is to go to an automotive suppy store, and get some gasket material and make as many as you want

David Bradley Farm Tractor?

The value would depend on the model and condition of your tractor. Obviously, it would be worth more if it is in good running condition than if it were just a rusted pile of junk. You might compare prices on Ebay or other Internet auction sites to see what items similar to yours are selling for.

I have a David Bradley/Sears Roebuck pre war walking tractor still runs great...?

Well, you named it right ! These are "collectible" in some areas . Exactly what are you asking ? Sears parts dot com still makes parts available and there are tons of club Internet sites that will answer most any question. If it still runs great are you seeking attachments ? They're available thru web-site and even EBay occasionally. Good luck in whatever you are seeking.

Does anyone know where I can find parts for a David Bradley chainsaw?

You're on the internet, that should be a clue. In lieu of that, David Bradley Company was bought by Sears in 1910 and sold in the early 60's. Here is an exerpt frm the internet : Can I Still Get Parts? Yes and No. For pre-war equipment, the answer is pretty much no. For the popular post war equipment, some parts are still available through Sears. Items like hoods and steering wheels are long gone, but smaller items that were re-used by Bradley Engineers for more current equipment may still be available. Check out the Sears parts site at for exploded views of some equipment and possible parts availability. Yahoo David Bradley Club. The club allows you to post images for others to view. There is an online chat every Thursday night at 8:00 PM ET. There is also an active bulletin board discussion with over 400 members. To join go to the link below and follow the instructions to register. DB Mail internet email list. You can send and receive messages by email to hundreds of other collectors. You can also participate in DB related polls and register your tractor in the database. Join by sending a message to the following address from the email address you want to receive messages on. eBay Online Auction. Search eBay for all things David Bradley Search Now DBattachments Club. This club specializes in issues related to attachments for the post war DB garden tractor: DavidBardleyClassifieds Club. This club is a place to buy and sell DB equipment online: DavidBradleyYardSale Club. This club is a place to buy and sell DB equipment online: DB Restorer. This site contains lots of information on the proper restoration of DB garden tractors and attachments: Handiman Tractor. This is the definitive web site for all things that were branded with the Handiman trade mark by Sears.: Nels' David Bradley Page. This site specializes in DB's in action and historical images of DB equipment: Kevin Shaw's DB Tractors Page. This site posts images of some of Kevin's tractors: Grammajoe's Yahoo Briefcase. This site has downloadable images of DB equipment and files of use to collectors and restorers.: Printed Resources: The David Bradley Newsletter. Published 4 times a year, subscription price $16. Terry E. Strasser 2345 Little Georgetown Rd. Hedgesville, WV. 25427 (304) 274-1725