Why is it that the Tea Party people are said to be racist when the Democrats are the party who is associated w?

It's just a tactic used as an attempt to discredit an entire group of people. No one is able to prove that they're not a racist, anyway--not even the ones making the accusation. And of course, the accusers aren't intelligent enough to know that it's a logical fallacy to make a generalization such as "Republicans are racists," or "The tea party is a bunch of racist rednecks." Yet, these intelligence-deficient accusers persist in their irrationality. People who are accused of racism do NOT HAVE TO prove they're not racists. __________ to Luke: First, that is ONE picture, that is the only picture I've seen and it's over-used now. ONE man is NOT representative of the Tea Party, so you are guilty of the above-mentioned logical fallacy. Secondly, this particular man was ASKED TO LEAVE the event immediately, by the organizers of the event where he showed up. So who is more racist? The organizers who made this man leave, or the one who is dishonestly perpetuating the myth that he represents an entire group of people? I say it's that latter...oh...that would be YOU, wouldn't it? Prove you're not a racist now. ________ Plus, Luke, you might have wanted to do a little research on this individual and read an article or two, rather than just looking at the pictures. http://newsbusters.org/blogs/lachlan-markay/2010/02/12/tpm-trumpets-racist-rebuffed-tea-party-groups-prominent-leader

Todays mayhem began in schools classrooms in 1962?

No. Ask any teacher, prayer has no effect on classroom management. However, the minimum wage began losing its value in 1969 and has never reached real dollar value since the 1968 minimum wage. So if parents didn't have to work 2 and half jobs they'd probably have time to be the parent that helps a child succeed in school.

Can the liberals out there even deny that their socialist-communist regulations are just like fascism?

The sad thing is that there are Dittoheads and Faux News Drones out there who really do believe that communism, socialism, and fascism are all synonyms for the same thing.

What Are the service codes and ICD-9-CM codes for this case?

We work for Lincoln College Online we do not mean for you to do your work this way this is a form of plagiarism because you are going to put this work off as your own, and just know this is not how an employer wants you to seek out answers especially because when you are attending an well known online college, you must study, and if you need additional help speak to your professor, or request tutoring. You can't properly perform the task of a Medical Biller if you don't know how to code on your own you have a ICD-9-CM manual look up the condition instead of trying to get someone else to do your work.

For those who claim that America was founded as a Christian Nation?

Have you really read the Declaration of Independance ? Or The Constituion ? Even the judical system is based upon the ten commandments. Look over the door of every court house. Even the money you carry. In God We Trust. Not in gods we trust. The leaders during the time ALL these Documents were signed,befoe going into the meeting,they prayed for guidance from God. There are pictures of these accounts.

Are Christians going to take Kirk Cameron's Monumental film seriously?

Did anyone ever take him serious?

Can we learn something from India's system in order to effectively combat the Caste Warfare in our country?

Yes. Liberals are pursuing Caste Warfare as we speak. They must be stopped.

Taking a poll here, how much do you love America/?

I am in complete agreement. I believe the health care plan is unconstitutional, but that probably won't stop them. I am sure a lawsuit will be filed if it does pass. James Madison said, " The powers of the federal government are enumerated; it can only operate in certain cases; it has legislative powers on defined and limited objects, beyond which it cannot extend it's jurisdiction," and that he could not lay his finger on the power that allowed Congress to expend their constituents money on objects of benevolence. There should definitely be a debate on the foundation of authority. I love my country, but I fear this government. MR

should there be a separation of church and state, or did atheists purjure themselves?

"Separate Church and state, that's what some liberal said. I think it's time we liberated him from his head." -Tobi Keith

Where has America gone wrong?

I would like to say the war, it's a war that should have never happened. We spend so much money on it, some that could go towards improving cities & other issues. But that's just my opinion, but I do believe it is one of causes.

Do you see a way out of the current hyper-political cultural atmosphere? What is it?

america founded on christianity?

Hey, I'm a Christian, and I also hate to see the Founding Fathers' words twisted around to promote America as some sort of theocracy!

Do you believe the lies?

Apparently some of the responders above me don't really know who David Barton is. He is an expert in the Constitution and US History. He has authored several books on the subject and has been called to testify as an expert witness before the Supreme Court of the US several times. Wall builders is an organization Mr Barton has founded and has in its archives numerous original books and articles from the 1700's and 1800's concerning our nation's founding fathers. People like to say that Jefferson was a Deist and that may or may not be true. But the congressional records state that as President he requested congress to allocate moneys to Catholic Priest Missionaries to preach the Gospel to the American Natives around the area of Virginia. Benjamin Franklin who became governor of Pennsylvania order the Bible to be the principal textbook of all public schools in that state. Of course many believe that Mr Franklin was also a Deist. There are thousands of documents in the archives of Congress attesting to the fact that 98% of the founding fathers were professing Christians, but as long as you have people who refuse to do the homework and rely on others to tell them what is true you will have people who make all sorts of ridiculous claims. I Cr 13;8a

Do you find disturbing what this presidential wannabe politician has to say?

I despair for America sometimes.

Ashley Young or David Silva?

david silva clint dempsey ashley young

Realistically how big of a fad is Krav Maga?

It would be awesome if more people who actually studied Krav spoke about it, and the people who have never had a thing to do with it other than fanboyhood kept quiet about it. Is it a huge fad? Not really.. not compared to say BJJ and MMA, or "Grappling" in general as far as popularity of Martial Arts or people seeking classes. In the Martial Arts community or even in the Martial Arts fan community, it is definately prominent. Mainly because someone who watched fight science or read one or two articles in Black Belt magazine think that it is "Ruthless and Designed to kill". It is the modern day "Ninjutsu" in the fact 10 years ago people would say the same things about Ninjutsu that they are saying about Krav today..."it's completely ruthless and only meant to kill". The people saying it were mainly ignorant of any training in it, other than some mythological idea of it. The same is with Krav Maga currently. It's a Martial Arts fad, but not something the average person knows much about, if at all. Now the average fanboy of martial arts, guys with little to no training but think they know alot about Martial Arts will spout it's virtues to high heaven. The guys who have actually trained in it, can tell you a far different picture.

Christian friends: Does the end justify the means?

Such Christians are dishonest to the core and bring shame upon themselves and upon Christianity in general. God most certainly does not approve of such tactics.

Christians: Is this a common sentiment amongst you folk?

Does the word "church" include the muslim mosque? Because it seems to me like there is a discrepancy between the attitude towards Christians and Muslim or any other faith. The clause was put to protect the Church, not the Government, BTW, so I agree with the quote.

Does anyone else find it hilarious that Glenn Beck's claimed "personal historian" is....?

Nothing about that douche surprises me anymore.

When Christians say they are fundamentalists, do they mean that they are, fundamentally, dishonest liars?

Anyone who takes the bible literally is not using their brain.

Best baby names for a boy? Middle names also?

What is an ESTABLISHMENT of a RELIGION? Prayer in school? Ten Commandments in public? A Nativity scene?

I totally agree! They want to squelch any speech that they don't agree with because they are insecure in their own beliefs and can't handle others who actually have belief systems...of what ever type. Why is it that Christians aren't trying to get Santa banned from schools, or children from other faiths expressing a greeting during their holiday..... Only the liberals feel they have the right to squelch speech in such a manner.

Who said the following?

Huckabee said that, and he's one of the reasons I'm glad to be an Independent instead of a Republican. I won't support the "ruling America with an iron fist" or "you'll think what I want you to think" philosophies people like Huckabee endorse.

do people still think the USA was founded as a Christian Nation?

I don't. Of course, I am intelligent enough to confirm what I am told instead of merely believing it. The first admendment is based on the Separation of church and state. The reason why the forefathers came to this country was for religious freedom, not to make a Christian nation. In fact most of the fore fathers weren’t even Christian, but deist, atheist and agnostic. Here are some quotes Wolfie might enjoy- "As to Jesus of Nazareth, my opinion of whom you particularly desire, I think the System of Morals and his religion...has received various corrupting changes, and I have, with most present dissenters in England, some doubts as to his divinity; tho' it is a question I do not dogmatize upon, having never studied it, and think it needless to busy myself with it now, when I expect soon an opportunity of knowing the Truth with less trouble." The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, by Benjamin Franklin Thomas Paine: "I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, nor by any church that I know of... Each of those churches accuse the other of unbeliefe [sic]; and for my own part, I disbelieve them all." --from The Age of Reason He also had a few thoughts in regards to the Bible: "It is a history of wickedness that has served to corrupt and brutalize mankind; and, for my part, I sincerely detest it as I detest everything that is cruel." John Adams, the 2nd Constitutional President: Twenty times in the course of my late reading have I been upon the point of breaking out, 'This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it!'" (John Adams, A Biography in His Own Words) Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise." --James Madison in a letter to William Bradford

What is an ESTABLISHMENT of a RELIGION? Prayer in school? Ten Commandments in public?

All the founding fathers wanted was freedom of religion. They did want the state setting religions parameters or a single state recognized religion that was the only religion allowed. Such as Britain and France had at the time. They did not want the State in religion, they had no problem with religion in the state. They would have had no problem with the ten commandments in the Court, or a Koran, or prayer in school. They started the practice of prayer in congress. Liberals are for the most part atheists. Simply a minority forcing the majority to their beliefs. The idea of liberalism is the individuals needs override societies as a whole. Me first everyone else second. We are a republic based on majority rule. Make it simple. Put it to a vote and the majority wins

do all Christians think that Christians built the political and educational systems of this country?

NO. All that the "Christians" have ever built is yet another means of Capitalism.

why did glenn beck's comrade give speeches at two neonazi meetings?

Sorry after reading your blog article, I see little to nothing that proves this is what the show was about. All it did was explain who the speaker was and some of his past actions. It in no way proves that Beck in any way supports the actions of the individual he had on the program, after all he has invited Obama to the show, which merely means he is willing to interview many personal view points. So just because a guest has a specific past or view point, they should not be allowed on the show, or for some reason means it is the view point of the host? In which case that would be like stating since you mention the topic of being a "neonazi", then you must have the same view.

What are the Browns new players...numbers? They had to have issued them by now.?

50 Eric Barton #96 David Bowens #81 David Patten Who are the others? Not sure but you can find them here: http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/teams/cle/roster;_ylt=AjWP.g1kmxt06fdMWUJPNeGC2bYF

Is Seth Meyers from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE gay/bi?

So funny this question is being asked, because I too see him at that very same gym and have wondered what his story is. He's got great legs! I don't know too many "straight" men who work out there. I mean it's a big gay scene. I've also seen Anderson Cooper working out there too! Kinda makes you wonder....

Christian friends, isn't lying for Jesus still lying?

I suppose some do believe he approves, but the ends do not justify the means. Lying is lying. Good point my friend, thanks.

Should we do away with the first Amendment?

No, but we do need to repeal the 2nd amendment.

Should we do away with the 1st Amendment?

According to hypocritical conservatives, yes.

Christians - What is a good book to get that is about the US' Christian heritage?

Mein Kampf.

Would Jesus be for or against Net Neutrality?

David Barton is an a--hole.

Did the KKK attacked Blacks and Whites long time ago because they were Republicans, during its founding ?

Only in as far as if those Republicans were active members of the Union League which was the northern equal to the modern KKK in every way. The Union League was open to both blacks and whites and whose aim was to victimize the Southern populace in as many ways as possible. The KKK was formed to protect the Southern civilians from those who sought to rob them of what little they had left after the war. The real KKK was disbanded in 1870. General N.B. Forrest spent the rest of his life denouncing the resurgent Klan of the 1880s who were more white supremacists than the anti-Union Leaguers the original group was. The hate-mongering group we have today would shame the men who organized the original group.

Wouldn't it just be easier if we went from a class based society to a caste based society here in the US?

You forgot "idiot class." That's the one you belong in.

Does the State of Texas have a Problem with the Separation of Church and State?

Anyone who thinks we were founded on Christianity is wrong, and that is not an opinion. "As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion..." That is the first line of Article XI of the Treaty of Tripoli, signed unanimously by the Senate and then-President John Adams, a devout Christian, in 1797. Many of those who signed it, including Adams, were our actual Founding Fathers. Anyone who claims to know better than they is ignorant at best. Oh, it was also read aloud before it was signed, and there are no records of anyone present objecting to those words. If you think differently, go back to your parents and your school and ask them why you were given revisionist history to learn.

What 5 Christian Right leaders would you most like to throw to the lions?

...and I thought you far-lefties were all about love, peace, and harmony (LOL).

What is the best way to negotiate a deal on a gym membership?

If you're students you can probably get it discounted or even free if you use the gym on campus (''free'' meaning it was included in your student fees). Also see what prices they have if you hire a personal trainer. I know the gym I go to only charges $30 a month if you have a trainer. The trainer charges $25 an hour. So, it's cheaper to get a trainer for an hour once a month and use the discounted monthly rate than it is to just buy a month's pass. Have the trainer set up a workout regimen you can actually use on your own, and then see them once a month so they can tweak it and note your progress. Asides from that just know that gyms aren't cheap, no matter how you slice it.

Joey Barton vs David Bentley vs Kevin Nolan?

Kevin nolan reason why- because i said so

Is Rodda quite correct in writing of David Barton thusly -?

and your question is?

is it possible that glenn beck and david barton are gay lovers?

has any revisisionist christian "Snoped" David Barton's claim of a 'christian nation' by founding fathers?

Are you kidding? Most Christians don't even "Snope" the e-mail about Bill Gates giving away money if you forward this e-mail to everyone you know. (I've received it more times than I can count). If everyone would do just a little research on the things they hear, we would have far more intelligent discussions about really important issues than we tend to nowadays.

David Barton, Lyndon LaRoche, Kochs, Discuss....?

I have Two word Answer.... NWO MASTERS

I'm looking for graphs from David Barton's book on prayer in public schools?

You can find "graphs" from David Barton's book on prayer in public schools at (SOME) Pubic Library's !

David Barton Gym?

Never went into one but remember the one that literally came and went in lower Chelsea. Did not look friendly for the women or for the people with no money, to put it mildly.

Are there any factual sources to disprove David Bartons view on History?

you can try http://www.publiceye.org/ifas/fw/9606/barton.html the writer lists several sources you might want to check out in his references. also, wikipedia has an article on david barton which also lists sources of objection to and debate against his theories. just to add my two cents...i am a christian who is devoted to following the Lord and have been a christian missionary for many years, but i do not agree that america is or ever was a "christian nation". i have traveled all over the world and all over america sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and one thing i have learned. it is not possible for an entire nation to be christian unless everyone in it is following Jesus and that has never been true of this or any other nation. it is true that america was founded by people who were foundationally christian, but most of whom did not live truly biblical lives. it is also true that the laws and precepts upon which this nation was founded are christian or more acurately judeo/christian. it is also true that the original laws seperating church and state were meant to keep the state governments out of the church's business thereby preventing the same things which happened in england and europe where kings and kingdoms were able to persecute and meddle in the affairs of the churches. but i take exception to the idea that america ever was a truly christian nation. there are plenty of christians in this nation and the freedom of religion we have here makes that good and right. but the same freedom of religion which preserves christian rights also preserves the rights of all other types of religions or even those who are not religious to hold their own beliefs and opinions. i grew up during the days when we had prayer in school ( i am pretty old) but i was not a believer then and so it had absolutely no impact upon me at all. with that said, i will say that the lawlessness and the lack of respect and the increasing rebellion and sin we see rampant in our schools today have a great deal to do with the nation as a whole foresaking and turning away from God and godly principals....but to be a truly christian nation is not possible and cannot be legislated either for or against. if america were to suddenly experience a nationwide revival where millions of people turned to God and repented of sin, no laws or law makers would be able to alter, change or legistlate against it.

Regarding lineage of David Barton b 1954?

There are very few records of living people on-line for free. If you have David Barton's father - or better, grandfather - you could post it, and someone who isn't related might look for you, just for the thrill of the chase. Include his birth and death date, birth, death and marriage place (town, COUNTY, state), wife's maiden name and BMD dates/places. The chance of David Barton's son or daughter being interested in genealogy and seeing your post in the 12 hours it will be on the first page is miniscule.

What is the price of a membership to David Barton Gym?

"And, of course, like any gym worth it's $400 initiation fee" "Throughout January, the Upper East Side location is taking $300 off the regular $500 enrollment fee." "David Barton Gym currently has a pre-opening special for their Bellevue location with a lower monthly rate and $0 initiation fee, for those who sign-up" "We signed up at the presale dues rate and NO JOINING FEE with a 10 day cancel"

How old was David Barton when Clara was 11 and nursed him?

David was born in 1808. Clara was 11 in 1832. That would make David 24.