Has anyone read the Fallen series by Lauren Kate?!?

I LOVE these series! I cant wait for Rapture to come out. Elizabeth Gillies is PERFECT for Arianne and Alex Pettyfer is the BEST choice for Daniel, that's how i pictured him in the book! I cant wait for the movie to come out!

How is this for a Spider-Man 4?

Why arent you writing for the movies? you have a flair for it..BRAVO your spec script looks great

your thoughts on spiderman 4? Director Raiami and Maguire r coming back?

Since the character of Dr. Connor was in all 3 Spiderman movies, they should have him become the Lizard in Spiderman 4...and bring back Venom, giving him a GOOD plot line this time.

which or what?? which is correct?

Which is correct What is used for questions You arnt asking a question you are telling a story. Which is only used for questions where there is more than one choice. and usually used demonstrativly (when you can see the choices) For example You go into a bar and say to a friend "what drink would you like?" (you cant see any drinks BUT If you go to the bar and buy 3 different drinks and bring them back to the table you would say "which drink would you like" (because there is a choice of 3 and you can see them (demonstrative)

The truth about Ian Somerhalder and Daniel Gillies?

the professionalism of director is to show us everything in the way he wants. soooo he wants damon to be taller and operators are shooting this scene in the way that ian somerhalder looks taller. that's simple. every celebrity is using this trick to look taller. for example in photos if you take a photo standing, from down to up, or just lying, you will look taller in the picture