Does anyone else think that Daniel Day Lewis and Kristin Scott Thomas should do a movie together as a couple?

i think i would fair better with him..

Have Heath Ledger and Daniel Day Lewis ever worked together?

no they never worked together...DDL is a great actor isnt he?

What are your expectations for new Daniel Day-Lewis projects "Lincoln" and "Silence"?

All three of those movies will turn out masterpieces

What are your expectations for Daniel Day-Lewis movies?

I'm very excited. Daniel Day Lewis is such a talented, versatile actor. An Abraham Lincoln bio pic sounds great, and Spielberg directing? I don't see how it can go wrong. The production design will probably be great as well. I know nothing about the movie Silence other than it's going to be directed by Scorsese. So obviously my expectations are high. BQ- I don't know about Tarantino's project yet. If Tarantino actually casts Lady Gaga as a key character than I'll lose a tremendous amount of interest in it. I'll definitely check it out, but it's not going to be one those movies where I'll be counting the days until it's released.

Who is the greatest currently working movie actor - Robert De Niro or Daniel Day-Lewis?

Daniel Day Lewis Granted, his body of work isn't that large...but I would put him up there with Marlon Brando and Robert DeNiro as probably 3 of the top overall screen acting talents ever. His ability to completely transform into so many different characters (contrast Daniel Plainview character to his role in Age of Innocence and then contrast that to My Left Foot) is amazing.

what 1800s movie is daniel day-lewis in? based on the book by the canadian author?

I would have to say Last of the Mohicans. But it was not written by a Canadian. And no offense to Ashcan but it was written by James Fenimore Cooper, NOT Nathaniel Hawthorne. And it took place in 1757 not the 1800's as you have stated. It was published in 1826. Hope I helped a bit.

Is it just that Daniel Day Lewis is a fantastic actor?

All I heard was "There will be blood" was the best movie ever listening to the critics, I did not like it. For me Daniel Day Lewis was the sexiest ever in "Last of the Mohican's"; I have and will continue to watch that movie over and over. Philip Seymour Hoffmann is okay, I enjoyed him in a movie with Robert De Niro who had suffered a stroke and Mr. Hoffmann played a gay man who was teaching him to speak again, it was a good movie. What is there to say about Meryl Streep? She is the greatest actress of our generation. The Devil Wears Prada, the clothes she wore, that grey Prada handbag, and "that is all" when she dismissed someone, one of my favorite movies. Can't wait to see "Doubt".

Is the Love Child of Daniel Day Lewis and Kramer in my public library?

That was Tom Waits! Go get his autograph!!

What are the most extreme Daniel Day-Lewis role preperation stories?

I remember reading or hearing somewhere that when he was making My Left Foot, he insisted on staying in character, i.e. someone with severe cerebral palsy, and so he had someone feed him.

How would you describe Daniel Day Lewis in 5 words?

An amazingly versatile actor - yum!