Shopping Sales.Black Friday and Cyber Monday. What time does Cyber Monday start? Who participates?

The difference is that on Black Friday you would have to get up pretty early (some people leave their home at 2 in the morning to get to the store and stand in line!) and go shopping. I believe that Cyber Monday is easier as you do shopping online (though you still have to start fairly early, things may get out of stock!) Check this website out as well:

How cheap is an xbox 360 on cyber monday?

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving. There's no way for us to tell what price the 360 will be then. As always, Microsoft sets the price and reputable retailers do not drop it lower. They usually do add bonus stuff like a game, a second controller, or store gift card with the purchase though.

What do I need to know to be a successful Cyber Monday shopper?

Hope this helps... all the major retailers seem to be affiliated with this site, they have cyber monday deals plus cash back. I found out the deals are legitimate and I'm pretty happy with it. Discounts are posted on the site starting at 10:00 a.m. pac. Its a secure site that gives you Cash Back, major retailers are affiliated. If you sign up Ebates gives us $5 bonus. URL (no credit card info is taken) shameless plug, I've earned $100.00 back. Good luck, just a good guy

How do you celebrate today being Cyber Monday?

My sister just bought a new ipod and some accessories and dvds.

What are the best online / cyber monday deals for the Playstation 3?

Even after you find the best deal on Amazon or many other stores, you can get additional cash-back rebate by clicking through The prices are exactly the same, and the Paymentkey rebate is separate and added. I've been getting cashback with them for more than a year.

What retailers will be participating for cyber monday?

When did Cyber Monday become a post-Thanksgiving shopping tradition and a recognized term?

The Monday is refer for the day after black friday and the cyber is refer for online deals. This mean you can shop online on that day and get some great deals like Amazon in this page

cyber monday?

im sure big ones like wal mart, target sears, etc will have sales. probably toys r us also. I cant wait either.

Cyber monday?

Cyber Monday does not require getting up that early. It offers a very wide selection of products from online retailers, and deals are available throughout the day.

Cyber Monday?

as far as i know there might be some website that would still give offers in. Like Walmart, target and sears. that's as far as i got by searching. But you would rather go on a regular day than black Friday or cyber Monday.