Did you hear first Marine since Vietnam is getting the Medal of Honor today?

What did you think of the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer?

hahahahha Dakota Fanning is playing Jane?! There's a lot of weird casting choices in this movie. Like Esme being played by that weird looking chick on Grey's Anatomy. I thought she was supposed to be attractive. Enough of that, time for the rant. Please just search your question. This question or some variation of it has been asked 3 times yesterday alone. Just put "Do you like Twilight" in the search bar and you'll get like 100,000 questions.

In TWILIGHT did anyone else notice Stephaine Meyer on her laptop?


What do you think about new MoH recipient?

Pres. Obama is really hitting the campaign trail. First it was SSgt Salvatore Giunta US Army, then SFC Leroy Petry US Army, Now it is Cpl Dakota Meyer USMC. Lets face it, he has severely damaged his reputation within military/troop supporters. Now I'm in the Army myself and have the utmost respect for these men, but I feel suspicious about how so many men are getting the MoH for actions 2-3 yrs ago. Don't get me wrong, I'm not doubting their worthiness, I'm glad that these men are getting recognized at least. It is shameful how Justin Bieber can break his arm and get national attention, but these men don't even get a prime-time spot on the news. But i get where you're coming from, its just too convenient for Obama.

Marine Dakota Meyer's retirement?

why is Dakota Meyer a hero?

He went through enemy gun fire five times to save 36 soldiers, when air support was not sent.

If Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer ran for office, would you say he's a rare exemplar of integrity?

As you know,"Nancy", I never click onto a link: But what I have heard of Dakota makes me proud he's an American. I did hear on the local news that he turned down the opportunity to take the test for a fireman's position in my city.(because only he was singled out) Damn, a man of Honor even before winning the Medal so named.

Why hasn't Stephenie Meyer posted the announcement of Dakota Fanning playing Jane?

Probably because Dakota Fanning is too good of an actress to be playing an itsy bitsy role for SMeyer, think about it its just a frickin rumor

How is Marine Dakota Meyer retired?

He was medically retired due to injuries suffered during the act for which he has now been awarded the Medal of Honor. Had the piece been written better they could have stated that and saved a lot of questions.

What is the difference between the Medal of Honor that Marine Sgt Dakota Meyer received today and?

You need to study their actions in the conflict in order to understand what they did to earn their rewards. Metals are not given by what conflicts you participated in, but what you did while in that combat. Now the metal of honor is the hardest metal to earn that has to be approved all the way up the chain of command while the final approval must be made by congress, so you know someone has earned it. I am not saying that Sgt Dakota is more heroic than both Capt Fabayo and SSG Rodriguez-Chavez, but most likely, Dakota was placed in a situation that forced him to take more drastic and heroic actions.