what do you think the other two die cast cars of Dale Earnhardt Sr. will be?

Dale Sr and Big Bill France !

How does Dale Earnhardt Sr make money?

They don't make money. Their name makes other people money. Merchandise sales. Copyright royalties.

Can someone tell me the value of Dale Earnhardt stuff?

If this is the card I'm thinking of it is a limited edition card that is a series of 750.If it is the same one(series) it is betweet 75 and 100 dollars for the card.Mostly to a serious "Earnhardt" collector.

What would a plaque with pic of Dale Earnhardt Sr. labeled may 20th 1995 25th silver aniversary be worth?

I have the same one. I paid $20 for it about 10 years ago. Check the closed auctions on ebay to see if they have sold anything like that to get an idea. *JAKD*

If 2nd is first loser, what does that make Dale Earnhardt Jr?

Dale Jr. is only liked because of his father. If his dad wasn't a driver Dale jr would be hated and you would probably ask me why well let's see the guy can't drive! Hell he don't even know where the accelerator is! I don't think he even cares about racing anymore. like i said people only like him cause of his father and it freakin pisses me off!! why do we cheer for the people who suck like dale jr. and boo the people who can actually race like jimmie johnson and kyle busch (btw i don't like kyle but he can race) i know i'm going to get tons of thumbs down but i'm telling the truth here i actually realize what's going on. so is his father proud? absolutely not.

Do you still buy Dale Earnhardt merchandise?

Yeah but not as much as I use to simply cause I've got most of seniors merchandise. The dale and Johnny cash and Elvis is flatout stupid!

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr going to win the Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips at the Glen?

That would be, No......

What is the value of this Dale Earnhardt Nascar?

This car was produced by Action in 2001 The Diecast Digest Pricing Guide Magazine show this car valued at $293.00 for the production run of 16,752.. Also $275.00 for the Chrome version of 16,164 production run AND $430.00 for the Platinum Car production run of 2508 in 1/18th scale.

where do you find how much Dale earnhardt collectables are worth?

Keep an eye on ebay...That will give you a base worth....Don,t sell it!!!!It will be worth more money in the future....

Dale Earnhardt Jr: Will Junior finally take his rightful place next to his father in the HOF?

No ,Don't see No HOF openings for him. Until Jr. gets the Fire,and Passion back to Win he will continue to be a Mid 20'th place driver no matter who he has for a Crew Chief or Owner.

Is it true that the mother of dale Earnhardt passed away this month?

She's not that important.

Why is Dale Earnhardt Junior always the favorite to win the Daytona 500?

Sorry, he is not my favorite............... It would be Kyle Busch for the Win......

Why are people criticizing Carl Edwards, but idolize Dale Earnhardt?

Well i love carl edwards my favorite driver dont get me wrong i respect dale earnhardt but no one gives carl his props he is a great driver

Who is the better cheater Chad Knaus or Dale Earnhardt Jr?

Dave Rogers and everyone else at JGR, remember the magnets under the gas pedals on JGR's Nationwide cars in 2008(since you insist on bring up ancient history), the unapproved oil pans? Denny parking in turn 2 at Richmond to eliminate Jr's 2 second lead over Kyle.

Are there any drivers who are better than Dale Earnhardt Jr?

That does not make him the best driver. That makes him the most popular. According to the facts, he was the 25th best driver this year. This is NOT taking into factor that he was outrun by drivers in much worse equipment while he has the best in the sport. Taking THAT into account, he's probably the 28th or 29th best in the series at the moment. That's bad considering 43 cars start in every race, and 2 or 3 of them don't even race. The 2nd most prominent cause of the drop in NASCAR's is directly proportional to people giving up on Junior while he is their only reason to watch the sport.

Why does ESPN have Dale Earnhardt ahead of Richard Petty in both greatest drivers of all-time?

Tough call on that one. Petty did have the opportunities to win more races but you take in account that he didn't have as many people working on his car as Earnhardt did. Petty did it in a time where a lot of the money they were spending was coming out of their own pockets. Their eras were different & both would be well deserved. Personally I would lean towards Petty because I think he raced against more great drivers that were in their prime than Earnhardt did. I would imagine that if Davey Allison had not died early, Earnhardt probably wouldn't have won as many races or championships. That kid was special. And before the Earnhardt nation jumps on me with all the thumbs down, I mean nothing in disrespect to Earnhardt. I think he perfect timing for his Nascar carreer.

Does anyone know where I can purchase Dale Earnhardt Jr stuff in Lake County Fl?

Can I show you two items ? one is a mug and the other are coasters.

What is a Snapon Top tool box Dale Earnhardt Worth?

$40.00 and you pay shipping

What was the goal of Al Qaeda in their assassination of Dale Earnhardt?

Dale Earnhardt was a one man army. Unless Al Qaeda found a way to neutralize Earnhardt he would have put an end to their organization single handedly. There would be no way to stop Earnhardt once he was unleashed. Every single Al Qaeda operative would have been dead within a few months. So you can see their motivation to stop him.

what Happened to Dale Earnhardt Jr in the AAA 500 at Dover?

he was sending text's on his cell phone?

What is keeping NASCAR from giving a driver a bigger restrictor plate, a driver like say "Dale Earnhardt Jr"?

Nascar does not issue a certain restrictor plate to a certain team. The restrictor plates are all put together in a box and each team selects their own. then they are checked for size, installed and sealed by an official. Anyone in the garage area can watch this process. They are also checked after the race to be sure they haven't been tampered with. "NASCAR has a controlled process to select restrictor plates to prevent cheating: A team member gets to reach over a barrier to select a plate at random. An official raises the plate aloft for spectators, then inserts the plate on a pole to measure the hole diameter -- the holes are each about the size of a quarter, give or take a few fractions of an inch. After that, the official installs the plate on the team's engine before securing it with a NASCAR seal to prevent tampering"

How much would a full size Dale Earnhardt Jr Amp Energy replica hood that is signed be worth?

Around $10 a ton

How much would I get out this Dale Earnhardt Collectible?

10 bucks

Is Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr responsible for Global Warming?

NO. The only thing hes responsible for is a bunch of sheep that think he is the greatest thing since is dad hit the wall.

how much is a snap-on deep impact socket set with a Tasmanian devil dale Earnhardt 2000 die cast race car wort?

After he died it was selling for about $295. Now it goes between $90 to $175. Do you still have the box? If not than take $50 on the low and high and that's how much it would be worth.

What are the chances that Dale Earnhardt JR will get the pole this weekend at the yard of bricks?

YEAH 9 points left you dont know how to answer a question much less ask one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!out there

Dale Earnhardt Jr: Why to the Vegas odds makers have a driver in 24th place who has finished 17th or worst?

Odds are computer determined as well as a gutt feeling, based on history, not just recently races

How much is a 2002 Dale Earnhardt 10th anniversary 1:24 scale stock car worth?

I will start the Bidding at $30.01

Did NASCAR change the chase from 10 spots to 12 spots so Dale Earnhardt Jr would have a better chance?

No they haven't changed any rules for any drivers ever.

How much would a dale earnhardt maxx 91' card autographed be worth?

According to Beckett's the card would be worth $3 mint. With the autograph, I know in diecast cars it doubles their value. But with cards, I'm not sure how much value the card would gain with the autograph. With Dale Sr. probably a lot more than $3!

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr the greatest oval racer to have never won a road race?

All of your questions - as well as those of your evil twin, "August Kyle Fan" - are nearly identical. Get some new material already.

How much is a 1998 Winner's Circle Dale Earnhardt car worth?

My 2006 Beckett racing guide shows this car to book for $40.00 for the Coke--Goodrench Bass Pro-- or Goodwrench Plus--They all book the same!!!!!

Is Dale Earnhardt Junior the greatest driver at MIa-Homstead to never win at Miami Homestead?

Jr.s Turned Deadbeat.

Where can I buy a Dale Earnhardt Jr or Tony Stewart swim suit?

They do not make drivers # swimsuits, I looked; but I do have a checkered flag bikini. You can get them on ebay http://shop.ebay.com/items/_W0QQ_nkwZbikiniQ20checkeredQQ_armrsZ1QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZQQ_sopZ12

How many race wins does Dale Earnhardt Jr have at Darlington?

Perhaps the will make him an "honorary" winner there like Talladega!

How much is a Dale Earnhardt magazine worth?

I would suggest also checking in the Price Check forum of RarityGuide.com Many collectors hang out there and would be able to tell you how much that magazine is worth

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr the greatest driver to never win at a road course in his career?

JR. will win at a road course, maybe not this time but he will. plus he has won in the NNS.

Is Dale Earnhardt Junior really the 5th Best Driver in the NASCAR garage?

to me Earnhardt JR has been a disappointment .. His father and me were the same age and i drove amatuer races while he drove the big time races and i watched him week after week and learned how he raced and won races trying to make myself better .. He died and Dale jr came around and everybody expected him to have as much heart and ability behind the wheel as Dale Sr did and well to be quite frank it didn't happen and i don't see it happening in the near future niether .. Dale Jr is not Dale Sr and will never be what his father was because in my humble opinion Dale Sr was the best that ever sit behind the wheel of a race car ..and that is hard shoes to fill for anybody.. I see Dale Jr as a middle pack runner with some of the best equipment that is available to race with so i think rating him 5th is a little optimistic at best .

What driver has a chance against Dale Earnhardt Jr in the Pepsi Max 400?

I dunno....I think Nemecheck has a pretty good chance.

When is the Dale Earnhardt Jr, Alabama Motorsports Speedway going to hold its first NASCAR race?

most people just call it Talladega. I beleive their first race this year is in April

Where would be the best place for me to get my money selling dale earnhardt sr collectibles?

$40.00 for the lot ,you pay shipping........

How much is my Dale Earnhardt model car worth?

$12.50 you pay shipping...

Dale Earnhardt Jr: Why would the other 42 other Drivers even bother to show up at Dega?

I have to wonder if he could win even if he runs it 'solo'....

Why is Dale Earnhardt Juniors number 88 'style' different from his Hendrick Motorsports teammates?

He put a lot of clauses in his contract when he moved to Hendrick, one of which was that he got to design the paint scheme for his car, something he wasn't allowed to do at DEI. Basically, it's different because Dale Jr wants it that way.

How much is a dale earnhardt warngler card worth?

You didnt give me a loto to go on BUT a 1986 Sportstar PhotoGraphics Dale Earnhardt Wrangler card is a hard card to find anymore, and it did sell for some ridiculously high prices back in the early '90s when cards were all the rage. Right now, that card in mint condition should bring $200-250 according to NASCAR.COM

How many times has Dale Earnhardt Jr won the July Daytona race by passing the field in the last lap?

Man, I really hate the NASCAR trolls on this site! Where did they get their education in NASCAR? The ONLY time Dale, Junior has won the summer race at Daytona was July, 2001. He didn't pass the whole field. I think he was running about 6th after the last caution. He did have drafting help from his then team mate, Michael Waltrip. I would suggest you visit YouTube and watch the final laps of the race!

Since Dale Earnhardt Jr is the most winning driver at Richmond are the other drivers jealous?

He will not even get in the Chase. He won't win at Richmond. No drivers at RIR are jealous. And Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart are tied with Jr at RIR. And Stewart has beat him in Best Driver at Richmond by having more top 5's and top 10's

Why is Dale Earnhardt Jr favored to win when he has not won a plate race in 5 years?

Because the Jr. fans are dying for a win, and they think since he's done AVERAGE this season that he'll win at Talladega. But you're absolutely right. When was the last time he won there? Not since 2004. I think he will have a good race, but he won't win.

Dale Earnhardt?

i was a huge fan of dale's and i still find stuff at flee markets so you might try there or on ebay

dale earnhardt???????????????

Hold on to it. Why get rid of it now, when it will only increase in value over time. If you really want to get rid of it, check ebay for similar items and see if you really want to sell it. Go Jr.>>>>