Who's sexier Dale Jr or Kasey Kahne?

Definitely Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Any dale Jr. or Kasey Kahne fans?

Dale Jr is my top dog when it comes to the drivers in Nascar!! I know that people love to bash him because of his last name and he may not win championships the way that Richard Petty, Dale Sr nor Jeff Gordon did but Jr is still the man in my eyes and heart!! Dale Jr is a champion to me!! He's overcome more than most people do in their lifetime!! How many people can say that they went back to the race track where their father lost his life and won a race?? NOBODY but Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr can!! Kasey is starting to grow on me. My e-friends and I call him Sweetness because he is just a lil sweetie!! In my opinion Kasey is beginning to show his talent this season, I mean he has the most wins in the Cup series this year so far!! GO DALE JR AND KASEY!!

Dale Earnhardt Jr and Kyle Busch?

I will have to say this honestly as I'm a die hard Dale Jr fan and always have been, always will be. I don't dislike Kyle Busch when he's on the race track, but I do dislike him when he gets out of the car. But I must say that after a long race if I got cameras stuck in my face and people were asking me dumb questions then I would be a jerk too. Afterall, nearly every driver does it at some point in time but other guys do it more often. I'm still trying to give Kyle Busch a chance and that is unlike most Jr haters. They want to hate him for no reason and that has alot to do with my disliking Kyle Busch. I would say that if Jr and Busch became teammates that I would have to get used to it for sure. But when he went to Hendrick I had to do the same thing and learn to tollerate Jeff Gordon and JJ, two drivers I really disliked for along time. I don't dislike either one of those guys as people, but I don't like dominant drivers and JG and JJ are or have been dominant at some point in their careers. In the end, I just hope that Dale Jr finds a place where he can get back to being himself and I though Hendrick would do that, but I'm starting to wonder now if it was the best decision. Maybe he needs to go somewhere where he is the guy and isn't surrounded by other great drivers. I don't know but maybe he needs something like that and if he was Kyle Busch's teammate then I would think that if they could get along then they would both improve seemingly. At Vegas this week I believe that RCR will run good again as well as Hendrick and Rousch. Jeff Burton has won 2 races there so he runs well along with Harvick and Burton. Jimmie wins everywhere and has numerous wins at Vegas and Gordon and Martin will be around the top 10. Earnhardt Jr has 10 starts at Vegas and has a 16th, and 11th place finishes. He also has 3 top 10s with 2 second place finishes. So either he does really well for the most part or really bad with the 11th and 16th place in between. The other 8 are either top 10 or 5 or 20th or worse. I hope he has a good run and he needs it with the tracks that he does well at coming up like Atlanta, Texas and Bristol. But in the end, I think that Jeff Burton, Kyle and Kurt Busch along with all the Rousch guys and the other RCR guys going at it with JJ for the win. Probably a pretty obvious statement but I don't get to specific on predictions. Winner.......... Burton.

is dale earnhardt jr. changing his number?

If (and I do stress IF) he leaves DEI he will have to change his number. The #8 belongs to DEI and Budweiser is still under contract there. All-Star Weekend however several things developed that make me believe Jr. may stay at DEI and that this might have been the plan all along. DEI has had a mediocre season so far and what better way to get some extra airtime for the Sponsors then a little drama. Not only has it benefied Budweiser but also Bass Pro Shop; because when they are talking to Jr. they are talking to Martin Jr. about Jr. DEI Merchandise sales go up 105% with Fans scrambling to get what they believe will be the last of #8 Dale Jr. merchandise before he goes to the new team. Team owners get the biggest chunk of the profits off merchandise. Then came Junior Johnson comments about how Junior should stay at DEI. Ya'll might laugh and think this is nuts and it probably is; but how many times have you seen a sign saying "Going Out Of Business" and that business has been going out of business for 30 years. Oldest business trick in the book. By Talladega Junior and Teresa will hold news conference saying Junior will be driving the #8 Budweiser Cheverolet and that is will get a certain percentage of DEI in return.

Why cant Dale Earnhardt Jr. Win!!!!!!?

It's probably more than one thing. He doesn't appear to be focused and many have speculated that he is not motivated. I think Tony Jr. is one problem. Even with the old car, the team could never make it better throughout the race. He can't keep up with the track. He's had fantastic and impressive runs in the COT where he's run at the front and dominated stretches of races. Unfortunately, the car gets away from them again, and that's the end of that race. So I do think that Dale Jr. is capable of driving the COT just as well as anyone that is posting wins. But like I said, the car starts to fade during races. Some say it's Dale Jr.'s fault for not communicating to him effectively regarding what the car is doing. But aside from that, the whole team doesn't seem to have it together. To me, it's the crew chief that is responsible for keeping everyone on their A game, and that's another thing Tony Jr. doesn't seem able to do. But it's undoubtedly something to do with Dale Jr. as well. He's not enjoying much Nationwide success either, though I do realize he only runs a limited # of races. Some say it's the pressure, although he has enjoyed on-track success with a lot of pressure on him (the years after his daddy died). So who knows? IMHO, it's a combination of the wrong crew chief, and a driver that lacks focus and seems unwilling to admit there is something fundamentally wrong with the 88 team. And I am a Jr. fan. I'm a diehard Jr. fan. I just don't see that Dale Jr. is very focused and willing to make changes that in all probability need to be made.

Help im related to Dale Earnhardt jr. but.....?

honestly, even if you are telling the truth it doesn't matter all that much and by the way i don't know if it was a typo but if "earnhart" is really how you spell your name then its not the same spelling as the earnhardt's anyways, not that JR doesn't care because thats the #1 thing he cares for but when someone gets famous everybody wants to say they're related to them or wants to be their friend, plus your so far down the line its not even funny because its about 9 or 10 generations back so your not that closely related anyways, also its no need to contact JR Motorsports because they get so many e-mails and so many people trying to say they're related to him i bet they wouldn't even respond to your e-mail unless it was automated only because they get so many you don't expect them to personally respond to all of the e-mails that they probably get daily

Is Dale Earnhardt Jr. ...................?

I think Kyle Busch is a more talented driver than Dale Jr. to be honest. Jr. made the best choice himself, right now Hendrick has the best cars.

was dale earnhardt jr right?

Well, he blew a tire and that totally messed the car up for the rest of the race, he was lucky to finish where he did.. But I will admit when he won at Richmond in 2006 OMG he and Tony Jr you thought they would kill each other, they both cussed the entire race, but Dale Jr won the race. He just likes to be pissed off and fired up..But yesterday, IDK what they did with the set up they changed some stuff after the final practice..But yeah he was alittle boring on the radio yesterday. I'm looking forward to 'Dega, Charlotte and Texas, hopefully he can get fired up enough to win. Go Dale Jr & Hms

Before Dale Earnhardt Jr left DEI what was the percent of the company that Teresa owned and what was the ...?

Earnhardt’s will, signed in December 1992, awards 100 percent of DEI to his widow, Teresa, Dale Jr.’s stepmother. The estate filings, which were probated in Iredell County, N.C., show that Teresa Earnhardt owns the race team. According to the estate inventory, Earnhardt Sr. owned 100 percent of the stock in DEI, which was formed in 1980, two years before his marriage to Teresa. Earnhardt Sr. gives Teresa the power “to retain and carry on any business or property in which I may own an interest at the time of my death.” Part of the assignment of assets approved by the court about 13 months after his death includes a provision that Teresa gets “all of the stock owned by decedent in Dale Earnhardt Inc.” Typically, owners of companies leave their entire company to their spouse to avoid paying significant estate taxes they would incur if part of the company was given to the children. There is a trust, which was likely set up to pay bills while the will was being probated. There could also be a trust set up for Earnhardt’s children, but that is not clear in the court documents. To bad he didn't update his will before he died. I would bet anything Sr. would have given his children more of a stake in DEI. Teresa should have given Junior the 51% he wanted. Junior would still be there, Budweiser would still be there, Truex & Bass would still be there & Menard & Menard would still be there. She threw it all away just to spite Junior. If it were just Teresa now I would be rooting for DEI to go under but I loved Sr. so much it just breaks my heart to see her run his pride & joy into the ground. Nasty B!

Will Dale Earnhardt Jr. ever live up to his potential?

it's the media and fans that want him to live up to his name meaning be as good as his dad Dale Sr. but think about it, who really can? ya Jimmie Johnson is showing he'll eventually be as good as Dale Sr and Richard Petty but he won't have the personality of Dale Sr. nobody could live up to Dale Sr no matter who is it because nobody will be as good or better than Dale Sr AND have his personality. so why should anybody expect Dale Jr to be like his dad when nobody else can either? anybody that's a "Jr" want to be known to be their own person, not their dad's son and they don't want to be just like their dad. so why expect JR to? ya nobody really calls him Dale Sr's son anymore but people still know him as his son, he wants to be his own person to let him do that. why put him under a microscope, no other driver is. if this "slump" was happening to another driver nobody would say anything about it, think anything bad or ask questions about it on here 10 times a day. look at Mark Martin, he's a great driver but he had a slump at the beginning of the season, now it's like Mark and JR switched and now JR is in a little slump this season when he was doing real good at the beginning. and where do you see 2 DNF's? he hasn't had any DNF's this year at all but it's been 3 races where he's finished laps down. it's also been 1 or 2 races when he has finished out of the top 10 that he ended up laps down and fought back to the lead lap and still finish in front of a bunch of other driver's that never went a lap down

Dale Jr. and Elvis?

Dale Jr. to race Elvis scheme at Richmond: The King of Rock 'n' Roll will roll with the King of Beers when NASCAR's most popular driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. and NHRA young gun Brandon Bernstein pilot commemorative Elvis Presley's 30th Anniversary paint schemes on the #8 Budweiser Chevy and Bud King Racing Top Fuel dragster in September. Earnhardt's #8 Budweiser Chevy is a predominantly white scheme with black and red highlights and features Elvis' image on the hood and rear quarter panels, plus the King's image and "Elvis 30th" on the deck lid for the Chevy Rock & Roll 400 at Richmond International Raceway on Sept. 8. A custom Elvis themed helmet and black driver firesuit includes the young Elvis' silhouette on the torso with Budweiser in red down each leg. The car will be unveiled Monday, Aug. 13 on the front steps of Elvis' Graceland home, and be on public display during Elvis Week in the Elvis Auto Museum, Aug. 14-18. Earnhardt and Bernstein will rev up the 30th Anniversary Elvis Week celebration by hosting the first night of the "Elvis Music & Movies" series on the front lawn of Graceland on Aug. 13. "Elvis Music & Movies" marks the first ever Elvis Week entertainment event inside the gates of Presley's famed home in Memphis. In addition, Budweiser will honor Elvis' passion for horses with a visit by the Budweiser Clydesdales, which will be stabled in Graceland's main tour center area for public viewing Aug. 14-18. For additional information on Elvis Week events and to buy tickets, visit ElvisWeek.com.(fingerprint inc./Budweiser PR), see images of tjhe car on my #8 Team Schemes page.(8-3-2007) For one race, I don't think "Smoke" wouldn't mind taking the back seat. I bet he's a little jelous of Dale having Elvis on his car and not him. I mean, come on! It the King of Rock and Roll.

is dale earnhardt jr. building a race track?

Gulf Coast Entertainment announced plans to construct a major motorsports and entertainment park in southern Alabama. The investor group has narrowed its site choices to a location in Mobile County in the area across from the University of Mobile and two potential sites in adjacent Baldwin County--one on the Foley Beach Express and the other in central Baldwin County. The project - which is to include an asphalt speedway, a road course, a drag strip and a dirt track - will be named "Alabama Motorsports Park, A Dale Earnhardt Jr. Speedway." Joining the motorsports star and a diverse group of investors from various southern states in participation in the project are Kelley Earnhardt Elledge and Kerry Earnhardt, marking the siblings' first professional collaboration. "Our family business is racing and it's been our business for three generations," said Dale Earnhardt Jr. "Kelley, Kerry and I want to continue the family business with hopes that the next generation of Earnhardts will want to be involved in the sport. This new venture with the Alabama Motorsports Park provides yet another avenue in which the Earnhardt family can participate. The site plan developed by HOK Sport of Kansas City includes parking, a significant RV resort, multiple music theaters and an arena and reserves land for commercial, residential and light industrial activities. The schedule calls for the project to be completed in the fall of 2009. Dale Earnhardt Jr. has provided input on the lighted, 75,000-seat, 7/10-mile oval. Features will include pedestrian/vehicle tunnels and banking and multiple grooves to promote close racing with extensive passing opportunities. Kerry Earnhardt has provided input on both the track and on a freshwater lake that investors believe will attract national fishing events. The 3.5-mile road course will feature two distinct but connected segments to enhance testing on the track. The 1/4-mile drag strip and 3/8-mile dirt track will be designed to attract national events. The park's website, alabamamotorsportspark.com, will provide future project and construction updates.(

What do you think about the controversy between Dale Jr and Theresa Earnhardt?

IMO, all Dale Jr is asking for is for part of his father's company. Dale Sr started DEI for his children...NOT THERESA! Dale Jr is asking for what is rightfully his. If it wasn't for Dale Jr then DEI would have been shut down a long time ago. Theresa better open her eyes and realize that without Dale Jr...there is no DEI. Dale Jr is the glue that is holding DEI up. It's a shame because with Dale Jr every little thing he does gets blown up. If Theresa wanted to keep this quiet then she should have not publicly called him out the way that she did. She brought this all on herself.

Dale Earnhardht jr.?

According to this: .....sure The 2003 Budweiser Shootout belongs to the No. 8 Budweiser Chevrolet of Dale Earnhardt Jr. With five laps to go, Earnhardt Jr. made a daring late-race move on the high side to pass Jeff Gordon to win the inaugural nighttime running of the 70-lap All-Star race. “There was so much happening in the last two laps that I can’t even remember how I got my lead,” Earnhardt Jr. said. “There’s so much going on in your mind. You’re trying to watch who’s running up on top and who’s running on bottom and you’re trying to get help for them guys to get pushed.” The push came from Ryan Newman’s No. 12 Alltel Dodge, which gave Earnhardt Jr. enough momentum to take the lead and pocket the $205,000. “That was a tough win,” said Earnhardt Jr., who led four times for 13 laps and has finished second in the last two Budweiser Shootouts. “I’m going to tell you – it was hard.” Earnhardt Jr.’s first Budweiser Shootout victory is his third career triumph at Daytona. His previous wins came in the 2001 Pepsi 400 and last year’s Koolerz 300 NASCAR Busch Series race. Rounding out the top five was Gordon, Matt Kenseth, Newman and 2002 Daytona 500 champion Ward Burton. Gordon, who led two different times for 31 laps, wasn’t too surprised to see Earnhardt Jr. soaring past him on the high side. “Anything is possible in this Budweiser Shootout,” Gordon said. “He’s really strong. They’ve got a great program. He certainly knows how to work the draft. I was in a great position sitting in front. When we were single file, I didn’t think anybody could touch us. “But once I saw them start to break off into double file, I just tried to keep my eyes on what lane was moving and when Junior got up there I still didn’t think he had enough momentum to get all the way by me. “I even thought when he got beside me, I thought as good as Kurt Busch was pushing me on the inside lane that maybe the inside lane was working a little bit better – that we could still battle them to the line. But, he got such a good push that he got there in front of me.” New format: For the first time in its 25-year history, the Budweiser Shootout was held at under the Speedway’s lighting system. The non-points race that kicks off the 2003 NASCAR Winston Cup Series season also featured a new format with a 10-minute break after the first 20 laps. Following the break, the cars returned to the track for the final 50 laps in which they made a green flag pit stop where three different scenarios played out. Seven teams took fuel only while 10 teams (including Earnhardt Jr., Gordon, Kenseth and Newman) took two tires and fuel while only one team (Jimmie Johnson and the No. 48 Lowe’s Home Improvement Chevrolet) made a four-tire change. “I think it’s exciting,” Gordon said. “I guess the break at the first 20 laps is maybe nice just to get us back to double-file. It keeps it exciting for the fans. With the fuel cell size we have now, we had to have a pit stop, which brought the team aspect of it in there to make a pit stop. Obviously, I enjoyed it. I had a shot at winning the race. To come home second, we’re pretty happy with it.” Surprising Schrader: Ken Schrader posted a solid sixth-place finish in his first outing in the No. 49 1-800-CallATT Dodge for BAM Racing. Schrader, the 1989 Budweiser Shootout champion, ran as high as second in the final laps of the race. First out: Geoffrey Bodine, who drew the pole position for the Budweiser Shootout, was the first driver out of the race. Bodine was only able to compete three laps before suspension problems ended his day in the No. 11 Hooters Ford. Film honored: The remake of The Daytona 500 was honored as “Best Sports Documentary” at the Los Angeles Film and Video Festival on Friday. The new Daytona 500 movie began showing in DAYTONA USA last week. Next up: On Sunday at the Speedway as Speedweeks continues, the NASCAR Goody’s Dash Series at 11 a.m. and Bud Pole Qualifying for the Daytona 500 at 1:15 p.m.

Is this Dale Earnhardt Jr on the right......?

hint, Dale Earnhardt Jr is a NASCAR driver and nothing to do with F1. you're in the wrong section. besides i don't think dale wears thongs. this photo was funny the first time i saw it, now it's getting a bit boring.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. 2011 performance?

He will start to get even better once they start to go back to the same tracks for a 2nd time of the season starting at Daytona. They will have notes, if you notice JR's car was good basically all day at the Coke 600 and that's most likely from having notes the week before for the All-Star weekend. Every other race, not counting superspeedway plate races, it would take 2/3 or 3/4 of the race just to get the car good enough to not complain about it. WG - His contract isn't up until the end of next season. Also Hendrick tried to talk JR into a contact extension last year but JR said he wanted to see how this year went first. That right there shows he cares about his performance and not just getting paid the big bucks for not so great finishes. If you think he's running better only because his contract is up in a couple of years and has nothing to do with the crew swap then I guess you jsut haven't paid much attention to be honest. EDIT: David S - So how do you know for sure? Did all of the math with the whole top 25 with the whole old points system? Or are you just assuming? By the way, the new system is more accurate since each spot is worth just 1 point and only goes down by 1 point. The old system the points wasn't a consistent different from one position to the other. Lastly, if you haven't noticed but they all are on the same points system. Anything else?

The most overrated driver in NASCAR is Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

The media has portrayed Junior to be larger than life. *Agree. They want to see him do well. Fans want to see him succeed because he is a likeable person and they adopted him after his father passed away. The media continues to compare him with his late father and continue to fuel that fire by their lofty predictions. They should just allow Junior to be Junior. (Mark Martin has 35 wins, but never a Champion and never a Daytona Champion, and yet, he is respected. Perhaps Dale Jr. will have a similar career). I can assure you that he, himself wants to win. He cares what his fans think, what the critics think (though he downplays it), and he understands that his father's supporters have adopted him as their saving grace. (I understand the sentiment, but give me a break. He is his own person) He never asked for it. He never asked for any of it. All he wants to do is race and win. His expectations of himself are higher than those of his fans or critics. What has he done lately? Zero? *Disagree Really, where are you getting your information from? He continues to exemplify what his sponsors are looking for. Believe it or not, sponsors (his bosses) care about what he does off the track as well as on it. He is a money machine. Earnhardt fans 'hate' Jeff Gordon? It's kind of like disliking the Yankees if you're a Boston Fan...a fierce rivalry. Both are respected though The majority of fans that I've spoken to and have established relationships with, have mentioned that Dale Sr. fans disliked Gordon because of his 'pretty boy' persona. Being from California didn't help. The majority of race fans are southern born and raised. Nascar is predominantly a 'southern' sport. The Earnhardt's are southerners, from blue collared roots, and they are of simple people. The South identifies with them. Yes, Jeff Gordon was an instant sensation and continues to be strong (even though he was winless last season). He also was a student of the sport. He learned a lot from Dale Sr. I don't think that Gordon was hated- just tired of him stealing the show from their 'guy'. True in any sport. Over-hyped? Where is there merrit for this to be part of the debate? *Disagree He lives up to the hype through his endorsement deals, his 'simple' approach to his fans, and the aura he brings into the garage area as well as the track. He has no control of what the media says about him or what they have built him up to be. He hasn't made an impact on the sport? *Disagree Are you seriously implying that he has done nothing for this sport? Sounds as though you are truly misinformed. He has 18 Cup Wins, he is a Daytona 500 Champion, a 2 time Busch Champion, and he has put more butts in seats at the racetrack than any other driver; thus generating revenue for the racetrack, the city and the vendors. He has made numerous appearances on behalf of Nascar to charities that have helped those that are less priviledged. He continues to sell and move more merchandise than any other sports figure. How much more can he do for a sport in which you claim, he's done nothing? Yesterday was yesterday, accidental or intentional is irrelovant! It's a misfortunate racing incident. It wasn't his first rodeo and it won't be his last. (or for any driver) Personally, I wish he were more aggressive. He may have more wins under his belt. Race fans and Junior fans may never know. It seems that aggressiveness isn't aloud anymore. Which would bring the question- Then why is there racing? Speaking of aggression and putting it into terms you may understand, when a person is stuck in bumper to bumper traffic, on their way home or on the way to an important event; not one person can honestly say that they have let another driver into their lane without flipping them off, screaming, punching their dashboard, or copping an attitude. I'm sure some would even speed up just for spite. Not a good idea in some cities, and not safe, not ever. You may not get sent into the median, but shot instead. It happens every day. Fans consider their driver to be an extended part of their family, and bashing that driver brings an onslaught of insults, ridiculous, and hateful comments topped off with a lot of ignorance. That's sad and unfortunate. . ..think on that for a moment. **In case you were also wondering- among active drivers in the sport, only Jeff Gordon (81), Jimmy Johnson (40), Mark Martin (35), Tony Stewart (33), Bobby Labonte (21) and Jeff Burton (19) have more wins that Junior (18).

What crew chief would be best suited for Dale Earnhardt Jr?

Any crew chief that doesn't work for Rick Hendrick would be more suitable. Rick just doesn't care if Jr wins or not. If he did he wouldn't keep Lance McGrew with Dale Jr. Dang it's freeking obvious. Oh It's definitely the crew chief and the team owner. I was listening to Dale Jr's in car radio last night and he said "The car jumps and chatters and will not turn". Dale also said "I know of nothing I can do to make it better on my end". Then Lance McGrew said, "Well I'll just have to keep trying stuff. throwing things at it". If Lance McGrew was any good then he would know what to do. Every change he made just got worse.

Dale Earnhardt...?

The sport is not the same without him. I have been a Nascar fan for ages, and when we lost Dale, we lost allot of what Nascar stands for. If you mention Nascar, The first thing that pops into "most" People mind is Earnhardt. I use to love to listen to his interviews. He never held any punches and told it like it was, and to hell with everyone else. I still laugh when he finished second and the cameras were all up in his face and the media said "what a great finish Dale". Dale said "second place sux. Second place is the first loser"!!!!! People try to copare this driver and that driver to Dale, but there was only one Dale and NOBODY can fill his shoes. I was always hopping if JR left DEI, that he would go to Childress and race the 3, but now Im glad that JR is doing things his way. I think his Dale is looking down and smiling on JR!!!!!!!!!!!

What is wrong with Dale Earnhardt Jr?

The entire team is outta whack, but Dale Jr is just a 15th place driver so he's the main issue.

Who is your top 5 people that has influenced Nascar?

1. Dale Earnhardt 2. Richard Petty 3. Bill France Jr. 4. The commentators on a whole 5. Jeff Gordon

Any Nascar Fans out there? How do you think Dale Earnhardt Jr. will do this upcoming season?

Yes Dale Jr did the right thing in leaving DEI..He even said it was hard for him but he didn't have a choice..His Evil Step mom forced him to leave..By rights DEI should belong to Jr instead of his Evil Step mom..I know others out there share the same feeling..Everyone knows If Dale Sr wouldn't have died and he retired he would have given him DEI sometime down the line...Ok in the upcoming season i think Jr will do alot better and who knows he might win the championship now would that be cool..That team knows how to win and knows how to get it done..Look at his new teammate..that says it all..So no i don't blame him in leaving DEI..I would have..I will always cheer for Jr no matter what team he goes to..I always cheered for his dad and i will always cheer for Jr R.I.P Dale Sr you may be gone but you are not forgotten #3 Always!

Why does Dale Earnhardt Jr never slide in the points even though he has been finishing 25th or worse?

Dale Jr. is just proving how meaningless it is to make the chase. It's funny how he is about to make the chase with all these horrible finishes along with many many mediocre finishes. Making the chase isn't an accomplishment, it's just pathetic if you don't make it. Let's say he gets lucky and makes the chase. What does that prove? Nothing. Dale Jr. has had 0 (ZERO) DNF's so far this year. How can you have no DNF's all year and still finish so low in the points, especially with the greatest team in the sport. Jimmie Johnson has 4 DNF's this year, yet he is 4th in points. Or there is Ryan Newman with 4 DNF's so far, and he is about to pass up Dale Jr.! Ryan Newman is a mediocre driver who rarely drives up front but with 4 DNF's he is still just about to pass Jr. in points. I find it funny how low Jr. is in the points with 0 DNF's. He sucks, I wish Dale Jr. fans and everyone would just admit it. Dale Jr. had like 2 good years in his long career. He has been around for so many years, always drove for a top team, but still only had like 2 good years. He is not good, never has been good, and never will be good. I kinda hope he makes the chase, just to show Nascar how much of a joke the chase is.

Dale Earnhardt Jr?

I'm sure it has crossed his mind, but he's got so much going on right now, that it's probably not at all a possibility. He committed to making the "split" and I think that he has owned that decision. I'm pretty confident that DEI will never be in the hands of Dale Jr. (I think he made the right decision BTW--his stepmom's got her head up her butt!! ;-)

Why is Dale Earnhardt Jr. So popular?

The only reason JR is so popular is because of the name. His dad and grandfather were both great drivers. If JR wants to live up to his dads legend, he needs to learn to put the pedal to the metal. It seems as though he forgot how to drive. I believe he will lose many fans also. It sucks when a driver that is popular changes numbers and sponsors. Man, I feel sorry for all the people that were JR fans and spent all that money. Most people probably felt very secure with spending there money on JR stuff because of him driving for DEI, I mean who thought he would leave the company his dad founded. But now that Teresa (that dumb bytch) took over I sure dont blame him for leaving. Give her a few years and I hope I get to see her fall on her face. Then she will have to go running to JR and I hope he says he** NO! GO STEWART

Who thinks Dale Jr.....?

Dale Jr. is worth every penny he gets. He is a common man's race car driver. Lots of people feel they can relate to him easily. I have been an Earnhardt fan all of my life. I am just as high on Jr. as I was Sr. Yes, he has only won a few races in a few years, but look at all of the turmoil he has gone through. This year was a very good year for him. He ran extremely consistent, and will probably finish in the top 10 in points, barring an accident, or big wreck in Miami. He deserves it. He and his crew have worked very hard this year. He has even undergone somewhat of an image change this year, and he still managed to run well. Hats of to you, Dale Earnhardt Jr.!

Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr?

It's just an old rivalry dating back to the days of Dale Sr. For some reason people have it in their heads (maybe not all, just a vast majority) that if you are an Earnhardt fan you have to hate that car #24 and it's driver. I was a Gordon hater for a long time, and while I still don't pull for him every weekend I have come to respect him for the immense talent that he obviously possesses.

is dale earnhardt jr.'s real first name ralph?

Yes, Dale Earnhardt Junior real name is Ralph Dale Earnhardt Junior, just like Senior. It's rarely talked about but it is his legal name, as it was his father's. Plus, it sounds better marketing wise. It's been talked about before, just not in detail. Go to an trustworthy bio sites and you will find out. Plus, it was in a Dale Sr. dedication movie once.

What is the deal with Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

He wants to win races and championships. Ever since his Dad died, DEI has been in a destructive decline. Jr exercised his right to pursue control of DEI which was what his dad had planned. Theresa wanted JR to pay $55 Mill for it. SInce JR and BUD are a package deal, it would be foolish for JR to pay for himself. He has a plan all worked out, with several other optional ones. This is a good thing for JR. This is sad for DEI as Theresa has now run it into the ground. There is a lot to this story that is not been released yet, but some good Yahoo News Searched of the past few weeks, you will find lots of good facts. You can also check the link below. I know this guys is pretty spot on, as I work with many NASCAR teams

how dale earnhardt died at Daytona?

From Wikipedia: "Dale Earnhardt died on February 18, 2001, on the last lap of the Daytona 500. Earnhardt had what many thought was the best car throughout the race, as he led 17 laps and stayed at the front of the pack. But as Earnhardt saw the way the race was developing with his two drivers, one his son, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and the other a man he considered a brother, Michael Waltrip, it appeared Earnhardt backed off, trying to hold the pack at bay and let his two drivers decide the outcome. He decreased his speed to block the rest of the field when, in Turn 4, he was nudged by Sterling Marlin's bumper. It appeared Earnhardt had it saved but the car took off up the track. As it went up towards the wall it hit Kenny Schrader, which veered his car into a direct head on hit and severed the seat belt. Michael Waltrip went on to win his first race in over 400 races competed, and his son, Dale Jr. came in second. Earnhardt, who throughout his career let nobody get by him or stay in front of him, and did all he could to get by them including wrecking them, was killed on impact by massive head injuries trying to let another win. Coincidentally, the crash occurred at the same place where his good friend Neil Bonnett was killed. Because both crashes occurred as a result of a car dipping below the banking of the track onto the flat area (called the "apron" of the track) NASCAR implemented a new rule stating that in no instance is any car allowed to drive below the apron at Daytona, and at a similar track in Talladega, Alabama. He is survived by his third wife Teresa and four children: Son Kerry (from his first marriage to Latane Brown), Kelley, Dale Jr. (both from his second marriage to Brenda Gee), and daughter Taylor (from his third marriage). Kerry and Dale Jr. are both NASCAR drivers. Dale Jr. finished second when his father died at the 2001 Daytona 500. The winner of that race, Michael Waltrip, was one of Dale's closest friends, and drove for DEI. Three weeks after Earnhardt's death, young California driver Kevin Harvick, who was hired to replace Earnhardt in the now-renumbered and repainted #29 GM Goodwrench Service Plus Chevrolet, scored a win at Atlanta. The Fox television commentators' call of the final lap of the 2001 Golden Corral 500, Harvick beating Jeff Gordon by .006 seconds, and the images of Earnhardt's longtime fueler, Danny "Chocolate" Myers, crying after the victory, are among the most memorable moments in recent U.S. motorsports history. Dale Earnhardt Jr. scored an emotional victory in the Pepsi 400 at Daytona International Speedway on July 7, 2001."

whats up with dale earnhardt jr.?

He can do whatever he wants....he's Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Why does NASCAR need Dale Earnhardt Jr?

They don't need him! NASCAR is way bigger then Dale Earnhardt Jr.! And Dale Jr. is my favorite driver and even I'm smart enough to know NASCAR does not need him!

Is it true Dale Earnhardt, Jr is the best thing to ever happen to NASCAR?

Dale Jr. did start a phenomenon that has helped Nascar. He shows that a fan favorite doesn't necessarily have to win every fourth or fifth race. By liking Dale Jr., it's become acceptable to root for underdogs without the embarrassment of thinking that your driver stinks or will never compete. It's allowed people to like David Reutimann, Greg Biffle, Clint Bowyer, and a number of other drivers who are good, sometimes there at the end, but you can be pretty sure they're not going to win this week. It's interesting because before Jr., it was NOT customary to root for an underdog (though obvious exceptions are out there). But no, not the best thing to ever happen to Nascar. Perhaps the best thing to happen to Nascar was finally getting full time television coverage over the last 20 years.

Dale Jr. Question?

I like the fact that everybody calls him Dale Jr, because he doesn't deserve the Earnhardt name in there. He's nothing but a spoiled little brat who's daddy woulda whooped his butt by now if he was still alive. I'm so glad Teresa sent him packing. I can't believe he actually thought she should hand him over 51% without working for it. His daddy worked his tail off for the things he had, and he woulda wanted his spoiled brat son to do the same. As for his driving ability, he's average at best. He isn't even close to the talent levels of Stewart, Kenseth, Gordon, Johnson, Kurt Busch, Labonte, or Martin, and I've left several others off this list. Jr. & Kenseth came into cup the same year, Kenseth won rookie honors that year, and has whipped his butt every year since, not to mention a Cup Championship. Jr.s only claim to fame is his daddys name, period!

Why does everyone like Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

dale jr what a joke he rides his dad's name but cant win a race

dale earnhardt jr?

Well, his step mother Teresa is a greedy #%*@. Jr. wants to have 51% of the company, and she does not want to give up control unless Jr. gives her 51 milliion dollars. It is that simple. He is the rightful heir.

How Overrated is Dale Earnhardt Jr?

Extemely!! He had a winless season last year and has only made the Chase twice. He is only good at RP tracks, Richmond and Phoenix. He is greedy and left his team because he couldn't get 50% BooHoo What a Big Crybaby!! EDIT:: BTW, Dale Fan Where do you get off saying Junior is the 4th best active driver in NASCAR since 2000. Top 10 % is what puts most guys ahead of him. Since 2000 Jimmie Johnson, 33 wins 2 titles .6119 Top 10% Jeff Gordon, 32 wins, 1 title .6049 Tony Stewart, 29 wins 2 titles .5944 Matt Kenseth-16 wins 1 title .4895 Carl Edwards 7 wins, .0 titles, .4793 Mark Martin-4 wins, 0 titles, .4635 Kyle Busch-4 wins, 0 titles, .4474 Kurt Busch-17 wins, 1 title .4102 Dale Earnhardt Jr. 17 wins, 0 titles, .4196 (the reason Kurt isbetter is his title) Therefore you have just overrated him!!

who are the cars that dale earnhardt jr owns, and who are the divers?

Jr owns the 88 and the 5 and occasionally the 83. The 88's driven by Brad Kesolowski The 5's driven by 5 or 6 different drivers, including Landon Cassell, Mark Martin, Jimmie Johnson(Lowes, and fall California race), Martin Truex Jr(Bristol), Adrian Fernandez(Mexico City), Ron Fellows(Montreal) and Dale Jr himself. The 83 was driven at Lowes by Jr 2 weeks ago. JR Motorsports also runs 3 late models around the Carolinas, I forgot who 2 drivers are, but one's driven by Curtis Truex Jr(Martin's cousin) Wow a thumbs down for facts, nice. Ed P. get off the damn skinhead thing already will you, the 88's been run by several different drivers over the years.

nascar question for fans of dale earnhardt jr.?

NASCAR owns the "number 8"...they will give the right of first refusal to DEI (as they do every season). It is not likely that Teresa will refuse this number since Ralph E. (Dale Sr's father) drove the 8 back in the day. Budweiser will likely stay with Junior but others (like VISA) have showed great intrest in Jr. We won't know for sure if he's moving to Hendrick's until tomorrow! There have been rumors that RCR is adding a 4th car, that GINN has promised great things for him with the ARMY car, that Gibbs will take him if he uses VISA....only Kelly, JR, the owner and a few others know what will really happen tomorrow!

Dale Earnhardt Jr?

Kerry's full name is Kerry Dale Earnhardt. So he is named after his Dad. Kerry's grandfather's name was Ralph Lee Earnhardt, who was still living when Kerry was born. Dale Jr. is not only named after Dale, but also carries his Grandfather's first name, Ralph. Ralph Lee died in September 1973. Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr. was born about a year later. Emotion oft times outweighs tradition. That's three Dales and three Ralphs, Senior and his two sons are named Dale, One Ralph is not named Dale and Kerry is not named Ralph. But they are all named Earnhardt.

Are there any biography books on Dale Earnhardt Jr?

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Inside the Rise of a NASCAR Superstar [Hardcover] Ron LeMasters Jr. (Author), Al Pearce Dale Earnhardt, Jr: Out of the Shadow of Greatness [Hardcover] Mike Hembree (Author) Dale Earnhardt Jr. [Paperback] David Poole (Author) ›

Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

I watched it again, I knew Sr, and watched him race. Its a great show for people who have never seen Nascar or even know anything about Nascar... After he was killed it took a major chunk out of me as I was in Daytona at that race, it took me till Jr won in Daytona to really come out of a major Nascar Depression.. My dad and I spoke to Sr the day before the 500, I still have the program he signed... Dale Sr you were one of a kind....R.I.P you were the greatest, long live the memories...

What happened to Dale Jr.?

Dale Earnhardt drove in an era when the driver called the shots, and he depended on his Crew Chief to carry out the changes in the car he asked for.. This is a different time.. Gordon, and Johnson both trust, and rely on their Crew Chiefs to make the calls, and that's what you have to do in modern NASCAR racing.. Let your Crew Chief watch the big picture, and trust them.. Jr lost "Pops Eurie" for reasons I have been trying to figure out ever since.. I have a feeling that Jr won't ever turn things around until he learns to trust his Crew Chief, and let him do his job.. He really would do well to sit down with Pops, and ask Pops advice.. It could make a world of difference in his racing.. If he's lucky, he might even get Pops to Crew Chief for him again.. If that happened I think it would make a world of difference.. And then I think Jimmie would be in trouble for sure.. So would everyone else..

Do you like Dale Earnhardt jr?

Dale Earnhardt Jr. #1, HENDRICK MOTORSPORTS RULES !! v

Why does NASCAR need Dale Earnhardt Jr?

Why not? A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet so the man that is the most popular driver and sells the most memorabilia would most likely still be Dale Jr because, contrary to popular belief, his name does not make him who he is. Even if he was the first person in his family to become a racecar driver, in order for a family to become a legendary dynasty in a sport, the first one needs to be good enough for that to happen. If he was the first and had a child follow in his footsteps just as he did with his father, people would most likely be talking about that child just as they do Dale Jr now. Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr is not his name. And it's silly for haters to say that he should just change it if he feels that it would make people take him more seriously as himself instead of just being his father's son. At this point in the game, who would that be fooling anyway?

Dale Earnhardt JR.?

To say that I have very little concern about which NASCAR team Dale Earnhardt Jr ends up with is overstating my concern. There are three people that don't care where Dale Earnhardt Jr goes: Dale Earnhardt Jr, me, and the NASCAR merchandisers. Earnhardt Jr is about to increase his net worth dramatically with a new contract and "mega bucks" in merchandise sales, so he doesn't really give a darn who he signs with. I'm a NASCAR fan who will follow Dale Jr's career wherever he goes. And the merchandisers don't care where he goes. They just want him to go somewhere new. That's right folks, Jr may be the most popular driver in NASCAR, but I can count his NASCAR Cup Championships on NO hands! His true fans do care where he goes, but they will still be his fans wherever he ends up. "Fair weather fans" that threaten not to worship him just because he's not driving for daddy's team should not be counted as fans at all.

If Dale Earnhardt Jr......?

Everything surrounding Dale Jr can be traced back to his father in one way or another. Let me start by saying that a lot of people forget just how disliked Sr was in life. When he died they transferred much of their dislike to Jr, even though he was much more popular all of a sudden. By the normal things we measure a driver's ability or place within his peers, Jr is a good driver. He's not the best, but certainly better than average. By Earnhardt standards and living in the shadow of his iconic father, he is a failure. Two Busch Series championships and 17 wins is an awesome career for most drivers and Jr. is far from being done. However, because he bears the name he does, he will always be put down unless he wins at least one cup championship. The non fans have a tendency to underestimate Jr's ability and some of his fans undoubtedly overestimate it. I also get a kick out of all the people saying Rick made a mistake and must be kicking himself for getting rid of Kyle and hiring Dale. He's only 6 points behind him right now and I'd bet he finishes higher in the FINAL standings, which are the ONLY ones that matter. If his name was Jerry Smith he would be considered a much better driver, in my opinion. 3 STR8 N 08!!!

Who likes Dale Earnhardt Jr.??

COUNT ME IN!!!! I love Earnhardt Sr. and Jr. Plain, humble, down-to-earth, all American guys. Great drivers on top of that. Worked hard to get the "great" reputation they have. I DON'T think Jr. or Sr. are Overrated ! LOOK AT THE STATS..FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DISAGREE. EARNHARDT SR. "REST IN PEACE" EARNHARDT JR. "YOU ROCK"...GO..DALE..GO!!!!!

dale EARNHARDT jr?

First of all, Jr is not going to Jeff Gordon's team. He is going to race for Hendrick, therefore making him Gordon's teammate. Regardless of what you, I or anyone else think of Gordon, Jr is doing what he feels is necessary for his career. I think he had gone as far as he could go with Teresa so he found someone that would be able to take the talent he has and build on it. I think he made the best possible choice for himself, both personally and professionally. As a Jimmie Johnson fan, I personally am glad to have Jr come on board with Hendrick. I hope that answers the attempt at a question.

my cousin is doin a report for school on dale jr?

Ralph Dale Earnhardt Jr. (born October 10, 1974 in Kannapolis, North Carolina) "Junior" or "Little E" as he is sometimes called, is the son of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt. He currently drives the #8 Budweiser Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Earnhardt Jr. began his professional driving career at the age of 17, competing in the Street Stock division at Concord (N.C.) Motorsport Park. His first race car was a 1978 Monte Carlo that he co-owned with older brother Kerry. Within two seasons, the young Earnhardt had honed his driving abilities to the point of joining the Late Model Stock Car division. There, he developed an in-depth knowledge of chassis setup and car preparation, while racing against Kerry and their sister Kelley. Earnhardt Jr. won consecutive NASCAR Busch Series Championships in 1998 & 1999. With his father's guidance and his own experience on the short tracks throughout the Carolinas, he was ready to take a bold step forward. Earnhardt Jr. was tapped to compete for the Raybestos Rookie of the Year Award in 2000. Matt Kenseth outran Junior in the Daytona 500, and never let up in his run to the Rookie title. Earnhardt put up a valiant effort, scoring wins at Texas and Richmond, as well as becoming the first rookie to win the All-Star exhibition race, but it was Kenseth who ultimately scored a 42-point victory in the rookie race. Junior did have a part in recreating one Winston Cup milestone in 2000 when he competed with his father and brother Kerry in the Pepsi 400 at Michigan International Speedway. That occasion was only the second time that a father had raced against two sons. Lee, Richard and Maurice Petty had previously accomplished the feat. In 2001 Earnhardt Jr. came into the season assuming he would face a sophomore slump, but the year proved to be one of the most tumultuous and memorable seasons the young driver has experienced. The major event of the season occurred in the final corner of the final lap of the 2001 Daytona 500--Junior's father crashed. As Junior finished second, his father died on impact with the wall. Junior raced at Rockingham the following weekend, but crashed on the first lap and finished in 43rd-place. Eanrhardt rebounded and scored victories at Dover and Talladega, as well as an emotional win in the return to Daytona, finishing eighth in points for the year. The Talladega victory earned Junior a Winston No Bull 5 $1 million bonus. This season of emotion produced nine top-fives and 15 top-10 finishes, as well as two Bud Poles. In 2002, Junior had a roller-coaster season. He struggled after enduring a concussion at Fontana in April -- an injury he did not admit to until mid-September. In the three races following Fontana, Earnhardt Jr. finished no better than 30th. Still, Junior rallied to score two more wins at Talladega, a pair of Bud Pole Awards and an 11th-place finish in the standings. 2003 Saw Earnhardt Jr. become a true title contender. He scored a record-breaking 4th consectuive win at Talladega, but people were beginning to say that Earnhardt could only win on the plate tracks, as his last win on a non plate track had come at Dover in 2001. He put that talk to rest as he scored the victory at Phoenix in October, recording a career-best 3rd place effort in the standings. He would also take home the NMPA Most Popular Driver award for the first time in his career. In 2004, Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the Daytona 500, 6 years to the day after his father won his only title in the "Great American Race." In July, during on off-weekend from NASCAR, Dale Jr. crashed the Corvette he was testing for an American LeMans Series race at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California. The car burst into flames with Earnhardt still inside. He suffered second and third degree burns on his neck, chin, and legs. The burns prevented him from finishing two races where he was replaced by Martin Truex, Jr. (driver for Chance 2 Motorsports, co-owned by Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and his stepmother Teresa Earnhardt) and his DEI team mate (John Andretti) in the middle of the races. In the fall, Junior became the first driver to sweep a weekend at Bristol by winning both the Busch race and Cup race in the same weekend. He was able to qualify for the NASCAR ten-race playoff, and his fifth Nextel Cup win of the season (a career high) was also his fifth win at Talladega. However, he was penalized 25 points for use of an obscenity during the television broadcast, in violation of a NASCAR rule prohibiting participants from using obscene language. That incident, combined with two consecutive DNF's in the playoffs, eventually dropped him out of the running, and he finished fifth in the 2004 Nextel Cup chase despite a career-high 6 wins at Daytona, Atlanta, Richmond, Bristol, Talladega and Phoenix. He also picked up his 2nd consecutive Most Popular Driver Award. Earnhardt as an owner was more proficient. Truex went on a charge late in the 2004 Busch Series season, and clinched the series championship at Darlington, with a strong finish, making Earnhardt the winner of both a driver's championship (1998 and 1999) and an owner's championship (2004) in the NASCAR Busch series. He would repeat the feat in 2005 with 6 wins and another championship. Earnhardt also won his fair share of races as a driver/owner, winning 6 Busch races in only 8 starts from 2002 to 2004. At the close of the 2004 season it was revealed that Tony Eury, Sr. would be promoted to the team manager position for the DEI corporation, while Tony Eury, Jr. became the crew chief for the DEI #15 driven by Michael Waltrip for the 2005 season. Peter Rondeau, a Chance 2 employee who also helped Earnhardt win the Busch Series race at Bristol in August, became the crew chief for Earnhardt in 2005. Rondeau served as Earnhardt's crew chief until the Coca Cola 600 weekend when he was replaced with DEI chief engineer Steve Hmiel, who helped Jr. score his lone win of 2005 at Chicagoland in July. Earnhardt was eliminated from any possible competition for the NEXTEL Cup championship after suffering an engine failure at the California Speedway. Earnhardt was reunited with cousin Tony Eury, Jr after the fall Richmond weekend, and results improved immediately. Earnhardt statistically had his worst season in 2005, with only 1 win and a 19th place points effort. For the 3rd straight year, Earnhardt took home the NMPA Most Popular Driver Award. Dale Jr.'s name has helped his media presence. He has expressed interest in pursuing an acting career. Dale Jr. has appeared in print advertisements for Drakkar Noir Cologne, one of the sponsors of his race car, and in the video for Sheryl Crow's song "Steve McQueen", which pays tribute to the late film star famous for his car chase scenes. He was also featured in several commercials for Wrangler jeans, one of which used the aforementioned song as its background music. Probably not coincidentally, Wrangler was the initial sponsor of his father's #3 Chevrolet from 1980 until 1987. Earnhardt has also appeared in advertisements for Budweiser, NAPA, Domino's Pizza and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.