CyberMonday sale on at&t, answer asap before 9pm.?

go for it

if anyone heard of cybermonday then this questions for u?

yes, it is every year, most sites run some type of special, bur not everybody/

I want to buy a Macbook on Blackfriday, will Apple have a sale or do i have to go to places such as BestBuy?

no you dont want A mac mac are weak and girly men buy sagers or dell or HPs

whos doing cybermonday if so what sites will u go and what r u looking for where u shop online for sales?

never heard of it.

whos shopping cybermonday tommrow where u shop online?

there are a bunch, overstock, sierratrading post, any one that offers a good deal, I don' think they promote it enough, r give enough good deals. I tend to shop at places that give me rebates so I feel like I am getting something for going online. I use BC for ebay, target, best buy because I get a rebate for all purchases. look under the fun money tab at the site listed below and it is the second one listed. if you ebay or go online you are losing money if you don't sign up for it, plus it is fun to get a little check each month for things you already do, of course it is free, i don't do anything I have to pay for

do uggs go on sale in victoria secrets during cybermonday?

Is that true that cybermonday is like black friday but for online shoppers?

That's what people say, however last year I found that many stores started their Black Friday sales on-line on Thanksgiving! My mom and I were sitting around the computer after dinner and checking out where to go the next morning, and we noticed the sales had started at a few places then. We did tons of shopping and got the same sales as many people did at the stores, plus there are always discounts where you can get free shipping, or a coupon code for a percentage off. Plus, factor in the time of getting to the store and the crowds while you shop! So I would say keep your eyes on websites any time from Thursday until Monday. The sales should be great.

anyone know any leather jackets on sale on blackfriday or cybermonday ?

is cybermonday every year after black friday and when did they start this?

cybermonday? never heard of it.

During a CyberMonday sale, a watch is $3 each; wallet $1 each and sneakers $10. I planned to spend $82 and buy?

There are 3 unknowns ie 3 quantities to buy and 2 equations ie one from total quantity and the other from toal amount. You need one more eqn which is not available. Hence guess work is the only way out. You did good.