What gender comes to mind for each of these names/words...?

Keyer and Saiger sound foreign. I really don't like most of them. either. I don't think I'd have negative feelings, except maybe with Wapiti. Lampone really stuck out. I like it. It sounds trusted, strong, professional. It makes me think of rock, tree, earth, concrete, stone, tank, mountain, bear, steel. Its like saying "I do not move, I am professional, I do my duty with mechanical precision. I am a fortress of law order" Damasco sounds more suited to a chat room admin name or forum admin name or something, as it screams admin. It makes me think of graceful, controlled, awe-inspiring power. Its sounds like a sniper's callsign. It makes me think of wizard, eagle, hawk, fire, horse, knight, angel, fighter plane. Its like saying "I am the master of these forums, I am the keeper of the grove, I am justice. I defeat enemies of this realm, and I keep everything in good order." If the job is too professional, it could come off as childish or uppity though. It could also come off as hispanic because of the "co" suffix(a lot of people are racist against hispanics, keep that in mind). It really depends on what you think.

Will someone please give me a reality check about my beloved Blue Jays?

I do hope this year is the Jays, and it does look like it. Unlike Florida, they aren't winning against the dismal Nationals

Please help me to translate this language to english !!?

The Spanish has a lot of spelling mistakes and no punctuation, so: 1.hola soy yo meme vivo en 25 de mayo prov de bs as..mis abus eran de damasco...me gustaria conoserlos no hay nadie con mi mismo apellido hasta ahira......= Hi it's me Meme I live on May 25th province of de bs as... my grandparents were from Damascus... I'd like to meet you there's no one with my same surname 2.hola soy meme..estoy viviendo en 25 de mayo de mayo,prov de bs as..mis abuelos eran de damasco..porfa escribime a= Hi it's Meme... I'm living on May 25th province of bs as... my grandparents were from Damascus.. please write to me at 3.te cuento que tengo 27 años...y bue todos me llaman la turka jaja me encantaria saber si tenemos algun parentesco por dios es increible.....= I'll tell you I'm 27 years old... and well everyone calls me the Turk ha ha I'd love to find out if we're related my God it's incredible... 4.te dejo mi num de celu para que nos escribamos si queres...= I'll give you my cell number so you can write to me if you want... 5.hola sos arave como yo me encantaria conoserte!!!!!= Hi are you arab like me I'd love to meet you! 6.Te sentirías seguro con ........... al estar ebrio= You'd feel safe with... when you're drunk

Does anyone know?

Not personally but if you happen to have a friendster account, chances are you can find them by the search tool bar.

l can't find in memory 5 the investigation guys,?

I suggest that you consult a hack web site for this specific game.

how can i be happy without my boyfriend?

by getting a life

what is damasco?

damasco is spanish words for a fruit from the family of the peach but more little,de la familia del durazno.

damasco marte of yankees has to be weak link with era of 10.05!?

yes- this bum will kill yankees in playoffs if the use him in tight game

Who or what is Damasco S Leucio?

I don't think it is a person. I tried looking up the name and nothing happened. I tried searching for them separately and I think they are words in another language, but which one and what they mean I am unsure of. Try going to http://www.freetranslation.com and inputing them and it should be able to tell you what language they are and what they mean!!!

what's the name of the biblical magi in hebrew? is it something like Amerio, Damasco, Apelio?

Originally, they are not named, and even not numbered. In the Hebrew translation of the NT it is only mentioned that "Magushi" people came from the east. On later traditions their names were believed to be Caspar/Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar. Out of these names only Melchior has a Hebrew meaning - king of light. The names Amerio, Damasco and Apelio sound Latin to me. They are definately not of Hebrew origin.

from what other site does maribel reyes pascua damasco have?


Can any one give me an idea on who this is or how much thisa may be worth. It is made by Damasco S. Leucio?

I'm a museum cordinator, I can probably help you out. E-mail me: pam@sylvia.org



what is the other site that maribel reyes pascua damasco had joined?